Army Dentist Worships Me

I had a dental appointment and received the SAME treatment I have been the last 3 year: Technician takes my x-rays. Doctor examines my mouth for um, 2.4 seconds and says, “WoW !! You have beautiful teeth. You must floss. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Okay chief. Roger that. And then I leave.

Being that some soldiers never receive dental attention UNTIL they join the Army, I can understand this. That’s just insane for me to think about. No dentist until the age of 18!?!?!? No way! I practically grew up in a dentist office!

Today we officially started MOD B. That’s the second “chapter” of this class. There’s five total. It’s going to be a long one, I can tell you that much. So many power point slides… Ugh.

Our instructor right now really likes to ask us questions. Like, constantly. Questions that we don’t know the answers to. So we sit there guessing. It’s exhausting. Dude. We don’t know the answer. Instead of wasting your times asking and waiting for a response — how about you just TELL us. Crazy ideas, right? I feel like we could cut this class in HALF if he’d just do his job and teach us. Stop asking us questions, we don’t know the answers, you do.

Oh and another thing (it’s Monday, I’m allowed to vent)… how about we reduce all the examples? Yeah? I mean we don’t need 5 examples for every single concept. I mean one will do just fine for me. Personally, I could do without them all together. Just give the the info, I’ll write it in my book, make some flash cards, take the test and call it a day. Yeah. I’m just bitching here because I don’t want to be sitting in a classroom. Welcome to BOLC kiddos.

I’m eating paleo again. I already told you that yesterday. But let me just tell you how difficult it is to detox your body of gluten. It’s fricken hard. But, paleo food is very yummy. Today I had a brilliant salad. I could have eaten about two more of them, but let’s not get crazy. I feel better already. But I’m really, really sluggish today — it’s one of the effects of eating paleo. The first week or two is kind of hard. Your body had to adjust to the absence of certain foods. In my case: bread and sugar. EEk!!

Excuse my thoughts. It’s Monday.

First, I’m really grateful that my mom taught me to ask other people questions. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good talk all about myself, but it’s so much more fun for the other person when they’re doing the talking. I looked around the room today and thought to myself, “Has he/she ever asked me anything about myself?” A lot of the people I answered “Yes” to, but many were a “No.” The thing about this is that the ones I said “No” to… I knew a bunch about them! Interesting I tell you. Interesting. Countless times my mom has taught me this lesson… “Ask people about themselves, learn about THEM. And only answer their questions for a little while and then try to divert the conversation back to them.”

With that being said, we had a few “talkers” in class. You know… the kind that don’t stop asking questions. Ahhh!!! I mouthed to Dave across the room, “No. More. Talking.” He laughed in agreement with me. In every class there’s at least one. Today we had three of them. Glorious.

I think that those talkers should start a blog. That’s what I did. It prevents word vomit spilling all over those who don’t want to be vomited on. It’s really a beautiful concept. I’d suggest it to them, but I’m not ENOUGH of a bitch.

Today we didn’t get released until 6:30pm. Yikes, right? I came straight home, made a salad and dove into the shower. Tonight definitely calls for an oxygen peel for my face, a few bites of ice cream, and painting my nails. That is… After I do the damn homework that’s assigned. Grr!! I swear. I just put in a 13 1/2 work day. Ridiculousness!

Tomorrow will be more positive-uplifiting-cheery. Or whatever that is. But, today is Monday. Bitching is allowed.





Tucson: House Party — aka: New Friends!

Tucson was so much fun last weekend. We had to repeat it.

Friday we left Ft. Huachuca after a few hick ups, Dave forgetting his ID and me forgetting a jacket (which I never ended up wearing.) We headed to Chipotle and pretty much inhaled dinner.

Once we got to the hotel, we learned that there was some world famous gem and mineral show going on. Which meant that our hotel rate was TRIPLING and there weren’t any rooms available. Really guys? Luckily we did end up finding a hotel. Hallelujah.

After changing, our first stop was the new bar called Playground. We tried going here last weekend but the line was too long. This time we were committed and got there early. We quickly learned that the drinks there are 1, cheap and 2, STRONG. Um, yah… Sip… “Hi, I’m drunk.” It was that bad. I mean, look at Carl!


We ended the night at O’Mallys. That has become our favorite place, mostly because they have such a huge dance floor and it’s a mix of college kids and non-college kids (like us).

