CrossFit It

This morning I got up and did CROSSFIT!! I sported my CrossFit Envy shirt just for Matt and Jared. Miss you guys!


We did 3 rounds:

20 box jumps, run to bottom of hill

20 lunges, run to top of hill

20 kettle bell push press, run to bottom of hill

20 push ups, run to top of hill


I was so happy to be in the presence of box jumps and kettle bells!! Thank you James!

Today Philip and I went and saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. He’s seen it already, but he also watched all the Swedish versions as well. As I was reading the book I’d talk to him about it. He never spoiled the ending for me, but I so wanted him to! I’m glad he didn’t because the end is such a curve ball. I was like a psycho flipping through the pages yesterday. I swear this is the last time I’ll talk about it, but seriously, if you’re a reader — READ THE BOOK!!

The movie was fantastic. The ending was different than the book, but I could still appreciate it. I’m really glad that I read the book first though because I feel like I knew what was going on more than the non-reader viewer. Even though I read the book, it was still confusing to keep track of everyone. Not to spoil anything, but the movie “kills” someone that never died in the book. Weird.

Now I’m onto the second book that Stieg Larsson wrote: The Girl Who Played With Fire. We’ll see if it’s as amazing as his first. I can’t help but wonder about this author. I mean, he wrote three books, turned in the manuscripts and DIED. Seriously… that’s a little sketch if you ask me.

I could definitely get used to seeing this every day.

Oh Arizona… I do love your sky.

I bought a pair of riding boots today. I was contemplating about having my mom send me mine from home, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Tomorrow I’m going to the ranch with Angie, so I needed them tonight. Lucky for me, Boot Barn gives a 15% military discount. Thank you!! It made my spending money on ANOTHER pair of boots a little easier.


Saturday night I went with the guys to watch football at Texas Roadhouse. I had already eaten dinner, but I did munch on their rolls. Holy crap. Those rolls are huge, warm and buttery. As if that’s not enough… they give you cinnamon butter-goodness to smear on it too! Wow. I thoroughly enjoyed them and will not become a regular at that restaurant or else I’m going to end up looking like those rolls. Eek!

I just couldn’t sit still last night. I needed to do something. It was weird. I was really mellow, but didn’t want to sit in my room. I think being that it’s a four day weekend and it was Saturday night, I felt obligated to do something. So, John and I hopped in the car and met some friends out in Tucson. And man am I glad we did. It was so much fun. I love Tucson. It reminded me a lot of Sacramento actually. When we drove into Tucson I said to John, “All of a sudden I feel calm. Like I’m in a familiar place.”

We first ended up at a place called Sky Bar. It was very “indie” which a really interesting, yet diverse crowd. Also, very beautiful people – if I do say so myself. We hung there for a while until the band started playing. It was  little too “hard” for our liking. Then we went from bar to bar, scoping out the scene.

One of the bars was a little TOO interesting for me. There was a girl sitting there knitting. Yes, you read right… KNITTING! Like with yarn and needles. HAHA!!! Sison said,

“Hayley, there’s a girl in the bar knitting! Look! Turn around. Clearly she’s trying to get laid.”

It was so funny. I’ve seen guys carry backpacks in bars which I already think is weird… but this was totally a new one for me. This bar is definitely a ‘go’ for people watching. And for some reason a lot of girls don’t care for bras at this particular establishment… nor do they care to brush their hair.

The streets of Tucson are swarming with college students. They are all really friendly and, well, drunk. I bought a $1.00 hot dog from a street stand. Being that I’m still breathing today… it wasn’t diseased. Thank God.

Tucson will definitely be my go-to for the weekends that I’m here. Next weekend the plan is to get a hotel room there and stay for the weekend.




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