1st Night Out & SKEET Shooting

If any of you read my Facebook, you know that Friday morning was really frustrating for me. Here’s how it went:

0430: Alarm goes off, I have to convince myself to get out of bed and NOT push the snooze button by saying, “Today is Friday, you can do one more day of this.” I get dressed, make my tea and slowly get ready. All of a sudden it’s 0530, I trow the rest of my breakfast into the sink and fly out the door… I’m late and I don’t know how to get to my next destination.

0535: I start following a blue mustang because it had soldiers in ACU’s in it. Somehow I lose sight of them and end up parked on some random road looking at my big ass map. Ryan pulls up next to me, we’re both lost. You know what they say… You can’t spell ‘lost’ without ‘LT.’ We’re scrambling around trying to find phone numbers and maps and papers. I manage to find a print out from the med center but can’t find an address on the damn thing. Ryan and Phillip finally figure it out. As we’re driving there, James calls me. Crap… “Yes I was lost, but we’re almost there… Oh! I see you guys!”

0600: All 35 of us are standing in line in the med center. It’s BOILING in there. Here’s my theory: people from Arizona are used to it being flipping hot… like 115 degrees or something. SOOOO… when it’s only slightly cold, they think they’re in fucking Antartica and so they crank up the heat. With that — I’m constantly burning up indoors. Not to mention, my hotel room is centrally heated/cooled so I have to keep my window open at all hours of the day in order to prevent intense sweating and heat stroke.

Okay so we’re standing there blabbing for at least 45 minutes. We finally get numbers from a civilian nurse and are told to sit down. I’m happily reading my Kindle while waiting for my turn.

0650: Then we’re told to go outside and that we have to be back at the classroom at 0800. We’re supposed to come back to the med center another day. Great. So I google Starbucks and try to find it so I can get my coffee beans ground. I try two different times and I still can’t find it. Forget it. Turns out I was right in front of it… but it’s INSIDE the PX. Go figure.

0620: I get to the hotel and realize I don’t have my wallet. So I get a duplicate key from the front dest, fly upstairs and find that my wallet is NOT in my room. Seriously, I just love today… everything is working out for me.

So I go up and down the stairs about 5 times looking in my backpack, lunch box, car, asked front desk… Nothing. At this point I’m thinking that it may have fallen out of my car at the med center so I open the driver door to get in and TAAAA-DAAAAA!!! There it was… between my seat and the door, hiding. Hallelujah. So much for that nap I was going to take up in my room.


The rest of the day was pretty easy. Two more briefs and a lot of hang out time. I joked by saying, “Geez, the Army sure gives us a lot of ‘relaxing’ time…” We were released about 1:30. And… I finally got my coffee ground!! YEAH!!

Newest frustration: DFAC (Dining Facility). Last night they were closed at 6pm. Seriously people, I need cheap food. I can’t be running into Sierra Vista every night to eat dinner. And I can’t live off of cottage cheese and almond butter. Today my lunch was a microwave cheese noodle thing (pictured). It tasted good, but I’m really craving greens and, well… DFAC food. I love DFAC food simply because there’s so many choices most of the time (like a GOOD DFAC). It’s kind of like Fresh Choice, but 1/4 the price. Okay, I’m stretching it here.


Since I’m a proactive, good little Lieutenant, I looked up all the dining facilities on the base. Well, there are four of them with only phone numbers. So, I marched my butt downstairs to ask the seemingly helpful front desk which one to go to and what their hours of operation were. He was absolutely, positively no help at all.


I took a nap for TWO hours (yes!) until Ryan woke me up and said that we’re going to the DFAC. Well… I had some chicken (which was edible) and about three bits of a grilled cheese which was more like a cruton-grilled-cheese. Ick. The best part of this DFAC? The soft serve ice cream! I will not be returning to this said DFAC ever again.

A group of us: Ryan, Philip, Sam and I were going to go to Sierra Vista and see Sherlock Holmes. But when we got there it was like high school central. So we walked around the mall for a bit. Which… is such a sad little place. They only have a Sears and a Dillard’s (WTF is a Dillard’s anyways!?!) and then a bunch of random stores that I don’t really recognize. We did go into Spencer’s and I was laughing my ass off at the penis wine charms and the birthday cards. I think I’m going to have to go back there soon and buy some things for Nadine. She’d pee with laughter.


This one was my favorite which I promptly texted a picture of to my mom.



We still weren’t feeling the movie idea so we went over to Buffalo Wild Wings. I agreed to drive those brats so they could drink. And drink they did! Later David joined us. I hate to admit it, but we did venture to Rondevouz. And Kayley was right… It’s dirty and I’m not just talking about the unswept floors. While we were there I told the guys, “I’m glad we got this out of the way during our frist weekend so I’ll never have to wonder about what’s inside of here!”

These are fried pickles. I ate a few, but they weren’t ‘good’ by any means. Just weird. Like, “I want another one just because they’re so weird.”


Me taking over the VIP section. I tend to do that… ahem… New Years Eve.


The boys being from Alabama…


We left the bar around 11:45pm and I went straight to bed. I was so happy NOT to drink. Reminded me of my high school days when I used to drive everyone around. The days when I wasn’t hung over in the morning. Responsibility, huh… crazy concept.


This morning I woke up to coffee and candles. Saturdays are going to be wonderful here. I didn’t have coffee filters so I had to do a make-shift filter with a paper towel. It worked, but so janky. I bought filters today so I won’t have to do that again.

I also bought an electric skillet so I can make egg sandwiches and chicken in my room. Exciting! As soon as I got back to my room, the guys were knocking on my door, “We’re going skeet shooting, come on.”

So that I did…

(This is the pond right by our hotel. Ryan insist’s that he’s going to fish here.)


There’s a short video of me shooting on Facebook too. I did hit a few targets, but nothing impressive. It was really fun, but my shoulder is killing me. That thing has some kick!


I plan on finishing the second book of Hunger Games this weekend and maybe seeing a movie… Sherlock Holmes or Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.




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