The next day we wandered around Tucson and ended up having breakfast at the Envy Cafe. I’m back at eating Paleo so I had an omelete with a ton of veggies and bacon.

Tucson can be a very weird town… like this random display of furniture just chillin’ outside. MmmmmK.


And this random thing that’s in a coffee shop on University (right by UA).


Carl and I took a trip to the mall because he needed to get some new shoes and I needed some mascara. I left my make up in Sierra Vista.

We ran about 4 miles around the University campus. There was a big game going on, so we tried to check out the scene. Apparently ESPN was doing something special at the university. Everyone was dressed in white UA shirts. The three of us stuck out like sore thumbs in our non-white t-shirts.

After showering we headed to our favorite spot, Wilko for some beer and studying. We had our first homework assignments over this weekend and knew we needed to make a dent in it before the weekend was over with.


A few hours later we had dinner at Wilko. Here’s my Paleo mess of food which was actually fantastic. But I was very envious of the boys’ goat cheese, onion rings, bacon pizza. Hmpf.


The wine was fabulous, as usual. The ambiance was perfection. And the company was charming.


Later we met up with 6 more guys from our class. We showed them around a little bit until we left for the house party I had been invited to earlier that night. I made a little “friend” the night before which was a one-way ticket into the “student life.” We all had a blast, I danced and made new friends. I even played beer pong. Oh the horror. I know. I absolutely, positively suck at beer pong and I’m convinced that no one will believe me until I physically show them. So that’s what I did. So there. I suck.

The next morning we got up early and headed back to Sierra Vista to go on a HIKE!


It was beautiful and fantastic exercise. I had enough of the down hill walking though after I had about ten near-death experiences. My feet were getting sore and tired and I was ready to be done with it all after about 8 miles, I’m guessing. I’m really glad that I finally took advantage of the hiking here though.


Oh, and there was snow which I almost ate shit on. It’s more like ice than snow at this point.


Pretty, pretty.

Tonight I did some grocery shopping and hoping to clean my room a bit. I have gear strewn all over the place from the field. I’m putting it on the back burner because I don’t want to deal with it right now.

The Safeway in Sierra Vista is pretty much the most peaceful grocery store I’ve ever been in. I spent at least an hour in there and was perfectly content with walking down every single isle to look at anything and everything I felt like looking at. I’ve never done that before. It was weird. I think I’m so used to the hustle and bustle of Sacramento I never realized how much fun grocery shopping can be… Oh and how much cool things you can find if you just LOOK!!

I’m pretty homesick tonight. I cried a little on my way back on base. I miss my family a lot and it’s really hard to be away from familiar, loving faces. I miss giving and receiving hugs. That sounds really weird, but try going a month without a hug… it starts to bother you. I’m coming home in a few weeks and then going to visit my cousin in San Diego the end of February so I’ll be okay. Sundays are always hard for me. Especially when I’m tired.

Tomorrow starts week FIVE, yay! I’m 1/4 done with MIBOLC!



Field “Experience” – MIBOLC

It’s Sunday night and I’m completely exhausted, but I MUST update this before next week starts. Two posts behind is TOO MANY for me.

So we went to the field this week. First we did our land navigation test. I found 4 out of 5 points. I looked for the fifth one for at least an hour without any luck. Turns out I was almost on top of it. One of the sergeants saw me wandering around and was trying to get my attention to show me where it was… but I was off in lala land. Oh well.

This is what the points look like….


They’re MUCH shorter than I’m used to and teeny tiny. The terrain was ridiculous. I’m sure I hiked up and down this big ass hill at least eight times. And I’m not exaggerating. It was a killer workout and I was sore the next day. I can’t even fathom what this course is like in July and August. I was burning up… and it’s only January!!

Oh Arizona, you’re beautiful in a dead-dry-desert kind of way.


After the land nav test we went to our FOB… aka, our campsite for the next three nights. Uh, hi, it was freezing. I have never been so cold in my entire life. It was windy and I was wearing FIVE layers. BRRR! Fortunately they had these space heaters that we could stand under. I stood there with my hands in my gloves, face towards the flames. Then and only then was I warm.

We had some standard classes… Radio Communication and Call For Fire. We were fed a wonderful, warm dinner and sent to bed at 7:00pm. SEVEN PM PEOPLE!! That’s amaaaaaaazing!!

That night I got eleven hours of sleep.

The next day was STX lanes. We already did a ton of this in OCS, so it was a review. My squad got to be the “bad guys” for most of the day… which was AWESOME! We got to set up and ambush and fire blank rounds. We hung out for a lot of the day, thank goodness I brought my book.

