Army Barbie Drives a Tractor

Another day out with the horses. We met at 9:00am and it was raining! Ah! But… when we got to the ranch, we got to see this rainbow!!


Today we visited the old horses. One of them is over 40!! So old!!

And also went to see the babies again… my favorite, Chocolate Drop!


Then Mark, Amanda, Angie and Steve (ranch owner) unloaded a bunch of barrels of beer grain. I passed on that “opportunity.” The smell makes me want to vomit. Not to mention, the barrels weigh over 300 lbs. No thank you!!


Being that I wasn’t really doing anything. I was just in the way mostly… I was a wee bit chilly. The wind was so strong that I almost fell over at one point.

Don’t ya love my fashionable Carhart vest?!?! Hmm!


Since I wasn’t of any help with the beer grain, I was quick to volunteer to drive the tractor!! I think I look like a natural with that vest and aviators. HA!



These white horses are percherons. They’re HUUUUUUUGE!!


And I love this picture. Such a contrast of different colors.


We left around 1:00pm. I was really frustrated when I got to my room and found that the internet is STILL not working. I drove around for about an hour trying to find wi fi and ended up in a Carl’s Jr. parking lot. I refuse to enter that establishment.

Sorry for the mass postings, I’ve had them all on my computer waiting for the internet — but since it’s still down, I had to take action.

I thoroughly enjoyed my four day weekend. I wouldn’t mind about 10 more of these. Tomorrow is another range day. And rumor has it… we’re in the field for three days this week… land navigation.

Until I get access to internet again.




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