Leading LT’s = Herding Cats

Friday Morning.

This morning really wasn’t my cup of tea. I had a bad case of the Friday’s. Running 3 miles felt like a marathon. Not to mention it was UP HILL. I swear that hill was never going to end. When I was at about a 45% incline, it felt almost flat. Bad news bears right there. Some days I’m just not equipped for what’s in store. This morning was one of those.

That’s okay. I continued on and managed to wash my hair, blow dry it AND make it to class in time. That’s a feat.

Some people who are in leadership express frustration about their subordinates. They complain about a lack of respect or whatever is bothering them. Here’s the deal kiddos… Leading a group of 30+ Lieutenants is the equivalent of herding cats.

Okay I have to interrupt this thought process. Click on “herding cats”  — I found it today and was dying laughing. Thank you cowboys, you’ve made my point crystal clear: Leading Lieutenants is like herding cats.

Today was another day of “Thinking Critically” — oh JOY!!! As I’m sitting there I’m looking for every possible distraction to keep myself from poking my eyes out with my keys. One thing I thought about was how ironic it is that our teacher kept saying, “I think” in a class about thinking critically. And then… Philip start’s counting how many times the guy says, “So far, so good?” and then throws up a thumps up. By lunch time he had said it 21 times. Now I’m no math genius, but that’s a crap ton of times to say one phrase.

Um… Dianna is fantastic. I had a hilarious text message conversation with her today which reminded me of how much I miss her. It’s really the simple things that I forget about. Yes I miss home, but I’m so thankful for times like today. Times that remind me of the people I love in my life. The people who make all of this worthy. Simply texting for a few minutes perks me up and changes my mood. Instantly.

In addition, it works both ways. I bought Angie a $1 box of orange tic-tacs and gave them to her today. Her words, “My day just got so much better. Thank you!” Simple things guys.

Simple things can also DIG into my skin. One LT in particular. She just says little things that absolutely drive me batty. For example, I’ll be talking to someone, not her, and she’ll say, “Oh, Fleury…” Like, what the hell is that supposed to mean!? And then yesterday I finished wiping down my desk. I’m sitting there waiting to be released and she come over to me, looks at my desk and puts a paper towel on it. Um what are you doing? I’m sure as hell not going to re-wipe this desk just because you planted another paper towel on my desk. So I just left the towel there and left when we were allowed to go home. One LT yells after me, “Fleury, you forgot your paper towel!” I yell back, as I’m pushing the door open, “No I didn’t. That’s LT _____’s. SHE left it there.” Take that you brat.

Passive aggressive much?

I think I need to take it down a notch.

Friday night was well deserved and much needed. We’ll just leave it at that.




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