At the end of the day my squad ran our lane. It was a very fast mission because it was almost dark and our dinner was getting cold. Heaven forbid.

That night was another early bed time. I did have to do fireguard though for an hour in the middle of the night. So I stood out there in the cold and read. I can’t complain. I mean 11 hours of sleep, I think I can give up one or two.

The last day, Thursday was convoy operations. That was my favorite. My squad had to plan a convoy and execute it with three vehicles. We got attacked my “bad guys” on foot and an IED. My squad did a fantastic job, especially the squad leader, Angie. The rest of the day was spent hanging out and conducting FOB security. And, yep, you guessed it… another early bed time!

So, let me give you the run down… I slept in the field more than I was awake. Not really, but you get the point. It was really relaxing and totally awesome.

A lot of times the Army throws things at you that end up being worse than expected. This week was NOT one of those times. In fact, my experience was about 10 times better than I expected. I was shocked at how enjoyable the field was. If field time means lots of sleep, I’m definitely up for another week of it.

I’m not too hot on using porter potties and washing my face with cold water though. Oh and the lack of showers, yeah… that’s not too fun. And… the mouse that was in the girls tent, no thanks… Field, you can have all that fun stuff!

We got back from the field on Friday and spent the better part of the day cleaning weapons. It was a long day, but I knew what was coming as soon as they released us… THE WEEKEND! (Post to follow.)



A Little Lost & Sunburnt

Today we practiced land navigation. Why? I’ll never know. I’m convinced that I’ll never stop doing land nav in the Army. When I think I’m completing a course for the last time… 6 months later I’m back at it. Oh well.

Today we got to do the course in partners. I chose Kaylee as my partner, she said she was strong at land nav. Perfect. We were given 5 points. Plotted them, calculated our distances and azimuth’s. And set off to find the said “points.”

Okay first, hi hills, rocks, cactus and clay. It’s nice to meet you. Cacti jump out at me. I never learned my lesson. I keep forgetting that they’re spikey and they poke through my pant legs. Wonderful. Kaylee and I both fell a few times, but didn’t roll down the hill — thankfully.

The “roads” on the map don’t necessarily correspond to the roads/trails in real life. This kind of screwed us up. It was surprisingly hot and BRIGHT. My face and hands feel a little toasty right about now. Sunburned.

The point markers are tiny and white. I’m used to the big, orange/white markers so this took a little getting used to.

Despite my stomach (ulcer?) issues it was a blast. I had my iPhone blaring music and we just trucked right along. The hills were brutal, but I was appreciative of the exercise. The wind was blowing which I was really glad about, otherwise I would have been a heat casualty. I can’t imagine what Arizona weather is like in July or August. If it’s this hot now, it’d be blistering in the summer. No thank you. I’ll take cold mornings and nights in exchange for “warm” days.

After we all finished the course we ate lunch and then headed over to our camp (FOB) sit to set up the tents in preparation for tomorrow. The site looks pretty standard. Tents, potties and nothing else.

Once we got back to the company, we had to get ALL of our gear and meet over at the football field for inspection. I had to dump everything out and go piece by piece to make sure we had everything. We were all complaining a lot, but we do understand the premise of the exercise. When you go to war — everyone needs to have all required equipment. We got it. Carry on.

Had to do a little dance session to pump myself up in order to not bash my head against the walls. I don’t want to play Army anymore today. I just want to crawl into bed and be done with Monday.

Then at 6pm we had to go to a sexual harassment interactive demonstration. We had to bring index cards with the word “STOP” written on it and hold it up when we felt that something was inappropriate, awkward, etc. It was interesting. It also had some really funny parts. I like how the Army is getting creative with their sexual harassment courses.

Tomorrow kicks off 3 nights in the field. I’m looking forward to it. Being in the Army has taught me to appreciate field time… Otherwise I’m inside an office or classroom. I’d much rather be outside.

I’m leaving my phone in my car for the time being. It will be a nice phone vacation. Counting down the days, hours, minutes until the weekend…



Tucson – We Just Danced a Mile!

Before I start… If you read my blog, please subscribe to it by clicking on the “+ Follow” link in the upper left hand corner. 🙂 A few people have asked me how… and I think it’s pretty easy, you just type in your email — you don’t need an account or anything.

