Arizona is Beautiful… Even if I’m in the butt crack.


Today was fantastic.

It started with THIS amazing-ness: Oats, banana, scoop of peanut butter and chai tea. I so miss coffee. It’s a plan, Saturday I’m going to the Starbucks on post and having them grind it for me. It’s Harry & David Moose Munch coffee for goodness sakes!


Last night I had a chance to put some of my stuff away. Living out of a suitcase for the past week was getting old. So… Here’s a few pictures of my little room. My closet… the basics; uniforms, jackets, scarves and too many shoes.


And this is my sad desk.


After I ate breakfast this morning we went and got all of our field equipment. While standing in line, I took these pictures. I think that Arizona is absolutely beautiful. I keep saying that, but really it’s gorgeous. I do love it here. It’s freezing in the morning but PERFECT during the day. These mountains surround Ft. We Gotcha. I don’t know when I’ll stop saying, “It’s SO pretty here!” Because I’m still shocked despite their sad lack of grass and plant life. In Arizona, rocks replace grass. And when there aren’t any rocks available, dirt suffices.


We also had to have our cars inspected so that we can go on pass over the weekends. I’m thinking about going to Tuscon this weekend. Maybe go to a CrossFit gym. Or maybe just sleep since I’ve been failing at that. But definitely getting my coffee beans ground.

We had MORE briefings today, but not as many. I’m so tired of hearing the “Don’t drink and drive” and then all the stories that come with the lecture. Geez! We get it already! We heard a story about some girl who was at a bar, drank, unlocked her car, grabbed her coat, hoped in a cab… and got a DUI. WTF!?! She fought it and won, but it cost her a few thousand dollars and she had to start BOLC over again. That’s down right ridiculous. Seriously people, calm the F down.

Also, I learned today that people smoke bath salts and nutmeg. I’m not even kidding you. True story. Bath salts!?! Really guys!

One of the civilians who briefed us today said “Virginer” in place of “Virginia.” I lost it. Completely lost it. Since when did “a” turn into an “er”?? Riddle me that.


This is my sad little trunk after we got issued those two HUGE stacks of books. Reading material for the next four months… wonderful. Just what I was hoping for.


Luckily we got out of class at 4:45pm today. WOO HOO!! So I raced home, changed and met a few people out at the football field for… CROSSFIT!


I took advantage of the track, bleachers and pull up bars. A few of the bars were taped even! And one of the guys brought out chalk!!


The workout:

20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

10 pull ups

Run to other side of field

10 “box jumps” (jump on bleacher step)

Then run back to pull up bars

It was definitely a lung burner. The elevation is still so surprising to me. I feel like I have asthma or something. Like I’m weezing. I can’t imagine how the PT test is going to go on Monday. Until then I’m trying to drink a lot of water and NO alcohol. I need all the factors working for me, not against me.

After working out, a group of us went to Outback. I was stoked to order the coconut shrimp but was so disappointed. Arizona coco shrimp is NOT the same as California. Note to Arizona: Use more coconut and bigger shrimp. It was fun hanging out with my new friends and getting to know them.

Kayley, a 1LT who I only know from her blog wrote a to-do list of things in Arizona. Her blog is here. Her list includes:

1. Go to Bisbee, the Bisbee Brewery and Coffee Co.

2. Go to Sonoita and visit their winery’s.

3. Go to Kitt’s Peak National observatory and do a night viewing of the planets.

4. Stay at the Ritz hotel in Tuscon

5. Hike Mt. Lemmon

I plan on doing ALL of those things while I’m here. Something different every weekend.

Also, the college rodeo will be here in March. Apparently there’s a contest where teams compete by tackling a steer and putting underwear on it. I said I’d be part of a team… As in I’ll take pictures!

I don’t think it’s truly hit me that I’m going to be here for four months. On the way home from the restaurant tonight, the guys started talking about land navigation and I started thinking about how much I have to accomplish here. Yes I’ve been doing long days since I’ve been here… But I haven’t even tasted a bite of what this is all going to be like. Four. Months.

As long as I get to do some CrossFit a few days a week, take a shower and sleep at night… I’ll survive. As I’m wheezing between breaths tonight I told all the guys, “This is the highlight of my day.”





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