Tucson: House Party — aka: New Friends!

Tucson was so much fun last weekend. We had to repeat it.

Friday we left Ft. Huachuca after a few hick ups, Dave forgetting his ID and me forgetting a jacket (which I never ended up wearing.) We headed to Chipotle and pretty much inhaled dinner.

Once we got to the hotel, we learned that there was some world famous gem and mineral show going on. Which meant that our hotel rate was TRIPLING and there weren’t any rooms available. Really guys? Luckily we did end up finding a hotel. Hallelujah.

After changing, our first stop was the new bar called Playground. We tried going here last weekend but the line was too long. This time we were committed and got there early. We quickly learned that the drinks there are 1, cheap and 2, STRONG. Um, yah… Sip… “Hi, I’m drunk.” It was that bad. I mean, look at Carl!


We ended the night at O’Mallys. That has become our favorite place, mostly because they have such a huge dance floor and it’s a mix of college kids and non-college kids (like us).

The next day we wandered around Tucson and ended up having breakfast at the Envy Cafe. I’m back at eating Paleo so I had an omelete with a ton of veggies and bacon.

Tucson can be a very weird town… like this random display of furniture just chillin’ outside. MmmmmK.


And this random thing that’s in a coffee shop on University (right by UA).


Carl and I took a trip to the mall because he needed to get some new shoes and I needed some mascara. I left my make up in Sierra Vista.

We ran about 4 miles around the University campus. There was a big game going on, so we tried to check out the scene. Apparently ESPN was doing something special at the university. Everyone was dressed in white UA shirts. The three of us stuck out like sore thumbs in our non-white t-shirts.

After showering we headed to our favorite spot, Wilko for some beer and studying. We had our first homework assignments over this weekend and knew we needed to make a dent in it before the weekend was over with.


A few hours later we had dinner at Wilko. Here’s my Paleo mess of food which was actually fantastic. But I was very envious of the boys’ goat cheese, onion rings, bacon pizza. Hmpf.


The wine was fabulous, as usual. The ambiance was perfection. And the company was charming.


Later we met up with 6 more guys from our class. We showed them around a little bit until we left for the house party I had been invited to earlier that night. I made a little “friend” the night before which was a one-way ticket into the “student life.” We all had a blast, I danced and made new friends. I even played beer pong. Oh the horror. I know. I absolutely, positively suck at beer pong and I’m convinced that no one will believe me until I physically show them. So that’s what I did. So there. I suck.

The next morning we got up early and headed back to Sierra Vista to go on a HIKE!


It was beautiful and fantastic exercise. I had enough of the down hill walking though after I had about ten near-death experiences. My feet were getting sore and tired and I was ready to be done with it all after about 8 miles, I’m guessing. I’m really glad that I finally took advantage of the hiking here though.


Oh, and there was snow which I almost ate shit on. It’s more like ice than snow at this point.


Pretty, pretty.

Tonight I did some grocery shopping and hoping to clean my room a bit. I have gear strewn all over the place from the field. I’m putting it on the back burner because I don’t want to deal with it right now.

The Safeway in Sierra Vista is pretty much the most peaceful grocery store I’ve ever been in. I spent at least an hour in there and was perfectly content with walking down every single isle to look at anything and everything I felt like looking at. I’ve never done that before. It was weird. I think I’m so used to the hustle and bustle of Sacramento I never realized how much fun grocery shopping can be… Oh and how much cool things you can find if you just LOOK!!

I’m pretty homesick tonight. I cried a little on my way back on base. I miss my family a lot and it’s really hard to be away from familiar, loving faces. I miss giving and receiving hugs. That sounds really weird, but try going a month without a hug… it starts to bother you. I’m coming home in a few weeks and then going to visit my cousin in San Diego the end of February so I’ll be okay. Sundays are always hard for me. Especially when I’m tired.

Tomorrow starts week FIVE, yay! I’m 1/4 done with MIBOLC!




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