It Pays to Smile, “Smiling is My Favorite!”

Alright. Elf reference, got it?

I got my first slap on my hand today. Okay, okay… I slept through my alarm. I seriously have bad dreams about this exact day. Well, it was real life this morning.

0551 – I wake up. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!! Missed call from my platoon leader, text from my mom. As I’m getting out of my PJ’s and into my PT’s I’m calling my PL… “Hey, my alarm didn’t go off, I’m on my way! Shit!”

0553 – I’m running down the hall. Hair down, hair tie in hand, car keys ready to go. No, I did NOT brush my teeth — OH THE HORROR! And I was only wearing a tank top under my PT shirt, yes, no bra. It was a nightmare, I’m telling you.

0600 – I’m parking. Get out of the car, SPRINTING to formation. As I’m running of course I have to stop, in the middle of the fricken road and salute the flag. Holy shit. This is so embarassing. Again, a nightmare.

0602 – I make it to the formation. After formation First Sergeant and my TAC Platoon Sergeant have a “talk” with me. Aka… hand slapping. First Sergeant infroms me that I’ll be formally counseled for being late. “Yes First Sergeant.”

PT goes on as planned, I mentally forget about the morning and get on with my day. Oh and by the way… I got nine hours of sleep last night, NINE!!! That doesn’t justify sleeping through my alarm, but still. Nine is pretty awesome, especially in a military environment.

Here’s the deal: Everyone screws up once in a while. I don’t care who you are. You screw up. It happens. Shit happens. I’m sure the entire platoon was talking mad shit about me when I wasn’t at formation. Who am I kidding? I would have been too! But this is a perfect example… take any soldier, no matter how ‘squared away’ they are — they’re going to have a day where they screw up. It’s life.

I got the whole, “SOMEONE was late this morning” and “Oh, were you the late one?” and “When are you getting counseled?” throughout the day from my fellow class mates. I just smiled, kept my comments to myself and stayed positive. Go ahead, make your comments… but I’ll remember it when our roles are reversed. We all screw up and just because I was late to formation today — it doesn’t make you a better soldier than me and it definitely doesn’t make me a ‘bad’ soldier. All this means to me is that I need to set MORE than two alarms. Because apparently two alarms isn’t enough for this hard sleeper.

With that, when I went to sign my counseling, I got the “No one is perfect, we all screw up and that’s life. Life happens, LT.” I just nodded my head and smiled. So the verdict? If I’m not late again for the next 30 days, counseling statement goes to the shredder. YESS!! Thank you!!!

Smiling is key. When I was in basic I got yelled at for smiling. I got called “Colgate” and was told to “think of something that makes you really mad whenever you start smiling.” NO! Smiling is me. There’s a time and  place for seriousness, but all other times, if I feel like smiling… I’m going to smile. Smiling makes people happy. I walked into the TAC office and immediately got yelled at. I smiled and the yelling stopped and the joking begun. I smile at my home unit… and look where I am! In one month I went from being an AG officer to an MI officer. I smile. It doesn’t always help, but it has more times than not. So I don’t care who you are or what you’ve been taught — I’ve been smiling in the Army for 3 years now and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

PT was running, lunges UP HILL, skipping, blah blah. Really good PT though. Thankfully.

I picked up yogurt this morning from the continental breakfast. I will definitely be partaking in the FREE breakfast more often from now on.

Highlights of today:

1. PAY DAY!!!!

2. I’m Bravo team leader for my squad. I like a little responsibility. Team leader is perfect for me.

3. A soldier tried to cut his own hair, by himself, without a mirror and it was loads of fun looking at it today. James said, “It looks like his hair is BLEEDING!” I can say this on here because I later went and said it to his face. We all laughed. Moral of the story: Boys, pay the $7 fricken’ dollars and go let someone else cut your hair… preferably someone who has a mirror… I’m just sayin’.

4. I got a P.O. Box, finally!! So if you want to send me anything wonderful and amazing… send it to:

Hayley Fleury

51 Arizona St. #120

Fort Huachuca, AZ 85613

6. Fabulous quotes from a particularly “intelligent” officer:

“When you say ‘theatre’ — what does that mean?”

“Do the pilots just sleep in the air while they fly? Just hover in the air?”

Another soldiers response to this “intel” officer: “I thought being an intel officer meant you had to be intelligent.”

Enough said.




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