Friday night I didn’t get home until after 6pm. The plan was to go to Tucson. I had about 20 minutes to pull myself together and pack for the weekend. I threw a bunch of crap in a bag, let my hair out of a bun and flew out of Army lodging. Dave was REALLY eager to leave Sierra Vista. I don’t blame him.

Once we got to Tucson — our first priority, FOOD! Burgers sounded great to everyone. Probably not the smartest part on my part, but so delicious.


We tried taking pictures, but my iPhone camera sucks. Like a lot.


The night was great. Lots of dancing, laughing, walking and fun. Friday night we stayed at the hostel in Tucson. That was a new experience for me. I can’t say that I liked it, but it wasn’t terrible for only $20 a night. Being that I used towels as a pillow… I probably didn’t have the best experience. I later learned that the lack of pillow situation isn’t common and I should have asked for one. Eh. What can I say? I’m adaptive.

The next morning we went SHOPPING! It felt great to be in a mall. I got some serious face moisturizer to combat this dry skin situation.


Then we walked around the university campus. It’s really pretty, in a desert kind of way. I definitely got a U of A hat. When in Rome…




A few “special” things happened on Saturday too… In my packing frenzy, I grabbed two different shoes. Thankfully they were both Toms, but I did get quite a few “Do you know you’re wearing two different colored shoes?” looks.


And… Spilling was a constant theme of that day. I spilled three different drinks. The first was my tea. Epic fail.


Tucson was warm and beautiful this weekend. We couldn’t stop talking about how great the weather was. We wore summer clothes and tried our best to escape from Army land. I’m especially grateful to have Tucson so close to the base because it’s such a cool town. Although I hate Sierra Vista, I’m glad to be here in AZ for a few months. I would probably never come here if it weren’t for the Army.

With that, Carl, Dave and myself couldn’t imagine going back to Sierra Vista that night. So we checked into the Marriot and decided to stay another night. After a quick nap and shower we were out again.

We found this fabulous wine bar/restaurant right across from the university. It reminds me a lot of The Press in Sacramento. I was THRILLED to be there. Not to mention the food was amazing. We split a bottle of cab and a bunch of small plates. It was a nice change from our burger dinner the night before.





We also checked out the pubs on that street. We sat at outside with the outdoor heaters. I still can’t get over the fact that it’s January and I’m not needing a jacket. Craziness.

Saturday night’s theme: DANCE. DANCE. DANCE. And boy did I ever…

To Car, “We just danced a mile!” Literally.



The next morning we had breakfast at the wine bar. Another amazing meal. We will definitely be back to Tucson again.

Driving home to Sierra Vista was a little sad. We all have laundry and packing to finish before going to the field this week. Back to reality.






Leading LT’s = Herding Cats

Friday Morning.

This morning really wasn’t my cup of tea. I had a bad case of the Friday’s. Running 3 miles felt like a marathon. Not to mention it was UP HILL. I swear that hill was never going to end. When I was at about a 45% incline, it felt almost flat. Bad news bears right there. Some days I’m just not equipped for what’s in store. This morning was one of those.

That’s okay. I continued on and managed to wash my hair, blow dry it AND make it to class in time. That’s a feat.

Some people who are in leadership express frustration about their subordinates. They complain about a lack of respect or whatever is bothering them. Here’s the deal kiddos… Leading a group of 30+ Lieutenants is the equivalent of herding cats.

Okay I have to interrupt this thought process. Click on “herding cats”  — I found it today and was dying laughing. Thank you cowboys, you’ve made my point crystal clear: Leading Lieutenants is like herding cats.

Today was another day of “Thinking Critically” — oh JOY!!! As I’m sitting there I’m looking for every possible distraction to keep myself from poking my eyes out with my keys. One thing I thought about was how ironic it is that our teacher kept saying, “I think” in a class about thinking critically. And then… Philip start’s counting how many times the guy says, “So far, so good?” and then throws up a thumps up. By lunch time he had said it 21 times. Now I’m no math genius, but that’s a crap ton of times to say one phrase.

Um… Dianna is fantastic. I had a hilarious text message conversation with her today which reminded me of how much I miss her. It’s really the simple things that I forget about. Yes I miss home, but I’m so thankful for times like today. Times that remind me of the people I love in my life. The people who make all of this worthy. Simply texting for a few minutes perks me up and changes my mood. Instantly.

In addition, it works both ways. I bought Angie a $1 box of orange tic-tacs and gave them to her today. Her words, “My day just got so much better. Thank you!” Simple things guys.

