Baby it’s COLD outside…

Yesterday was relaxing to say the least.





And reading.


I finished Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games.

The book started out pretty slow, but soon found myself glued to the screen and frantically flipping though the pages.I feel kind of bad that I ENJOY a book that’s virtually based on children killing each other. Hm, moral check?

This morning was not a typical Army Sunday. I slept until 10:00am!! I’m really happy with my room here at lodging. I’m right next door to housekeeping so I only share a wall with one other person — who I never hear.

I do have 2 complaints though… the internet is VERY slow during peak hours (weekends and evenings). That’s very frustrating when you’re trying to pay for face wash that you’re about to run out of. Or order thermals for upcoming FTX (field training exercise). Also, the shower has two temperature options: ice cold or scalding. I’m still getting the hang of that. For now, I’m sticking to scalding… less goosebumps that way.

I also tried out my new stove top!


Egg sandwich supreme!

Now that I have my coffee filters, Paisley coffee is back!

I cranked up the music in my room and caught up on a bunch of blog reading. One of my favorites, The Fitnessista had her baby this morning. Her post was adorable and made me cry. That’s a BIG, wait, HUGE deal coming from me. I don’t cry often — especially not over a kid. Congratulations Gina and Tom… Welcome little Olivia!


Later we had our class BBQ. I brought the healthy food… Cookies and doughnuts. We have a PT test tomorrow (dough balls dipped in sugar will give you that extra energy to roll right on through that run, ha!). You’re welcome kiddos.


It was a feast to say the least. I was freezing my butt off. I had two jackets on, WITH the hoods, in the sun – and I was still frozen.


Dave grilling.


James brought his little girl (ADORABLE) who very much appreciated my potluck contribution! 😀


The rest of the afternoon was spent with my new favorites. A trip to Target and a game of catch-a-phrase.

THIS hat will be a new staple in my wardrobe if Arizona doesn’t warm up soon.

Ryan said, “You’re becoming Alabama” when I put his hat on. Whatever that means.


Tomorrow morning is a PT test. We have to be at the PT field at 0515. Holy crap that is way too early.

I. Am. Going. To. Freeze.




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