It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Good Morning! Yesterday started with a 9am CrossFit workout at Liberatus with the whole family! I was RIDICULOUSLY sore from the weekend’s festivities so I did my own workout that Coach Bruce thought up on the spot:

400m run

25 kettle bell swings

15 burpees

400m run

20 kettle bell swings

20 burpees

400m run

15 kettle bell swings

25 burpees

400m run

My lower back and quads were killing me. But I pushed through it and finished. I really wanted to walk during the runs, but I told myself, “NO!” As soon as we got home, my brother and I were bustling around in the kitchen trying to make breakfast. He made a grand feast of eggs, bell peppers, onions, bacon and sausage. I opted for a more simpler ensemble:

Two eggs, over easy, toast and turkey bacon. Yum!

My mom and I were off to do MORE shopping. I kept telling her, “Slave ship, at your service.” Which doesn’t even make sense, but whatever. She did do my hair so I figured I could help her out — considering I’ve been getting my hair done for FREE my entire life. And oh goodness, my hair needed a hair cut so badly. My mom used the word “ratty” in fact. Awesome. As my hair gets longer, it gets more and more difficult to keep looking healthy. But, I want my hair as long as possible, so I’m willing to sacrifice a little bit of “healthy” looking hair.

During our trip to World Market, we found this lovely little gem:



On a recent date with Batman I was re-turned on to Gnocchi. A special thanks to Paesano’s amazing abilities to cook anything and everything and make it taste amazing. Since then I’ve been wanting to cook Gnocchi. Okay, so I didn’t actually cook gnocchi, but it was a start. Next time I’ll attempt to make it from scratch. So… this gnocchi wasn’t restaurant style, but it definitely hit the spot! We mixed it with some vodka red sauce and chicken. Now, I’m really NOT a fan of chicken, but I can choke it down for the sake of protein.

I used to be a vegetarian. I ate all sorts of soy products and had severe stomach issues. Everyone thought it was ulcers. Then I started doing CrossFit and realized that I wasn’t supporting my body with the food I was putting into it. So, I started eating meat again and was pleased with the results. But, I still have a huge problem with chicken. I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste, and really, I just hate it. I can usually eat it when it’s drowning in sauce, but even then sometimes it can be a struggle. I’ll take bacon or beef any day… Chicken, not so much.

The rest of the day was spent wrapping.

My mom and I were wrapping machines. She prepped the gifts, handed them to me and I wrapped them up. She was very appreciative of my help, and I was happy to be there. We wrap all of our gifts in silver paper. Our Christmas tree is decked out in all white/silver/gold decorations. Once we added the packages, the whole living room was just gorgeous. I’ll post pictures soon.

Batman came over and watched football while I ditzed around on my kindle. He asked me, “Do you actually think that you can manipulate me with food and football?”

Me: “Um, yah.”

Batman: “Okay yeah, you’re right. You can.” **Eyes back to the tv.

Me: **Back to my kindle.

Ahh… a harmonious relationship at it’s best. Guy watches football, girl reads book. I always thought that having a sports-loving boyfriend would be kind of annoying. But really, the girls who get annoyed by that need too much attention. Frankly, I love the football days… and lately I’ve been getting TWO of them! Sunday AND Monday. It’s a great time to hangout, but also get your own stuff done. In my case: catch up on blog-reading, laundry or reading my book. Bliss.

We finished the night by watching The Help. Now… first of all, I stayed up until 12:30 watching it. Wow, that’s a feat in itself. Secondly, it was amazing. Marvelous. Magnificent. Fabulous. Etc. My mom just finished reading the book, I’ll be following suit soon. I cried when the little girl had to say good bye to her maid. And, I loved Emma Stone in the film. She hooked me with her Easy A movie and then again with Crazy, Stupid Love. I’m definitely a fan. All in all, go rent the movie. Seriously.

Today is hectic. But, THIS BRACELET was waiting on my desk for me when I got to work. So exciting! I ordered it last week and it’s here!! I got a “strength” one for a leading lady in my life for Christmas. I can’t wait to give it to her. I’m extra excited about this bracelet because I know that the Army will let me wear it in uniform. I really admire the “warrior wisdom” of this company. They have warrior cards with inspiring quotes on them. One of them that came with my bracelet says: “I’ve come to realize that working out is as good for my mind, emotions and spirit, as it is for my body. Somehow, working out makes my whole life better.”


There was also a card from miss G.I. Jane:


I assume this will be one of the last because she’s going to be home next week. I’m not able to send her any more letters because they probably won’t get to her before she leaves to come home. But this card is adorable. We’ve been exchanging letters for the past few months since she’s been in boot camp. I miss that girl to death and I can’t wait for her to come home.

I read my letter, tried on my bracelet all while sipping this lovely treat: Peppermint Mocha. I don’t feel very good today, so I treated myself. I don’t get starbucks very often, but some days I make an exception. Today is one of the.


Tonight is date night with Batman. Not sure where we’ll end up, but I’m excited to spend alone time with him. We’re both very social and end up hanging out a lot, but it take a conscious effort to spend time together — just the two of us. I love that we’re so involved with our families and friends though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think it’s important to include your significant person in your daily life and have them feel comfortable doing just that: whatever you’re doing at that moment. Whether it’s watching football, getting drinks for a birthday, or supporting their sport/hobby from the sidelines. Relationships aren’t always just about dates, cause for me, that’s not real life.




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