Sisterhood: The quality of being sisterly.

I have 2 sisters, neither of them are related to me: Dianna and Courtney. I chose  them as my sisters.

Courtney was my neighbor growing up. She’s 7 years older than me. When I was 13 we rode horses together while I listened to her “boy stories.” When I was 16 she got me into bars. When I was 17 I visited her in New York. Every year, she never judges me, she never belittles me, she’s always proud and supportive — the way a big sister should be. She’s also a lot like me. We both grew up with horses, didn’t have many friends in high school, went to UC Davis, etc. We don’t want kids and have a lot of the same view points. She’s always called me her surrogate little sister. I didn’t think much of it until later in life. “Wow, she really has been my sister all these years!”

One time she piled about 8 of my little friends into her VW beetle. We went to the gas station down the street and bought every single roll of toilet paper we could find… yep, we TP’d our neighbors house. She’s always been “cool” in my eyes… wears the coolest clothes, eats/drinks the best stuff, and even uses the most amazing lotions and face wash. She’s the first person I go to for boy advice, reading suggestions and fashion help. I’m so blessed to have her as my sister.

Dianna is a more recent sister. I met her through bible study. She’s such an amazing person, I am so grateful for her. She’s always thinking about other people. I was fortunate enough to share an apartment with her recently for a few months. We went to CrossFit together, drank wine, drank coffee, breakfast, you name it. We had a blast. Dianna is the person I go to for anything and everything. She will never judge me and I trust her advice. She’s successful, beautiful and funny.

When pumpkin beer was at BJ’s for a while… well, we were there multiple times a week. I love having Dianna as my friend, but I consider her a big sister. She’s always been loving and sisterly.

Sisters don’t have to be biologically related to you. They can be anyone. The just have to have the quialities of being a sister. Oftentimes biological sisters aren’t sisterly — at all. They are jealous, judgmental, selfish, self-righteous and just down right awful. Why is this? Is it because they think you’ll always be sisters — no matter how they treat you? Do they think that they don’t have to work on being your friend because they’re already your sister? Do they just not care because they didn’t chose you as their friend in the first place? I’m not really sure. Maybe a combination of everything.

What I do know is that I’m so blessed to have all the wonderful women, friends and sisters in my life. I have amazing, loving, positive, supportive role models to look up to. In my life I hope to be that person for someone else. I hope that I make such an impact on another girl that she would want to call me her sister.

With that, look at my mom!! She’s doing an amazing job at CrossFit. She’s already lost 15 lbs in just a few months. Yesterday I took her shopping at Lucy as a congratulations present. She’s worked so hard and I’m really proud of her. She says that she’s noticed herself getting stronger all the time — even with just simple things like picking stuff up off the ground. Once again, thank you CrossFit.


The whole family went on a little shopping trip to the mall yesterday. I helped my dad pick out some new shirts from Banana Republic.

I’m a big believer and supporter of spending a little bit more to get quality. (Not that Banana is Prada/Gucci or anything.) I used to always shop at target, Forever 21, Old Navy, etc. In the last few years I’ve stopped doing that and went for quality instead of quantity. It has paid off so much. Although I’ve spent more money on said items, I appreciate and use them so much more. For example, I have a pair of Hudsons that I literally wear at least 4 times a week. I love them. Yes they were expensive, but they fit like they were made for me and I’ve worn them so many times that I’ve gotten my money out of them and then some!

Same with my Uggs. I got my first pair when I was 15… and I STILL wear them. I’ve bought two more pairs since, but I still love them. I wear them all the time and every single time I put them on I think to myself: Man I love my Uggs. Seriously, I could wear Uggs every day and be perfectly happy. Granted, I don’t support wearing Uggs all the time as “fashion” — but being that I’m a recent college grad, Uggs were perfectly acceptable for many years of my life. They’re comfortable and warm — exactly what we all need at this time of the year.

After shopping, Mom and I went to Yard House for some lunch and a beer! YUM!


I haven’t been very hungry this month, so I had a small ceaser salad. I always crave the simplicity of a ceasar. It’s cold, crunchy and fresh… just enough greens, protein (with the chicken) and bread. Yes, please!


Later we pulled out Comet and played a game of tag. Since retiring Comet, he is the happiest no matter what you’re doing — as long as you’re hanging out with him. So I brushed him, sat on him bareback and had him chase me around the arena.



I love that horse.


Later, Dianna took me out to dinner at Crush 29 to celebrate graduating college. I’d never been before, but it was awesome! The brie cheese was to-die-for. I could have eaten three more plates of it — YUM!

When I cam home, Mom was wrapping presents and Raglin was hiding out in the bag full of paper scraps. He sat there for at least 30 minutes. He didn’t jump out until we all left him in the dark room. He’s such a quirky cat. I swear he should have been a dog. Something is wrong with a cat who doesn’t run away from a vacuum cleaner. Weirdo.


Tomorrow G.I. Jane flys home. Her plane lands at 11:25am and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to laugh, cry and TALK to her! She’s been in boot camp since September 5th and I’ve only had one 10 minute conversation with her since then. I miss her very much. I can’t believe that December 21st, the day I’ve been counting down to, is finally almost here. Finally.

This girl is my kindred spirit.




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