Earplugs = Epic

The internet is back in business!! WEEEE!! About fricken’ time. I was about to throw something at the front desk lady. 4 days without internet people, that’s just dumb.

Today was another range day. A short one which was sheer happiness for me.

We did barricade fire which was awwwwwwww-some!! It’s basically moving around “cover” (propped up pieces of plywood) with two short, controlled shots at a time. I like it cause the point of the exercise is to practice safely firing your weapon while moving in and out of cover. Another words… I don’t aim to hit the target, I just pull the trigger (in the direction of the target of course – come on guys, I’m not Rambo). After I fired my 30 rounds, Sergeant said to me, “Good job Ma’am! Next time we’ll work on your aim!” LOL.

Today I learned how much I love earplugs. I now fully understand why elderly people like to turn their hearing aids down. It drowns out annoying voices. In the military I’m a lot quieter than in my civilian life. Of course I have my moments, but I tend to sit back when everyone else is squawking away. I very much enjoyed the “ear-plugged” time today on the range. Which is why I get a lot of reading done during down time… Today was no exception. I’m plugging away at my next book, which is fantastic so far. (The Girl Who Played With Fire).

When I got home at 3:00pm, I ate a snack and headed to the gym for some good ol’ CrossFit fun…

I originally planned on doing “Barbara”

5 rounds:

20 pull ups

20 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats


But ended up doing my own variation aka, I’m a sissy:

3 rounds:

10 pull ups

20 push ups

40 sit ups

50 squats

Then 2 mile run.

I can’t do very many pull ups here because I don’t have chalk. I know, I know. Bad excuse. But my skin literally RIPS right off my hand if I do too many. Definitely not attractive and even more so… Not comfortable.

Okay, so I had Greek food, again. Shocker. My name is Hayley and I’m addicted to Greek food. Oops.

Um. The Planet of the Apes movie (whatever it’s called) is ridiculously sad. I watched it with Philip last night and I cried when they were mean to Caesar, the ape. That’s pathetic. But I did love the movie… So much better than the awful movie I watched yesterday: “A Midnight in Paris” with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. It was terrible. Don’t see it. Like, seriously.

Philip convinced me to give Glee another shot. So I did. And I like it again. I don’t LOOOOVE it, but I like it and I’m going to watch it again next week.

I finally got to see New Girl this week. WINNING! Favorite quote: “I’m going to pay you $50 to not ever show us your penis again.” Thank you Zooey. I love you. You’re hilarious and I wish we could be friends. But not really because that’d be weird and I’m not funny enough.

One more thing… I know you’re jealous of Arizona weather. Pretty sure my face/neck and hands got tan today. It’s January in case you forgot. My mom said she worked out in 22 degree weather today. I on the other hand… worked out in a strappy tank and leggings this afternoon. So, stupid Sierra Vista: I think your town sucks… But, I do enjoy your warm, sunny weather sometimes.




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