Friday Night Mess

Horses always make my day amazing. There’s something about them. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re so large, yet so loving. Or because they’re more rare animals, unlike dogs and cats. Or, maybe it’s because they’re so expensive that it makes people appreciate them more. Kinda like a nice car, or a nice hand bag. Whatever. I just love mine.

When I was six years old I wanted a horse. No one knows where this “sickness” came from. No one in my family had horses, I just woke up one day and said, “Mommy, I want to ride horses.” I didn’t get my own horse until I was thirteen. I waited a very long time.

My first horse was Comet. My parents bought him for me New Year’s day, 2004. I ran around the house screaming and jumping with excitement. It was one of the best days of my life. Literally.

Comet arrived ten days later with a red bow wrapped around his neck. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I would have slept in my barn if my mom would let me. Some nights I did fall asleep in his stall. My mom would find me in the middle of the night, shavings all in my hair, Comet standing over me. He was a saint.

Today Comet is retired. He spent six great years packing me around at local Quarter Horse shows. He won countless belt buckles, jackets, blankets, picture frames, you name it — we won it. His legs eventually became too stiff for him to continue his show career, so now he gets to eat grass and trail ride with my mom. It’s amazing though, every time I go visit my parents, I try and hop on Comet. He never skips a beat. After almost four years, he performs just like he did years ago in the show pen. This is Comet and I a few days ago:

Comet and I. Still my Superman.

Since I can’t show Comet anymore, I got a new horse a few years ago. He hasn’t earned a bracelet, but he’s getting there. His name is Benson.

Today I woke up and made my usual egg/cheese/chicken sausage sandwich with chocolate coffee and flew out the door. I made it to the barn just in time. Amanda was already riding so I assumed my usual sitting position. I finally was able to get on him. Yay. He was stellar. Ah! I love having a trainer, makes riding so much less of a fight. (When you have a 3-year-old appendix horse, there’s potential for a lot of fighting.)

After riding, I was instructed to give his very dirty mane and tail a good scrubbing.

Isn't Amanda's barn beautiful!?!

Benson drying in the sun after a very chilly mane/tail washing.

By the time I left the barn, got through all the traffic and got home. It was past 2:30pm. I was starving to say the least. I grabbed the first thing in the fridge and inhaled it. Ahhh…

I also made it to CrossFit. Being that this whole “college graduate” thing is so new to me, I’m finding all this free time a bit intimidating. We worked on L-sits and did a row/burpee/hang clean work out.

THIS is not an L-sit. But I still found it VERY funny.

After class I buzzed through Safeway to pick up ingredients for my oreo cookie balls. I also swooped up a movie: Friends With Benefits (Justin Timberlake’s abs, yes please!) and a frozen pizza (a first for me, honestly).

My Friday night: in a picture!

The pizza: awful. I tried smothering it in anything I could find in my fridge. I ate quickly between lots of gulps of wine. Ick. Never again. Ever.

The movie: fantastic. I enjoy these kinds of movies the most when I’m alone. I can laugh or cry or whatever I feel like… and no one judges me. Plus, I was feeling the wine so I may have enjoyed it more than normal. But oh well. It was a fabulous night, even if it was a Friday and I spent it alone. When all of your friends royally suck (or they’re out of town)… you have to make the best of it! So that’s what I did!

Tomorrow is CrossFit Envy’s holiday team WOD and potluck BBQ. I’m bringing my oreo cookie balls. My dad is coming too! And then he’s going to help me move my furniture out of my apartment. I’m feeling happy/sad about it. But mostly sad… I hate moving. Even if it’s just a bed, dresser, chair and clothes. I hate moving. HATE it.




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