I Hate Goodbyes

I hate goodbyes. And they don’t get any easier. This post is my attempt at making myself happier about having to say goodbye to the people (and pets) that I love the most.

I hate saying goodbye to my horses.


Benson will be staying with Amanda which I’m really happy about. She will take great care of him and I totally trust her. What upsets me is that I won’t be around horses for the next 4 months.


I hate saying goodbye to CrossFit and the people I work out with. I hate saying goodbye to my CrossFit coaches Matt and Jared.


I really hate saying goodbye to my family. I never moved away for college so I’ve been lucky to have them within 30 miles at all time. They’re my best friends. Fortunately for them there’s skype. I have a feeling we’ll all become very familiar with this said skype.


I hate saying goodbye to Dianna. She’s getting married in a few months and I hate that I won’t get to be here to help her plan it. Email/text/phone/Facebook communication will have to suffice. Also… happy hour without here just won’t be the same.


I hate saying goodbye to my little brother. As we’ve grown up, we’ve become really good friends. I’ll miss seeing him in the kitchen cooking enough food for an entire village. BrotherD, I promise, you won’t be skinny forever.


I hate saying goodbye to my Kinder/G.I. Jane/Nadine. I had to say goodbye to her 4 months ago, and now we have to do it all over again. Luckily, she’ll be done with training in a couple weeks. But still. Sucky.


I hate goodbyes. But, I know there will be MANY more throughout my military career. Now I only cry a little bit… whereas, before… I cried BUCKETS. This soldier is getting stronger, but it will never be easy for me to leave the one’s I love.


As for now… CHEERS!

Arizona… let’s do this.




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