MIBOLC PT Test = Success

Last night I set everything out. I was ready to go.

Lost a pen war.

Got drug around in a suitcase.

Listened to this new room freshener “puff” out sporadic bouts of wonderful smelling air. (Which by the way, I jump every single time it does. It absolutely freaks me out. But, it’s so worth it because my room literally smelt like camping before I bought the air-puffer-thing. Or sand. Something earthy that I’m not a fan of.)

Drank water and went to bed early.

0415 – Alarm goes off.

0435 – Get out of bed, hair up, PT’s on, tea in hand.

0450 – Knock on Ryan’s door. Let’s roll!

0455 – “Why did we get here so early?” — Ryan, Philip and myself.

0510 – Get out of car.

0515 – FROZEN!

After the push ups I had a really hard time catching my breath. Sit ups were also a little harder than usual. Run? Smooooooth sailing. Despite the elevation, I still maxed my run with a 15:30 time. I’m guessing those two workouts I did last week actually helped me out! Or… I just REALLY took advantage of the downhill slope that the course consisted of. Either way, I was happy with it.

PT Score: 278

The rest of the day was spent in the classroom. I’m smart now and I bring my Kindle everywhere with me. So, when we have down time… I’m reading. Which today was ALL day. Seriously. Two hour lunch and then released at 4:00pm. I’m appreciating it while it lasts because I know it won’t be for very long.

I want to finish The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo before this weekend so I can go see the movie.

GOOD, GREAT, REALLY EXCITING NEWS!!!!! — I’m going to volunteer at a horse ranch while I’m here for four months. YAY! I just called my mom to tell her… “SHIP MY BOOTS, ASAP, please!” The silver lining to all of this (although I don’t care if there is one or not) — I can get an Army award if I complete 100 hours. One of the girls in my class volunteered all weekend and she said it was a blast. She got to ride through the trails on 1,000 acres! And she’s working with all the yearlings, lounging horses and basically hanging out with horses and horse people. I could not believe what I was hearing. So now I’ll be able to get my horse therapy in AND get community service credit. Stoked.

Tonight I feel homesick. I had my first bad night which always brings on these feelings. Also, I talked to my mom and she was shopping without me… That’s a sure way to make me miss home. I let myself feel sad for about 5 minutes and then I snapped out of it. I’m good at pushing away tears from all those weeks at boot camp.

I seem to have lost sight of the goal here: Graduate and get back to California. Tonight was a reality check. I’m here to become an MI officer. And to improve my PT score. 🙂 You can bet… I’ll have a 300 next time. That’s a promise.




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