Basic Rifle Marksmanship – Day 1

BOLC is great, but I miss my OCS (officer candidate school) guys. I miss the family dynamic. It’s different here because we’re all separated. Basically, I’m not loving having to establish new relationships. Is that bad? I want Brandon to call me “tootie” and “neener”. I want Wesley to talk crap and shoot the shit about CrossFit. And I want Josh to talk about his kid’s eye lashes. Ha. Yes, OCS battles, I miss you.

Today was the best thus far. I got 8 hours of sleep. Winning. We ran a pretty hefty run this morning and the rest of the day was spent on BRM (basic rifle marksmanship). It was really valuable training. A lot of review, but I think BRM is one of the most important skills in the Army. The day went by really fast because we were doing something. Finally.

We did dime/washer drills in the afternoon. Basically that helps us practice keeping our weapons still while we’re firing. We did a few other skill sets until we turned our weapons in at 4:00.

All in all, it was a really great day. Today was the first day I felt normal. I finally got enough sleep and am getting into the swing of this whole BOLC routine. I’m getting more comfortable with my surroundings and people. I’m trying to establish relationships with everyone – I feel like I’ll get the most out of the experience if I come away with friends — just like I did when I was in OCS.

After class a group of us when out for Mexican food. I had a chicken quesadilla. It was amazing. Wow. I’ve never had a tortilla like that. And the chicken was soft and… just, good! I usually don’t like chicken so it was a pretty big deal.

Today ‘respect’ was on my mind a lot. It’s one of the Army Values. Whenever I have to pick my favorite value, I always choose ‘respect.’ As I grow and mature I’ve noticed myself valuing it more and more. I notice those who respect me and others around them and how much of an impact it has on me. It stands out a lot to me. Leaders who I look up to respect those above and below them — no matter what rank or gender. Respect is something that I’m constantly working on. Today I was really trying hard to think about why it’s so important to me. All I could think about was the feeling I have towards those that I respect. I want others to feel that towards me someday. The Army isn’t just a time filler for me. It’s my career. Yes, I’m ‘part time’ — but I’ll be ‘part time’ for the rest of my working life. If I don’t establish respect within myself and the soldiers around me — I know that I’ll fail.

Respect is definitely my favorite Army Value, right along side ‘integrity’…

Tomorrow is RANGE DAY!!! My favorite! I briefly talked to my dad today and he said, “Tomorrow you’re going to the range!?! You love that!” See… even he knows. 😀 My range bag is all packed: snacks, water, sunblock, sunglasses, gloves, ear plugs, tissues/sani wipes, the works. Uniform is all laid out. Coffee is ready to brew. I. Am. Ready.

Qualifying on our weapons isn’t a requirement of BOLC, but I haven’t qualified since basic training. I’m really interested to see how I do. If today’s video game version of qualifying is any indication of my firing abilities… I’m going to suck. Like, badly.



P.S. No pictures lately because I’ve been leaving my phone in the car. We aren’t allowed to have our phone’s in the classroom now. But, there will be plenty of them from this weekend — promise.


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