Simple things can also DIG into my skin. One LT in particular. She just says little things that absolutely drive me batty. For example, I’ll be talking to someone, not her, and she’ll say, “Oh, Fleury…” Like, what the hell is that supposed to mean!? And then yesterday I finished wiping down my desk. I’m sitting there waiting to be released and she come over to me, looks at my desk and puts a paper towel on it. Um what are you doing? I’m sure as hell not going to re-wipe this desk just because you planted another paper towel on my desk. So I just left the towel there and left when we were allowed to go home. One LT yells after me, “Fleury, you forgot your paper towel!” I yell back, as I’m pushing the door open, “No I didn’t. That’s LT _____’s. SHE left it there.” Take that you brat.

Passive aggressive much?

I think I need to take it down a notch.

Friday night was well deserved and much needed. We’ll just leave it at that.



We’re Human. It Happens.

Today I learned something about myself: Happiness doesn’t just come naturally for everyone. It doesn’t come naturally for me. Sometimes I have to try really hard to be happy. Other times it’s easier. Today it was easy.

Also… bias’ are natural. Negative thinking is natural. But it’s up to me to voice my bias or negativity. I get to chose to express my verdict. Sometimes I express this verdict freely, TOO freely. Othertimes I don’t. I’m finding that maturaity plays a large role in this preserving of opinion. People like you better when you don’t always give them your opinion. That whole, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” saying that our mom’s always said when we were little… well, it has some truth.

Now I’m a big believer is being yourself, but sometimes being yourself will cost you. Are you willing to pay the price? Frankly, I like friends. I like being liked. Duh. So in turn, I have to shut up. Sometimes I slip. Sometimes my face says it all. But it can be monitored, especially in a uniform. Instead, I think it in my head. If I really can’t hold it in — then I write it down.

This morning I realized that I feel happy over absolutely nothing. I had a terrible morning yesterday and today I decided that I was not going to repeat that. Instead I went the extra mile to “fake” happiness. You know what? It fricken works!

I got to the PT field 25 minutes early. Ridiculous, right? And I sat in my warm car and watched Jenna Marble’s drunk kitchen video. It was 6 minutes of stupid awesomeness. I got out of the car to learn that James was going to lead PT today. YES YES YES! That means CrossFit!

We did a bunch of dynamic warm ups and tabata push ups, sit ups and burpees. I was in CrossFit HEAVEN.

Stole some more yogurt and a nutri-grain bar and marched my happy self to my room for some coffee and a shower.

Today we learned about Critical Thinking. More than I’d prefer actually. Our instructor is VERY, REALLY, TOO into thinking about Critical Thinking. I mean, I respect the guy just because he’s so gung ho about the whole topic. You go… man. I wish I shared half of his enthusiasm over thinking critically. Maybe one day.

This weekend is set… TUCSON! YEE!! Then… Next weekend is SAN DIEGO! I’m beginning to like this whole living in Arizona thing. Mini weekend trips, I can live with that.

Still haven’t found a riding facility to ride at here in Arizona. I just want someone to let me ride/brush their horse on the weekends. It’d pretty much be a dream come true if someone asked me to ride/hang out with my horses. I’m offering to volunteer: clean stalls, lounge, bathe, whatever they want… if they’ll just let me ride some broke horses! Why is that so difficult to accomodate!?!?

The second half of the day was really difficult to get through. I literally poked my eye with a key. As a joke of course. Our whole class was getting pretty loopy.

You know how I said that I’m working on holding my opinions to myself. Well I slipped today. I did the whole “clearing my throat” noise which turned into a really loud “clearing my throat” noise which sounded more like a “Shut the hell up!” Everyone looked at my like I was a bitch. Oops. I’m human too.

Best quote of the day was by Stephanie in reference to our teacher, “He’s beating that dead horse with a CLUB right now!” (He was. He got through only 17 power point slides in an entire day!!) You know when you start laughing, and you’re not supposed to be laughing, but you just can’t stop. And when you try to stop, you just laugh more? Well, that’s what happened. So I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to let out all the giggles. My mom and I do this all the time. I know it’s not good or professional — but give me a break, we spent an ENTIRE day talking about “thinking critically” — ADD was kicking in high gear that’s for sure!

