Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!

It’s been a fabulous weekend of family, friends and FOOD! The other day I was talking with Mom and we were noticing how Christmas changes for people as they get older. When my brother and I were little, it was all about the toys and Santa. We knew the meaning of Christmas, but let’s be honest… we were most excited about Santa coming!

Now that BrotherD and I are older, we’re more excited for our family to open the gifts that we bought them. It’s so exciting to give to others, see their reaction and hear them say “thank you!” Also, Christmas is now a time of relaxation (no finals for me) and spending time with our families. After I moved out of my parents house, I began to value time at home SO much more. It’s a season of cozy sweats, warm fire, and ultimately… traditions.

Every year my family attends a Christmas Eve service at church. Usually we attend Bayside, but this year we went to Adventure. It was fun, but really dorky… It makes my mom happy, so we comply. And… it usually means dinner afterwards!

This year we had Vietnamese food. Yum. I love their spring/shrimp rolls. This fortune came out of my fortune cookie:


Well dear fortune cookie, this time, you are right… Because, the next night was our family tradition of Christmas Eve dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house. This year is was Mexican! Yay! My favorite. Homemade enchiladas, tamales, tacos, margaritas and a wonderful salad. I passed on the tamales and handed my taco over to my brother, but I LOVED the enchiladas and salad!


Desert was promptly brought out directly after dinner. My family loves their sugar. I went straight for the Gevallia’s sugar cookies and a ginger oreo. Yes please! Other options were: apple pie, coconut brownies, chocolates, ice cream, chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies and coffee!


Then my mom and aunt insisted on the whole awkward family picture… so here’s the best one!!

From left to right, BrotherD, Cousin Nicole, Me and Aimee!

The night was filled with laughter, jokes, gifts, food and so much fun. There’s never a dull moment with this family. We drove home and went straight to bed… because Santa was coming! 😉


Christmas morning was beautiful. We had pecan french toast and bacon for breakfast. BrotherD is rocking his new coffee mug.


Bella wouldn’t leave Dad’s lap, even when he opened presents.


And little Miss K wasn’t the happiest camper, but she looked very cute in her new Joe’s jeans… She’ll thank us when she’s older, “You bought be Joe’s when I was one!?!” … You’re welcome.


Brother D and I rockin’ our new shades.


We threw on some jeans and headed to see War Horse. It was a “good” movie, but I can’t appreciate it because I’m a horse lover. I usually hate movies about horses, they’re too sad for me. I can’t handle watching horses get die and hurt. Mom and D loved it, Dad and I hated it. Oh well.

When we got home, we did this workout:



Garage workout! I stepped in dog poop… One of the perks of working out at home, on the grass, in the dark. Lovely. But, we were all glad to get in a work out and then prepare dinner: honey baked ham and crab… another Christmas tradition.


For now, this is my view: Kindle, sweats and cozy slippers. And then later I may venture out to see some Christmas lights…

Hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful night with family, Merry Christmas.




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