Farewell San Diego

It’s been a great four days. I got to spend quality time with my two favorite cousins. I only spent about $150 the entire trip. It was definitely a well-deserved trip and long over-due at that.

I’m really sad to say goodbye to San Diego. I avoided visiting southern California before now. I think it was partly because I knew how much I’d love it and want to live here. I couldn’t bear the jealousy I’d feel towards those who live in SD. Well… now I know and here’s the verdict: I understand why everyone and their grandma lives in San Diego. It’s freaking nice. It’s warm. It’s always a good time. AND… there are beautiful people… EVERYWHERE!! WOW!

In fact… Here’s one now! (The guy, obviously.) We’ll call him “Navy.”


After I left my parents RV, I headed back downtown for my last hoorah in California. I feel like every night this past week has been “my last.” But last night was officially my last. I got to see Pacific Beach and soak up the last bits of California.

The next morning I met a friend from high school for brunch. Of course I had eggs benedict, my favorite!

Later I met up with Nicole. We grabbed some cupcakes, dinner and did a bit of shopping before she had to drop me off at the airport.

Here’s how the airport has gone thus far:

I walk up to check my bag. Southwest lady looks at my massive bags, (you can read about my new bag here) “Um… Do you want to put your heaviest bag up on the scale so you can see how much extra you owe?” I say, “Okay, but I’m on orders.” She says in her snobbiest voice, “Well then let me see them.” Ugh… I already hate her. I put them in her hand and point to the date on the top of the paper, “See there it says January 3rd, they start tomorrow.” She goes, “Mmmm.” I already know what’s next, “Okay let me see your I.D.” BOOM! She proceeded with her sassy little attitude, “Did you get your boarding pass, it prints out right down there.” LADY! THIS ISN’T MY FIRST RODEO! SHUT THE FUCK UP! So I say, “UH HUH. I got it all. Thanks have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I swear. Some airport people are worse than DMV workers. They’re cranky, pissed off and RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! Look, it’s not my fault you work at the airport and it’s not my fault it’s holiday season and it’s really busy here. So, how about you crack a smile, calm the hell down and be happy! Jeez!

I took a deep breath and went through security which is always such a joy. Not. I really, really hate having to take my shoes off. Almost as much as I hate sand.

Also… I hate that you can’t bring water with you through security and therefore you have to buy it… Oh and by the way, it costs almost FIVE-FREAKING-DOLLARS for a bottle. It’s water people, wa-ter!

I’m really rooting for no screaming children on my flight today. I once flew home from New York and literally had a child behind me scream the entire 5 hours. I had a headache for two days after that one.


Oh airports… We have a love/hate relationship. What a creeper picture, right?

The most amusing part about sitting in an airport is the absolutely hilarious conversations people have. For example… A couple is currently sitting next to me. Guy says to girl, “Oh hey you aren’t mad at me anymore.” She says through a mouth full of oatmeal, “No… I was mad about you being right.” What!?! Who says that!

Once I land I’m heading straight to the rental car desk. And then I’m driving my butt to… Fort Huachuca AKA: Fort Wegotcha. I’ll be calling it that from now on because I sound like I’m stuttering when I try and say Huachuca.

Now there’s a military guy sitting near me. I wish I could see his rank to see if he’s an LT… because then I could meet my first class mate… AND maybe have another connection to my new favorite city!!

Dear San Diego, I love you. Love, Hayley.



P.S. I met Adam Gentry last night. He was on survivor a few seasons ago. I’m not a Survivor fan, but I still felt like I was talking to a semi-reality-tv-celebrity. I told him, “Oh hey! My dad loves that show!” I’m not sure he was as excited about the whole thing as I was. Oh, and he didn’t come out and say, “Hi, my name is Adam and I was on Survivor.” His brother (guy pictured above) told me. This last part is mostly for Nadine because I know that she would ask, “What the hell!?! He just came out and told you he was on Survivor!? What a douche!”


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