Arizona is a Reality

I’m here to tell you all… Christmas is over. Sadness.

My Christmas dinner consisted of… King crab, honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, garlic/parmesan bread and salad. YUM.

I’m still having a hard time eating. Grrr. I ate one crab leg and handed the rest to my brother. Either way, it was still a wonderful dinner. But, this dinner meant that Christmas was officially over.


So… the next day, I started packing for my move to Arizona. I sat on the couch and made a “list”… What that really means is I was procrastinating. Packing means that moving to Arizona is a reality, one that I don’t want to face, but I have to.


I’m very anxious about going to Arizona. Everything will be new for me. Not to mention… the weather. I’ve never been to a desert, this will be really interesting. As for now, Sierra Vista weather is exactly the same as Auburn, CA. This is annoying because I don’t really know how to pack. Obviously I have all my army stuff, but will it be cold at night? Will it be hot in March? Is it silly to wear boots there? Flip flops? AH!

So, instead of freaking out (like I am right now), I’m just going to bring a few things. When I get to AZ, if I find that I need more or different things than I brought, then my mom is going to send them to me. Problem solved!

For now… Here’s my packing list.

– Black Uggs, boots, toms, running shoes

– jeans, leggings, a few long sleeves, t-shirts

– lucy jacket, lululemon jacket

– lots of workout clothes, PJ’s

– scarves, jewelry, purse/wristlet, gloves, headbands, sunglasses (oakleys/ray bans)

– unders, sweats, sweatshirt

– headphones, arm band, iHome, kindle/charger, phone/charger, laptop/charger, car smart trio, backpack

– straightener, curling iron, cream/clear nail polish, make up, toiletries,

– water bottle, “car pack”, big folder

That’s about all I can think of. All of my Army stuff is pretty much packed and now I’m just waiting for Friday morning so I can add the remaining stuff (after I do all my laundry).

I’ll also need…

– new years eve dress!!

I’ll be flying to San Diego to spend New Years with my cousins and then fly from SD to AZ. Hm… I wonder if I’ll ever find a need for a dress in AZ!!

Need to buy:

Deodorant, “army bag” (vera bradley?), goggles, black bag, “Professional” outfit, cleats, blow dryer, notebook.

Today G.I. Jane is coming to interview for my job. Afterwards we’re going to one of my favorites… Press Bistro!

Happy Tuesday!



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