A Little Lost & Sunburnt

Today we practiced land navigation. Why? I’ll never know. I’m convinced that I’ll never stop doing land nav in the Army. When I think I’m completing a course for the last time… 6 months later I’m back at it. Oh well.

Today we got to do the course in partners. I chose Kaylee as my partner, she said she was strong at land nav. Perfect. We were given 5 points. Plotted them, calculated our distances and azimuth’s. And set off to find the said “points.”

Okay first, hi hills, rocks, cactus and clay. It’s nice to meet you. Cacti jump out at me. I never learned my lesson. I keep forgetting that they’re spikey and they poke through my pant legs. Wonderful. Kaylee and I both fell a few times, but didn’t roll down the hill — thankfully.

The “roads” on the map don’t necessarily correspond to the roads/trails in real life. This kind of screwed us up. It was surprisingly hot and BRIGHT. My face and hands feel a little toasty right about now. Sunburned.

The point markers are tiny and white. I’m used to the big, orange/white markers so this took a little getting used to.

Despite my stomach (ulcer?) issues it was a blast. I had my iPhone blaring music and we just trucked right along. The hills were brutal, but I was appreciative of the exercise. The wind was blowing which I was really glad about, otherwise I would have been a heat casualty. I can’t imagine what Arizona weather is like in July or August. If it’s this hot now, it’d be blistering in the summer. No thank you. I’ll take cold mornings and nights in exchange for “warm” days.

After we all finished the course we ate lunch and then headed over to our camp (FOB) sit to set up the tents in preparation for tomorrow. The site looks pretty standard. Tents, potties and nothing else.

Once we got back to the company, we had to get ALL of our gear and meet over at the football field for inspection. I had to dump everything out and go piece by piece to make sure we had everything. We were all complaining a lot, but we do understand the premise of the exercise. When you go to war — everyone needs to have all required equipment. We got it. Carry on.

Had to do a little dance session to pump myself up in order to not bash my head against the walls. I don’t want to play Army anymore today. I just want to crawl into bed and be done with Monday.

Then at 6pm we had to go to a sexual harassment interactive demonstration. We had to bring index cards with the word “STOP” written on it and hold it up when we felt that something was inappropriate, awkward, etc. It was interesting. It also had some really funny parts. I like how the Army is getting creative with their sexual harassment courses.

Tomorrow kicks off 3 nights in the field. I’m looking forward to it. Being in the Army has taught me to appreciate field time… Otherwise I’m inside an office or classroom. I’d much rather be outside.

I’m leaving my phone in my car for the time being. It will be a nice phone vacation. Counting down the days, hours, minutes until the weekend…




One thought on “A Little Lost & Sunburnt

  1. LMAO – we don’t want to “play” army anymore. Love it. I am very familiar with the “jumping cacti”. Forgot about those prickly things. We use to go 4-wheelin and camp in the desert. So, I never had a run in with the plant but I saw people who did. It was not pleasant!!!

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