Range – Day 2

Thursday started VEEEEEEEERY early. We were ready to draw weapons at 5:15am. You can bet I had a very large cup of coffee in my hand. And I ate my breakfast in the car. We got our weapons and then loaded up in the back of the trucks. Not me, SHOTGUN!!

When we got to the range, it was still dark. So we picked at our breakfast bags until the sun came out. Breakfast bag consisted of 2 hard boiled eggs, bagel with cream cheese and a nutri-grain bar. I donated mine. I watched the sun rise while I read my kindle. It was one of the best mornings yet.


The rest of the day was spent zeroing our weapons and qualifying. I zeroed mine pretty quickly. Thank goodness because that portion can get really tedious. Qualifying is a blast. There’s three different parts to it. Part one: Each soldier is given 20 bullets and has to lay in the prone supported position. Targets pop up at random between distances of 50 meters and 300 meters. Then you switch to part 2 where you have 10 bullets/targets at the prone unsupported position. Then part 3 is done at the kneeling unsupported. I did okay. Not as well as I did in basic, but I was proud of myself. I would have taken a ton more pictures, but phones weren’t allowed on the range. So dumb.

After we left the range, we cleaned our weapons FAST and then turned them in.

The rest of my night was spent with LT’s. We tried out the Greek restaurant — I will DEFINITELY be back. It was so good. Their greek salad was amazing. And the gyro is so good (lamb/beef). Yum. I was the driver so I didn’t get to partake in any Greek vino.

From left to right: Sam, Ryan and Angie. 😀




On Friday I was pretty much a barracks rat all day. I was a slave to my book that I’ve been reading: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s pretty much amazing, wonderful, brilliant. Obviously… considering I didn’t leave my room until I finished it which ended up being about 2:00pm.

I finally stopped reading and put on some work out clothes. I ran to the track. I didn’t really have a plan in mind, I just needed to get outside! I ended up running 4 miles, 25 pull ups, 150 squats and 120 sit ups. I structured it like two separate crossfit workouts. The run home was really hard, but I’m definitely getting used to the elevation. My nose still bleeds – I think that’s from the air being so dry.

Pretty sure I got a little color on my skin from running outside. I think I might like this Arizona sun after all.

Around 5:00pm Ryan, Sam, Philip and myself headed to Bisbee, AZ!! We FINALLY got out of Sierra Vista! Somehow we managed to find the Bisbee Brewery. The town of Bisbee is really cool. It’s an old miner town, I think. I wish we would have gotten there earlier in the day because they had some cute shops I would have liked to go in.


I most definitely ordered their sampler and got to tast all seven of their beers. I liked the two lighter ones and the apple brew best. Of course, I’m still a “fruity” beer drinker.


Later we ate dinner at the Bisbee Grille. I was most excited about having my first glass of wine in Arizona. Yeee!


The night ended at the oldest bar in Arizona. It’s been open and running since 1902! Wow!! They had a live band playing old school rock n roll. I was taking videos and sending them to my mom. I kept thinking of my dad and how much he would have loved that place.

It was a great night and everyone was in bed by 11:30pm. I guess that’s the deal considering we wake up at 4:30am on the weekdays. 11:30pm feels like 3am now!

Happy Saturday!!




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