Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Bitches!

For those of you know know me… you’ll appreciate the “Hayley-ness” of this picture. YEEEE!!


Lots of pictures and lots of vodka. Cousins! Nicole on the left, Aimee on the right, me in the middle.


Aimee and I. Out of all the cousins, we look the most alike. We’re the smallest and have the “asian” eyes.


New Years eve was spent at the Hard Rock hotel in downtown San Diego. It was an absolute blast. We danced, stole “Happy New Year” headbands, laughed and rung in the new year. I kissed a stranger at the strike of midnight. I can’t help but laugh at the entire night. How random, amazing and perfect it was… Just like this year is going to be for me.

I’m a little stuck in the in-limbo sector right now, but that’s all going to change this year which is what I’m most excited about. I’m actually going to get a real, big-girl job. YAY! And I’ll be officially done with military training — after THREE and 1/2 YEARS. Can I be done already!? I’ll find out about buying my own home… get a dog and kick off a great season of showing Benson. Really exciting.

The whole facebook post such as… “I’m sitting here on new years eve reminising about my blessed life and how amazing everything is and how fabulous life is and GOSH… life just can’t get any better” blah blah is over played. But seriously, what’s the point of living if you don’t have shit like that to say about your life?

So here it goes (since this is a blog and no one HAS to read it, unlike the Facebook news feed)… This year has been amazing. I became a lieutenant in the Army and graduated college: two of my most sought after goals thus far. I pushed myself physically more than I ever have. I made amazing friends and broke off a 6 year relationship that was unhealthy, abusive and bad. I learned new things, went to new places and had an absolute blast. I’m blessed, loved and happy. 2011 was amazing and I’m looking forward to 2012. Bring it.

Okay, so there.

This morning my parents came and picked me up from my cousins and we headed to the USS Midway.

Here’s their self portrait. haha I love them.


BrotherD and I posed in front of this adorable statue.


And then I felt like a peanut underneath it. 😀


We had lunch at the famous Fish Market. We all had fish-n-chips. When in rome, right?


We spent the rest of the day at the beach. Rented bikes for an hour and cruised around the shore line. I’m TERRIBLE at riding bikes, my brother was laughing at me the whole time. I kept forgetting that I had brakes, I felt the need to use my feet to stop myself instead.

“Hayley, turn around!”

“… AHH… I can’t! It’s not that easy for me!”

I didn’t get the coordination jeans.

Later we met up with my cousins at the Wave House. It’s a really cool little spot. They have a man made wave where you can watch people surf on. It’s a very beachy place filled with picnic tables, sand and beer. We didn’t stay for dinner though. Instead we had tri tip salads at my parents RV. I’m staying here for a few hours until I go back to sleep at my cousins.

Tomorrow my mom and brother are flying back home to Sacramento and I’m heading to Arizona. I’m meeting up with an old friend from high school and going to check out a CrossFit gym before heading to the air port. I’m looking forward to a few days without alcohol now. My system is on over load. Healthy food, water and fitness… I can almost taste you again.

I don’t have a new year resolution. I don’t believe in them. But I do have a new year goal: continue doing CrossFit and COMPETE!

Happy New Year lovers. Be good.




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