Tomorrow is another day of “thinking critically” — but hey! It will be FRIDAY!! I’m really looking forward to being in the field next week. (Apart from the no showering aspect.) The field is relaxing for me and the days go by quickly. AKA: No power point slides, briefs and eye poking with car keys. I just hope I don’t freeze to death at night!



It Pays to Smile, “Smiling is My Favorite!”

Alright. Elf reference, got it?

I got my first slap on my hand today. Okay, okay… I slept through my alarm. I seriously have bad dreams about this exact day. Well, it was real life this morning.

0551 – I wake up. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! Missed call from my platoon leader, text from my mom. As I’m getting out of my PJ’s and into my PT’s I’m calling my PL… “Hey, my alarm didn’t go off, I’m on my way! Shit!”

0553 – I’m running down the hall. Hair down, hair tie in hand, car keys ready to go. No, I did NOT brush my teeth — OH THE HORROR! And I was only wearing a tank top under my PT shirt, yes, no bra. It was a nightmare, I’m telling you.

0600 – I’m parking. Get out of the car, SPRINTING to formation. As I’m running of course I have to stop, in the middle of the fricken road and salute the flag. Holy shit. This is so embarassing. Again, a nightmare.

0602 – I make it to the formation. After formation First Sergeant and my TAC Platoon Sergeant have a “talk” with me. Aka… hand slapping. First Sergeant infroms me that I’ll be formally counseled for being late. “Yes First Sergeant.”

PT goes on as planned, I mentally forget about the morning and get on with my day. Oh and by the way… I got nine hours of sleep last night, NINE!!! That doesn’t justify sleeping through my alarm, but still. Nine is pretty awesome, especially in a military environment.

Here’s the deal: Everyone screws up once in a while. I don’t care who you are. You screw up. It happens. Shit happens. I’m sure the entire platoon was talking mad shit about me when I wasn’t at formation. Who am I kidding? I would have been too! But this is a perfect example… take any soldier, no matter how ‘squared away’ they are — they’re going to have a day where they screw up. It’s life.

I got the whole, “SOMEONE was late this morning” and “Oh, were you the late one?” and “When are you getting counseled?” throughout the day from my fellow class mates. I just smiled, kept my comments to myself and stayed positive. Go ahead, make your comments… but I’ll remember it when our roles are reversed. We all screw up and just because I was late to formation today — it doesn’t make you a better soldier than me and it definitely doesn’t make me a ‘bad’ soldier. All this means to me is that I need to set MORE than two alarms. Because apparently two alarms isn’t enough for this hard sleeper.

With that, when I went to sign my counseling, I got the “No one is perfect, we all screw up and that’s life. Life happens, LT.” I just nodded my head and smiled. So the verdict? If I’m not late again for the next 30 days, counseling statement goes to the shredder. YESS!! Thank you!!!

Smiling is key. When I was in basic I got yelled at for smiling. I got called “Colgate” and was told to “think of something that makes you really mad whenever you start smiling.” NO! Smiling is me. There’s a time and  place for seriousness, but all other times, if I feel like smiling… I’m going to smile. Smiling makes people happy. I walked into the TAC office and immediately got yelled at. I smiled and the yelling stopped and the joking begun. I smile at my home unit… and look where I am! In one month I went from being an AG officer to an MI officer. I smile. It doesn’t always help, but it has more times than not. So I don’t care who you are or what you’ve been taught — I’ve been smiling in the Army for 3 years now and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

PT was running, lunges UP HILL, skipping, blah blah. Really good PT though. Thankfully.

I picked up yogurt this morning from the continental breakfast. I will definitely be partaking in the FREE breakfast more often from now on.

Highlights of today:

1. PAY DAY!!!!

2. I’m Bravo team leader for my squad. I like a little responsibility. Team leader is perfect for me.

3. A soldier tried to cut his own hair, by himself, without a mirror and it was loads of fun looking at it today. James said, “It looks like his hair is BLEEDING!” I can say this on here because I later went and said it to his face. We all laughed. Moral of the story: Boys, pay the $7 fricken’ dollars and go let someone else cut your hair… preferably someone who has a mirror… I’m just sayin’.

4. I got a P.O. Box, finally!! So if you want to send me anything wonderful and amazing… send it to:

Hayley Fleury

51 Arizona St. #120

Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613

6. Fabulous quotes from a particularly “intelligent” officer:

“When you say ‘theatre’ — what does that mean?”

“Do the pilots just sleep in the air while they fly? Just hover in the air?”

Another soldiers response to this “intel” officer: “I thought being an intel officer meant you had to be intelligent.”

