Field “Experience” – MIBOLC

It’s Sunday night and I’m completely exhausted, but I MUST update this before next week starts. Two posts behind is TOO MANY for me.

So we went to the field this week. First we did our land navigation test. I found 4 out of 5 points. I looked for the fifth one for at least an hour without any luck. Turns out I was almost on top of it. One of the sergeants saw me wandering around and was trying to get my attention to show me where it was… but I was off in lala land. Oh well.

This is what the points look like….


They’re MUCH shorter than I’m used to and teeny tiny. The terrain was ridiculous. I’m sure I hiked up and down this big ass hill at least eight times. And I’m not exaggerating. It was a killer workout and I was sore the next day. I can’t even fathom what this course is like in July and August. I was burning up… and it’s only January!!

Oh Arizona, you’re beautiful in a dead-dry-desert kind of way.


After the land nav test we went to our FOB… aka, our campsite for the next three nights. Uh, hi, it was freezing. I have never been so cold in my entire life. It was windy and I was wearing FIVE layers. BRRR! Fortunately they had these space heaters that we could stand under. I stood there with my hands in my gloves, face towards the flames. Then and only then was I warm.

We had some standard classes… Radio Communication and Call For Fire. We were fed a wonderful, warm dinner and sent to bed at 7:00pm. SEVEN PM PEOPLE!! That’s amaaaaaaazing!!

That night I got eleven hours of sleep.

The next day was STX lanes. We already did a ton of this in OCS, so it was a review. My squad got to be the “bad guys” for most of the day… which was AWESOME! We got to set up and ambush and fire blank rounds. We hung out for a lot of the day, thank goodness I brought my book.

At the end of the day my squad ran our lane. It was a very fast mission because it was almost dark and our dinner was getting cold. Heaven forbid.

That night was another early bed time. I did have to do fireguard though for an hour in the middle of the night. So I stood out there in the cold and read. I can’t complain. I mean 11 hours of sleep, I think I can give up one or two.

The last day, Thursday was convoy operations. That was my favorite. My squad had to plan a convoy and execute it with three vehicles. We got attacked my “bad guys” on foot and an IED. My squad did a fantastic job, especially the squad leader, Angie. The rest of the day was spent hanging out and conducting FOB security. And, yep, you guessed it… another early bed time!

So, let me give you the run down… I slept in the field more than I was awake. Not really, but you get the point. It was really relaxing and totally awesome.

A lot of times the Army throws things at you that end up being worse than expected. This week was NOT one of those times. In fact, my experience was about 10 times better than I expected. I was shocked at how enjoyable the field was. If field time means lots of sleep, I’m definitely up for another week of it.

I’m not too hot on using porter potties and washing my face with cold water though. Oh and the lack of showers, yeah… that’s not too fun. And… the mouse that was in the girls tent, no thanks… Field, you can have all that fun stuff!

We got back from the field on Friday and spent the better part of the day cleaning weapons. It was a long day, but I knew what was coming as soon as they released us… THE WEEKEND! (Post to follow.)




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