The End of 2011

My last night in Sacramento started at Yard House. And of course, since it was Thursday, ended at country night!!


The next morning I had to do some last minute packing. Of course I couldn’t forget my two favorites…


Nadine and I went out to breakfast at Awful Annie’s in Auburn. DELISH! It was my last meal, and I’m so glad I got to spend the morning with her.


As I was continuing to pack… I realized that my little suit case was just NOT going to cut it. So… I got a new one! I could literally fit inside of it, it’s so big and I love it. It made packing so much less stressful!


I’m all packed!


Grayson… awww by kitty!


And ready to head to the air port!


The flight went well… until the lady sitting next to me pulled out her “blankie.” What the hell? She was a grown ass woman… with a blanket! This thing was disgusting! It had holes all over it and was filthy. Really? You brought your baby blanket with you on an air plane!? Who does that!? So weird.

Once we all landed, my cousin picked us girls up and we were off to the apartment. We started our night with some happy hour and quickly made it out to dancing!

Alright… I love San Diego. And everything that I said bad about Navy boys… I take it all back.

A fantastic quote from the night… “You girls are hot, but you’re mean as fuck.” and… “What does that even mean?”

It was and has been great spending time with my cousins. We don’t see each other very often so it’s always a great time when we do.


The next morning we got Starbucks and did some shopping. I had to find some nude “under clothes” because my New Years Eve dress was kind of see-through.

I had to take a picture of this special little item… a teddy bear headband. I’m going to FREAK out on the day that I see a girl wearing this. Yowza! A little hint for you all… NEVER wear this headband. It goes against all codes of fashion. But it’s absolutely hilarious and would be a fantastic white elephant gift.


San Diego is amazing. I will be visiting again. And if I’m offered a job here, I will take it — in a heart beat.




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