Tucson – We Just Danced a Mile!

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Friday night I didn’t get home until after 6pm. The plan was to go to Tucson. I had about 20 minutes to pull myself together and pack for the weekend. I threw a bunch of crap in a bag, let my hair out of a bun and flew out of Army lodging. Dave was REALLY eager to leave Sierra Vista. I don’t blame him.

Once we got to Tucson — our first priority, FOOD! Burgers sounded great to everyone. Probably not the smartest part on my part, but so delicious.


We tried taking pictures, but my iPhone camera sucks. Like a lot.


The night was great. Lots of dancing, laughing, walking and fun. Friday night we stayed at the hostel in Tucson. That was a new experience for me. I can’t say that I liked it, but it wasn’t terrible for only $20 a night. Being that I used towels as a pillow… I probably didn’t have the best experience. I later learned that the lack of pillow situation isn’t common and I should have asked for one. Eh. What can I say? I’m adaptive.

The next morning we went SHOPPING! It felt great to be in a mall. I got some serious face moisturizer to combat this dry skin situation.


Then we walked around the university campus. It’s really pretty, in a desert kind of way. I definitely got a U of A hat. When in Rome…




A few “special” things happened on Saturday too… In my packing frenzy, I grabbed two different shoes. Thankfully they were both Toms, but I did get quite a few “Do you know you’re wearing two different colored shoes?” looks.


And… Spilling was a constant theme of that day. I spilled three different drinks. The first was my tea. Epic fail.


Tucson was warm and beautiful this weekend. We couldn’t stop talking about how great the weather was. We wore summer clothes and tried our best to escape from Army land. I’m especially grateful to have Tucson so close to the base because it’s such a cool town. Although I hate Sierra Vista, I’m glad to be here in AZ for a few months. I would probably never come here if it weren’t for the Army.

With that, Carl, Dave and myself couldn’t imagine going back to Sierra Vista that night. So we checked into the Marriot and decided to stay another night. After a quick nap and shower we were out again.

We found this fabulous wine bar/restaurant right across from the university. It reminds me a lot of The Press in Sacramento. I was THRILLED to be there. Not to mention the food was amazing. We split a bottle of cab and a bunch of small plates. It was a nice change from our burger dinner the night before.





We also checked out the pubs on that street. We sat at outside with the outdoor heaters. I still can’t get over the fact that it’s January and I’m not needing a jacket. Craziness.

Saturday night’s theme: DANCE. DANCE. DANCE. And boy did I ever…

To Car, “We just danced a mile!” Literally.



The next morning we had breakfast at the wine bar. Another amazing meal. We will definitely be back to Tucson again.

Driving home to Sierra Vista was a little sad. We all have laundry and packing to finish before going to the field this week. Back to reality.







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