Army Dentist Worships Me

I had a dental appointment and received the SAME treatment I have been the last 3 year: Technician takes my x-rays. Doctor examines my mouth for um, 2.4 seconds and says, “WoW !! You have beautiful teeth. You must floss. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Okay chief. Roger that. And then I leave.

Being that some soldiers never receive dental attention UNTIL they join the Army, I can understand this. That’s just insane for me to think about. No dentist until the age of 18!?!?!? No way! I practically grew up in a dentist office!

Today we officially started MOD B. That’s the second “chapter” of this class. There’s five total. It’s going to be a long one, I can tell you that much. So many power point slides… Ugh.

Our instructor right now really likes to ask us questions. Like, constantly. Questions that we don’t know the answers to. So we sit there guessing. It’s exhausting. Dude. We don’t know the answer. Instead of wasting your times asking and waiting for a response — how about you just TELL us. Crazy ideas, right? I feel like we could cut this class in HALF if he’d just do his job and teach us. Stop asking us questions, we don’t know the answers, you do.

Oh and another thing (it’s Monday, I’m allowed to vent)… how about we reduce all the examples? Yeah? I mean we don’t need 5 examples for every single concept. I mean one will do just fine for me. Personally, I could do without them all together. Just give the the info, I’ll write it in my book, make some flash cards, take the test and call it a day. Yeah. I’m just bitching here because I don’t want to be sitting in a classroom. Welcome to BOLC kiddos.

I’m eating paleo again. I already told you that yesterday. But let me just tell you how difficult it is to detox your body of gluten. It’s fricken hard. But, paleo food is very yummy. Today I had a brilliant salad. I could have eaten about two more of them, but let’s not get crazy. I feel better already. But I’m really, really sluggish today — it’s one of the effects of eating paleo. The first week or two is kind of hard. Your body had to adjust to the absence of certain foods. In my case: bread and sugar. EEk!!

Excuse my thoughts. It’s Monday.

First, I’m really grateful that my mom taught me to ask other people questions. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good talk all about myself, but it’s so much more fun for the other person when they’re doing the talking. I looked around the room today and thought to myself, “Has he/she ever asked me anything about myself?” A lot of the people I answered “Yes” to, but many were a “No.” The thing about this is that the ones I said “No” to… I knew a bunch about them! Interesting I tell you. Interesting. Countless times my mom has taught me this lesson… “Ask people about themselves, learn about THEM. And only answer their questions for a little while and then try to divert the conversation back to them.”

With that being said, we had a few “talkers” in class. You know… the kind that don’t stop asking questions. Ahhh!!! I mouthed to Dave across the room, “No. More. Talking.” He laughed in agreement with me. In every class there’s at least one. Today we had three of them. Glorious.

I think that those talkers should start a blog. That’s what I did. It prevents word vomit spilling all over those who don’t want to be vomited on. It’s really a beautiful concept. I’d suggest it to them, but I’m not ENOUGH of a bitch.

Today we didn’t get released until 6:30pm. Yikes, right? I came straight home, made a salad and dove into the shower. Tonight definitely calls for an oxygen peel for my face, a few bites of ice cream, and painting my nails. That is… After I do the damn homework that’s assigned. Grr!! I swear. I just put in a 13 1/2 work day. Ridiculousness!

Tomorrow will be more positive-uplifiting-cheery. Or whatever that is. But, today is Monday. Bitching is allowed.





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