Running on E

Even when I’m on E, sometimes I keep pushing. I ignore soreness until it’s a legitimate pain. And even then I doubt it for a few days before I do anything differently.

So… being that we didn’t have any morning PT today, I had to up the bar. I scheduled a few of these for this week and the next. They look amazing/fun (even though I think the treadmill is the equivalent to death) and the bobcat threat won’t be an issue.

The day started with more Fitness reading.  I particularly like this little blip that I read:


Dog + Me = Happening. Very, very soon.

MOD C officially started today. It was… um, interesting so far. Some ‘historical immersion’ classes and other mumbo-jumbo that you have to be super high-speed to learn about. Why was I in the class then, you must be asking? Pshhh… You got me!!!

At lunch I raced to the car and popped a few of these puppies in before getting to the base gym.


They taste like big gummie bears/Dots. And they’re pretty much all organic. Now that’s my kind of energy snack!

The last few days I’ve been rockin’ the 90’s music. One of my first few blogs was all about being a 90’s kid… And, I’m back on this kick.

THIS is one of my favorites. Bling 182 – What’s my Age Again.


As well as THIS. Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way.


I also thoroughly enjoyed jams by Green Day. It reminds me of when BrotherD first started playing the guitar. He was obsessed with Green Day and I loved listening and singing along as he learned the notes.

Once at the gym I found myself rockin’ (there’s a lot of rockin’ in this post, just go with it) a running ensemble. And snapping a picture, because that’s what bloggers do. Or so I’ve seen…


I ran my 3 miles and JAMMED back to my room. I didn’t plan this whole work out-on-my-lunch-break gig very well. It was my first time. Next time I’ll bring my lunch and some stuff to take a shower with.

I’m back on with the marathon training. I’m starting at the week I left off right before my injury. That means I’m at 10 miles this Saturday. I’m going to monitor how I’m feeling as I go — but I’d LOVE to do the long run along the beach in San Diego while I’m there!!!

The afternoon was, eh. Nothing notable to speak of.

After class I went back to the gym. I’m psychotic, I know.


Here’s what my layout usually looks like at the gym. That’s my FitBook, my stinky iPhone arm band, weights, mat and towel.

Today I did:


Lunges (each leg)


Sit Ups


3 sets of 50 stability ball crunches with a 15lb. medicine ball. Those were frickin’ hard!

Then I did the sexy legs workout from Fitness Magazine. It was actually really, really good. I’m not usually a big fan of the personal trainer kind of workouts, but I rolled with rocked it (I’m hilarious).

I do these workouts in the racquet ball room. I’ve seriously never seen anyone actually use it for recquet ball. But, it’s so unbelievably hot in there. One of these days I’m going to do a yoga podcast in there because it’d end up being just like vinyassa or bikram (aka: sweaty yoga). The point is, no matter what kind of workout I do in there, I end up sweating my tush off. Thank goodness for workout towels. Ew.

Afterwards, after much deliberation (only 1 hour before Glee starts) I made a trip to Target. I didn’t end up getting anything that was on my list. Figures. Totally not my fault because they didn’t have 2 of the things I was looking for. And… I didn’t actually want the other 2 things once I got there.

I really wanted the Motif Face Wipes and those carrot chips Snack Face talked about. Sierra Vista Target, you failed me — but it’s not their fault because it’s bum-fu#k Sierra Vista for goodness sakes.

BUT… I did come across this little beauty….

Peanut Honey Luna Bar. I inhaled it immediately. It was love at first sight.

And… Chobani is making a BIG deliberate return into my life. It’s packed with way too much goodness to leave out of my diet. Really high protein, natural sugars (from fruit) and probiotics — I think I could use all three of those things. Welcome back Chobani, oh how I’ve missed thee.

I was a few minutes late, but made it back in time to turn on the TV and was painfully disappointed to learn that American Idol took over Glee tonight (or Glee season is over? I’m not officially a Gleek, so I don’t know these things)… And New Girl isn’t on until 9 instead of 8pm. Kinda crushed my world.

So, shower and homework it is… Until 9. Tomorrow morning is ruck march Wednesday. My favorite. NOT. Let’s put 25lbs in our assault pack and walk around for 30 minutes. Sounds like a great workout, Army. Good job. The sassy face is in full force tonight.




Fitness, It’s What I Do.

I love to read. I love words. I love grammar. I love writing. I love magazines. I love newspaper. I love books.

I love it all.

I even love Fitness magazines. They’re motivating. Educational. Interesting. And just plain old fun — especially when you’re cranking out 30 minutes on a cardio machine. I used to subscribe to a few of them, but stopped. I never had time for “fun/pleasure reading” when I was in college.

