MIBOLC – 1 Week Down, 15 to Go

Movies I want to see:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (After I finish the book.)

The Vow (Feb. 2)

Sherlock Holmes (I’ve heard that I should read the books first though?)

New Years Eve (lame, but I like the bad movies.)

This morning we had our first PT (physical training) session. Well, my friends, it wasn’t half bad. The Army usually has some ridiculous imitation of working out. It looks like you’re working out, but you’re really not. Today we pretty much worked on sit ups and push ups. Typical. But, I’m going to be really sore today/tomorrow – so clearly I can improve in that department. Most of the Army’s fitness routines look like they were pulled straight out of the Soccer Mom Manual… they’re bad. But whatever, I sweated (a little) which made me feel good and that’s all that matters to me.

TWO eggs and cheese sandwich this morning. That skillet I bought is already paying itself off. It’s amazing what a difference I feel when I eat eggs for breakfast versus oatmeal. I even put two packets of oatmeal, a banana and almond butter in the oats… and I’m still hungry within 2 hours. With eggs, I could make it until 2pm, without even a snack! Moral of the story: eat eggs for breakfast, you’ll eat less and feel full longer. I always knew this, but accidentally I’ve been doing an experiment with it since I’ve been here. I’m still going to eat oatmeal (or cottage cheese) when I have to be cause it’s fast and healthy. It still beats a sugary cereal or a bagel with cream cheese, or something along those lines.

We got issued our IBA’s (no clue what that stands for — but it’s the bullet proof vest) and weapon accessories. Yes, accessories. As in weapon cleaning kits, hooks, blank firing adapters, etc.

At lunch time I attempted the “other” dining facility. Apparently that one belongs to AIT (soldiers fresh out of boot camp) land… primarily composed of  privates and specialists because it was SWARMING with them. I was walking with another Lieutenant and I think we freaked out all the AIT soldiers by walking through their area. We’d be approaching a group of them and they look at our chest, see our rank, instantly go silent and then all of them in unison would salute. I know it’s proper etiquette to have enlisted soldiers salute officers, but it still feels really uncomfortable to me. I used to dream of the day that someone would salute me, now I avoid it. Why is that?

I asked a PFC (private first class – my own rank prior to becoming an officer) if we could eat in their dining facility. He snapped to the position of attention and said, “YES MA’AM!” AHHHH! I totally scared him and felt really bad. With that, we left. It was too stressful – for both them and us, equally.

Instead, I ate a bag salad and lunch meat back at my room. And I found a new love: Red Machine Naked juice. My first love is the Green Machine. But the red is its own kind of wonderful. Try it.

So I’m the “Leave & Pass Officer” for my class which means I process the requests for students to go on pass, easy enough. Oh my gosh — it’s so much work! I have to make sure all the forms are perfect. That they’ve included all the correct documents and everything is perfect before turning them in. And then everyone is asking me all these questions about when leave is, how many passes we get, what time their flight can leave — all of which I don’t know the answer to simply because the answer is different every time I ask! Just another frustrating thing about the Army… shit changes and all you can do is shift fire and carry on.

If my pass request is approved, I’ll be home in Sacramento Feb 17-20th. I’ll also be home April 14-15th, very briefly, for Dianna’s wedding!! I was going to come home this weekend — but my mom convinced me to wait a month. Instead, this weekend I’m going to try and spend a few days out at the horse rescue ranch. That is… if I can get ahold of some boots in time. I checked at the mall today and the cheapest I can find is $85, GRRR! Bissbee is also on the to-do list. That Coffee Co. is calling my name.

Today one of the sergeants confirmed my thoughts on having a college degree… which I talked about earlier. He said that having a college degree shows that a person is self-motivated, dedicated, focused and committed.. among other thing. Yes, Sergeant, Hooah.

We also had a lot of heart to hear talks today. Basically, people die in the Army. Sometimes I feel like we forget that aspect of our jobs, I know that I do. That’s pretty much all I’m going to say about that. But it’s days like these that I feel sober to the nature of my job and the commitment I made three years ago.

With that, I’ll leave you with some rather awesome quotes from today…

SFC W said to LT White: “You pissed off? Cause you look pissed off. Like you gunna’ kick me or somethin'”

SFC W to our class in regards to our platoon run led by SGT B tomorrow, “Y’all drink plenty of water and eat pasta and shit… Yeah… He’ll take you on a nice ‘jog’ tomorrow…”

He kept going, “SGT B is the kind of guy who could fall into a coma and then wake up three months later and score a 300 PT score.”

Tonight = Kindle + Tea + Microwave lasagna. Totally happy and appreciative of down time.




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