Enough said.



Earplugs = Epic

The internet is back in business!! WEEEE!! About fricken’ time. I was about to throw something at the front desk lady. 4 days without internet people, that’s just dumb.

Today was another range day. A short one which was sheer happiness for me.

We did barricade fire which was awwwwwwww-some!! It’s basically moving around “cover” (propped up pieces of plywood) with two short, controlled shots at a time. I like it cause the point of the exercise is to practice safely firing your weapon while moving in and out of cover. Another words… I don’t aim to hit the target, I just pull the trigger (in the direction of the target of course – come on guys, I’m not Rambo). After I fired my 30 rounds, Sergeant said to me, “Good job Ma’am! Next time we’ll work on your aim!” LOL.

Today I learned how much I love earplugs. I now fully understand why elderly people like to turn their hearing aids down. It drowns out annoying voices. In the military I’m a lot quieter than in my civilian life. Of course I have my moments, but I tend to sit back when everyone else is squawking away. I very much enjoyed the “ear-plugged” time today on the range. Which is why I get a lot of reading done during down time… Today was no exception. I’m plugging away at my next book, which is fantastic so far. (The Girl Who Played With Fire).

When I got home at 3:00pm, I ate a snack and headed to the gym for some good ol’ CrossFit fun…

I originally planned on doing “Barbara”

5 rounds:

20 pull ups

20 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats


But ended up doing my own variation aka, I’m a sissy:

3 rounds:

10 pull ups

20 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

Then 2 mile run.

I can’t do very many pull ups here because I don’t have chalk. I know, I know. Bad excuse. But my skin literally RIPS right off my hand if I do too many. Definitely not attractive and even more so… Not comfortable.

Okay, so I had Greek food, again. Shocker. My name is Hayley and I’m addicted to Greek food. Oops.

Um. The Planet of the Apes movie (whatever it’s called) is ridiculously sad. I watched it with Philip last night and I cried when they were mean to Caesar, the ape. That’s pathetic. But I did love the movie… So much better than the awful movie I watched yesterday: “A Midnight in Paris” with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. It was terrible. Don’t see it. Like, seriously.

Philip convinced me to give Glee another shot. So I did. And I like it again. I don’t LOOOOVE it, but I like it and I’m going to watch it again next week.

I finally got to see New Girl this week. WINNING! Favorite quote: “I’m going to pay you $50 to not ever show us your penis again.” Thank you Zooey. I love you. You’re hilarious and I wish we could be friends. But not really because that’d be weird and I’m not funny enough.

One more thing… I know you’re jealous of Arizona weather. Pretty sure my face/neck and hands got tan today. It’s January in case you forgot. My mom said she worked out in 22 degree weather today. I on the other hand… worked out in a strappy tank and leggings this afternoon. So, stupid Sierra Vista: I think your town sucks… But, I do enjoy your warm, sunny weather sometimes.



Army Barbie Drives a Tractor

Another day out with the horses. We met at 9:00am and it was raining! Ah! But… when we got to the ranch, we got to see this rainbow!!


Today we visited the old horses. One of them is over 40!! So old!!

And also went to see the babies again… my favorite, Chocolate Drop!


Then Mark, Amanda, Angie and Steve (ranch owner) unloaded a bunch of barrels of beer grain. I passed on that “opportunity.” The smell makes me want to vomit. Not to mention, the barrels weigh over 300 lbs. No thank you!!


Being that I wasn’t really doing anything. I was just in the way mostly… I was a wee bit chilly. The wind was so strong that I almost fell over at one point.

Don’t ya love my fashionable Carhart vest?!?! Hmm!


Since I wasn’t of any help with the beer grain, I was quick to volunteer to drive the tractor!! I think I look like a natural with that vest and aviators. HA!



These white horses are percherons. They’re HUUUUUUUGE!!


And I love this picture. Such a contrast of different colors.


We left around 1:00pm. I was really frustrated when I got to my room and found that the internet is STILL not working. I drove around for about an hour trying to find wi fi and ended up in a Carl’s Jr. parking lot. I refuse to enter that establishment.

Sorry for the mass postings, I’ve had them all on my computer waiting for the internet — but since it’s still down, I had to take action.

I thoroughly enjoyed my four day weekend. I wouldn’t mind about 10 more of these. Tomorrow is another range day. And rumor has it… we’re in the field for three days this week… land navigation.

Until I get access to internet again.