CrossFit Begins – BOLC Day 2

Today started out with quotes from Bridesmaids. Win. I’m in 2nd squad… not to be biased or anything, but we have the most fun out of all the squads. Eight of us sit conference style at a table where 8 computers/desks are pushed together. So basically we all face each other. With that… We all make faces at each other and jokes all day long. Too easy. I’m sure this will all stop as soon as the briefings go away and the course work starts.

So yes, roughly 753 more briefings today — most of which were given by civilians. (Which I prefer because they don’t talk as much as the Army instructors.) One civilian was a little crazy. (Key words: little and crazy — I’d hate to see her driving on the road!) I’m not going to be racist here, but she was MEAN! Every time one of us would ask a questions she’d interrupt and talk over us as if she knew what we were going to ask. So when I asked my question I interrupted her and told her that I wasn’t finished asking my question yet. She looked like she ate a bird. I don’t care how stupid my question was (which it wasn’t)… for goodness sakes, let the girl finish talking!

Today I learned that while I’m training here I have full access to FREE medical and dental coverage. BIG, BIG, BIG YAY. So that means I get to finally go get a mouth guard. I grind and clench my teeth and eventually I’m going to ruin them. I’ve yet to get a guard because they’re $600!! The dental lady said that I can get one for FREE! Totally made my morning. I’m so thankful for the Army sometimes, and THIS is one of those times. Did I mention it’s FREE!?!?!

We even got a “lunch break” today. Shocker. I had already eaten my lunch, but it was nice to have the option to leave… as opposed to yesterday. It also helped because I had more sleep last night. Amazing what food and sleep can do to my mood. Yikes.

“Supple” was the word of the day. My squad found every opportunity to use it. We had a resilience class and had to think of words to describe resilience — so we chose supple. I for one, LOVE that word and plan on using it abundantly from now on. Yes.

After class we had to clean the bathrooms which consisted of taking out the trash. What can I say… we’re LT’s.

I raced back to my room, threw on some work out clothes and met my new battle buddy, Ryan, down stairs and headed to the gym on base. It’s a weird setup. They have like 3-4 different rooms with workout equipment in it. They also have an indoor basketball court, fully loaded football field/track and an abandoned indoor pool (total bummer). My CrossFit battle who I sit next to (James) wrote me up a workout today. So… Ryan and I scoped out the gym for a space and equipment. By the magical grace of God we found this back room with one pull up bar, a few medicine balls, a chair and rubber mats. SCORE!!

Then we rounded up these cool mini (meaning short) barbells and set up in our new CrossFit room… I think I’ll call it CrossFit HoneyB.

Our Workout:

3 Rounds:

30 sec Thrusters

30 sec Rest

30 sec Sit Ups

30 sec Rest

30 sec Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

30 sec Rest

30 sec Burpees

30 sec Rest

Holy MOLY… Helooooo elevation. After only 2 minutes into this I could barely breathe. The air is so dry (my skin is noticing it too!) My throat hurt and I was breathing as if I’d just sprinted a mile. It was brutal! Wow, this is really going to take some adjusting. Body, start making more red blood cells, K thanks.

Poor Ryan… His legs started cramping up. After we finished I learned that it was his first time doing CrossFit. He said, “If I’m still sore on Monday for our PT test, I’m going to be mad at you!” haha… oopsie.

I had a little run-in with a certain “toxic” someone today. Apparently he was called to do an interview in regards to obtaining my security clearance. Anyways, he told me that I didn’t deserve to have the clearance, be an MI officer and have him do the interview for me. How I feel about this is irrelevant, but what it brings up for me is… never burn your bridges. Yes, I don’t care for certain people’s personalities — but never have I burned a bridge so badly that I could ever cross them in such a way. I don’t deserve this? Really? So after 3 years of busting my ass in training (which I’m STILL doing) I don’t deserve to be where I am? After 4 years of really difficult classes, I don’t deserve to have my degree? I don’t care who you are, if you work hard enough for something — you deserve it. Bottom line. I’d love to see what my prior Army instructors have to say about this. It was hilarious hearing all the other LT’s responses.

I’m supple. Bitch.

Tomorrow we’re going to get all our field equipment (CIF issue). Good times. And… I plan on using the outdoor pull up bars, track and bleachers as a box jump.

I don’t have an address yet because I have to get a P.O. Box. And, since we haven’t been released until after 5pm the last two days, I haven’t had a chance to get there. So, hopefully after this weekend I’ll have an address to give all of you who have been asking for it. And, I promise I have pictures… but my phone refuses to load them while I’m in my room. I took a picture of the new CrossFit HoneyB. I’ll post it tomorrow when I have 3G.




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