Cat Fiasco

Oh look!! It’s those fried-pumpkin-ball-thingys again!! I had to take Nadine to the Press before we both left California again. On the left is the grilled peppers filled with goat cheese, my other favorite.


The night quickly turned into lots of free drinks… Thank you Lounge 20.

Bartender: “Want to try this?”

Me: “okay… (sniff)… this smells like port.”

Bartender: “Wow, you’re smarter than you look.”


Bouncer check’s my I.D. We walk away.

Me to Bartender: “That guy is stoic.”

Bartender: “You know what that word means!?! Hey Derek, do you know what ‘stoic’ means?”

Derek: “No.”

Okay so here’s the deal. College cost me a lot of money, stress, time, etc. But… seriously… it was so worth it. I’ve thought about this a lot because so many of my peers from high school now have jobs that they didn’t have to go to college for. But, I don’t know about the rest of you, it’s really awesome to be able to say, “I graduated from UC Davis.” Not to mention… No one can take that away from me. Saying this comes with a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. For me, knowing that I have a bachelor’s degree makes all those awful nights of studying, reading and writing papers so worth it.

Being an English major ultimately means that I learned how to read, write and critically think. What does my major have in common with Bio or Psychology or Art… the ability to research. The ability to figure things out on your own. The ability to write a 10 page paper in one night on a book you’ve never even opened! Yes, this did happen a few times, thank God for Sparknotes, Google books and the internet.

College didn’t teach me how to taste wine, no. And college didn’t say, “Today’s word is ‘stoic’ so use it in a sentence tonight when the bouncer doesn’t smile at you as he checks your I.D.” No. But I do agree with everyone who tried to explain to me the difference between college graduates and non-grads. It’s a feeling. A sense of accomplishment. Greater confidence. And ultimately, success.

Aren’t these cute!! I love miniature things… especially wine glasses!


The next morning G.I. Jane and I went to brunch with her G.I. man-friend: Bruno! The day turned into one of our “spend the whole day together, but not on purpose” kind of days… Shopping, shopping, oh, and more shopping. I had to get some things before I leave… and return some things. The mall was insane. Everyone else had the same idea as myself. Wonderful.

Well… at about 1:30 I got a call from my mom.

Mom: “Hayley, Raglin is with us.”

Me: “What!”

Mom: “Raglin got into the trailer and he’s with us, you need to call the vet and get his shot records so he can fly back to Sacramento.”

Me: “…. um…. um…. ummm… I think I’m going to throw up.”

Here’s Raglin en-route back to Sacramento with my Dad:


Then, here’s Raglin en-route back home with me:



We had to do a few “cat swaps” along the way, but the cat is currently back home… and NOT in San Diego. Thank God. Apparently my Dad got out of the truck at a gas station and noticed that the trailer was “meowing”… and ta da! There was Raglin.

He’s such a weird cat. He honestly thinks he’s a dog… And that he can’t be seen if he sits in bags.


Grayson would be jealous if I didn’t feature him too. Here he is cuddling with Bruno. Grayson on the other hand is smarter than Raglin: he stays out of trailers and stays home.


That yellow blob is passed out G.I. Jane after a Taco Tree food coma.


Tonight is my last night in Sacramento. I’m very sad about this. I’m going to miss everyone and everything from/about California. As I was eating my breakfast this morning I was thinking about all the simple things I’m going to miss… Like wearing sweaters! And sitting in the kitchen talking to my M0m and CrossFit… Grr…

Out of everything that’s changing in my life right now, I’m most stressed about fitting everything I want to bring into a suit case. Go figure.

And I’m most excited about having a rental car. What is wrong with me?

Tonight is Thursday which means cowboy boots go on.

Happy Friday Eve!!




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