90’s Baby

Alright. I’m a 90’s baby. Key word. Baby. I know, I know. I’ve heard it my entire life. “You’re such a baby! Aww.” Really what they’re saying is, “I remember when I was young. It was epic.”

Here’s my thought… My mom listen’s to “oldies” — right? She knows every word to every song, she snaps her fingers, closes her eyes and sways with the beat. If I were insecure, I’d be embarrassed. But instead, she’s funny. My question is; will 90’s music be considered “oldies” by the time my children (non-existent) are teenagers? Will I be rocking out to Barenaked Ladies while my kid’s look at me like I’m crazy? Hm.

I love 90’s music. G.I. Jane and I rocked out to Pandora’s “Summer Hits of the 90’s” station all summer. Convertible top down, music blasting, life was good. She knew every single song. Not only does she know the words, she knows the song title and artist. I’m so jealous of people who have that gift. I do not have it.

This week I’ve been on a 90’s kick. The music literally makes me smile, snap my fingers and sway to the beat — just like mom! Oh, and being that I’m always driving, singing — VERY loudly and terribly. I secretly wonder if people outside can hear me singing and then I feel bad for them.

Friday night was Batman’s mom’s birthday. It was pretty much a night filled with wine for me. Big surprise.

It was a surprise party. She was so excited. I love being part of surprise parties. I’ve never been thrown one though. I always wonder how I’d respond. If I’d cry, run away, scream, or what? She was so happy that all her friends and family were in one place, together.


Daniel and I got to try Louis bred for the first time. It was amazing. Actually, there isn’t any word that could do this bread justice. If you like garlic, you’ll love this bread. I also tried a blue cheese version, that was deadly and I was glad there was only a few pieces left or else we would have had a problem – A over-eating-Luis-bread problem.

Go Daniel!!


While on my 90’s kick, I especially love this song. Aw… such good memories!



Saturday morning I grabbed a starbucks (to fix the pulsating headache) and went straight to the barn and was greeted by this happy face:



We worked on trotting over cross poles. Then Amanda started him over the poles — he’s going to be a little (17.3 hand) jumper! I can’t wait!

I also met this little guy for the first time: “CW”


He’s a miniature horse and he’s adorable. He’s just like a dog. I hung on him, pet him and rode him. Well…. I didn’t ride him, but Payton did! It was hilarious and I’m going to make him ride him again so I can start making millions on youtube.

The next morning was CrossFit with mom and BrotherD.

Mom and I completed the 12 Days of Christmas WOD. It was brutal and took me over 30 minutes, yikes!

My mother is new to the “workout world” — can you tell??


BrotherD to Mom: “Mom, the nike sign is upside down.”

Mom: “Oh.” Clearly unphased.

For her birthday I got her a lovely workout outfit. (Which makes it’s debut weekly.) I think I know what she’s getting this year for Christmas…

BrotherD to me: “You’re getting mom workout clothes for Christmas, right?”

Me: “… I wasn’t planning on it, but I guess it’s an emergency.”

We’ll definitely work on that. For now, we’re all just glad that she’s doing CrossFit and having FUN! Rock on with your mis-matched outfit and scary headband!!

After CrossFit we ran home and got ready for Grandma’s Christmas party! Weee!!

It’s a tradition, every year we go to Grandma’s. There’s about 74,853 kids and it’s madness. Screeching people, singing toys and way too much food. I’m very thankful that I have a wonderful family who loves and cares about each other. Most of us make time for “family time” and that really says a lot. I know that not all family’s do this.

By the end of the evening, I was ready to go home and return to my peace and quiet.

Grayson was very glad to see us too!





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