Well… Now I do! And it’s fabulous!

A few weeks ago I picked up a Cosmo. It was fun to read. Shocking at times. Kind of embarrassing to read certain pages in the gym. But still fun. This week I got a copy of Fitness.

So, everyone is well aware of my sleeping issue. It takes me sometimes HOURS to fall asleep. I’m just not very good at it. I’m one of those people that can function on a low amount of it. But, I notice that I feel way better when I get at least 7 hours, naturally. Fitness posted an interesting article on the negative effects of sleep deprivation. I found some of them shocking.

Fun fact… Vermont ranks as the healthiest place to live. California is 24th on this list. You’d think we’d up our game considering all the beautiful weather we have year round!

Question: How do you get excited/motivated to work out? Do you need a specific event/goal to work towards, ie: wedding, vacation, high school reunion? New gear? A mental escape? Social? Do you rock old high school T-shirts? Or the newest Lucy tank? Do you wear a watch? Use an iPod?

I have my system pretty dialed in…

1. I can’t rock the baggy T-shirt. I’ve tried, believe me. They get all sloppy, hot and just wrong. I ran a mud run in October and got this cool orange shirt from the race. The next day I was so excited to wear it to CrossFit. 1/2 way through the workout, the shirt was off and I was working out in a sports bra. If you know me, you know that this is a very, very rare occurrence (sports-bra-sexiness-in-the-gym), but it was a necessity. From there on I decided that tight, fitted shirts were the only way for me.


2. Headbands. I’ve been yelled at too many times for fixing my hair. Bobby pins don’t always cut it either. A good, tight, sticky headband is always in my gym bag. I hate feeling hair against my face. I could never be one of those girls who runs/works out with their hair down. I shudder just thinking about it.


3. Music is a MUST. I’ve been known to skip the gym if I forgot my headphones. Listen to myself breathe? No thank you! I love the feeling of working really hard with music blaring. Black Eyed Peas, anyone?

4. A plan. I can’t go to the gym without knowing what I’m going to do. I write it down and then bring it with me. It keeps me accountable too. If I leave the gym having altered or skipped something on my list — I kind of feel bad about myself. I feel like I let myself down. I’ve never been able to be one of those that just shows up at the gym and figures it out as they go. Not my style. I’m a list maker. Give me a list and I’ll check it off. Plus, who wants to dilly-dally around and waste time thinking about what to do next in the sweaty gym? Not this girl!

5. Blog about it. Although I’m a baby to the blogging world, blogging about my life has helped keep me accountable to my fitness and nutrition goals. If I know I’m going to blog about it later, I am sure to make it count. I want to write about a great work out later on — not a slacking “I planned on 5 rounds, but only did 2” kind of thing.

6. Beautiful scenery. Although the gym is great for quick fitness, I have to get outside. I love running because I can explore different areas and neighborhoods. Or trails. I have ran several 1/2 marathons and I picked them solely on their location, aka: scenic runs. I like slathering on sun block and then getting lost in the outdoors. It’s relaxing, refreshing and plain old good for the soul!



The Army Ordered Rest

And so I took FULL advantage of it.

Last night I was so worried about missing my alarm (therefore missing the PT test), that I slept terribly. I was waking up every 2 hours — wishing (can’t believe I’m writing this) that’d the clock would read 4:30 so I could just stop sleeping.

4:30am finally hit. Yes.

PT test = success. Ran my fastest 2 mile. I don’t even know the exact time, but it was somewhere in the 13 or 14 minutes.


The rest of the day, until 3:00… I got to rest. Relax. Hang out. Do whatever the heck I felt like. It was like an extra day added onto the weekend. Totally what I needed.

I prepped a bunch of meals. Spilled them all over the floor. Cursed at the miniature size of my hotel kitchen. Took a nap. Did a yoga podcast. Read a million blog posts. And went to the gym. Bliss I tell you, sheer bliss.

So… I’m fairly certain that the cleaning ladies love cleaning my room. I’m going to toot my own horn and claim that my room is their favorite. It’s always clean. Hardly ever leave dishes in the sink. It smells good. And my crap is put away so it’s easy for them to do their job. I say this because a lot of times soldiers leave their doors open. It’s human nature… I can’t help but look inside the wide open door. Holy SMOKES!! Those rooms are FILTHY!!!

Today when I got back from the gym, housekeeping hadn’t gotten to my room yet. I needed my trash taken out and fresh towels. I was gone all weekend so the sheets weren’t really a priority. The lady was SO nice to me, “Are you SURE you don’t want me to change your sheets??” “No, it’s good — but thank you! And thank you for the towels!!”

I’m already thinking about the things that I’m going to miss about BOLC. The cleaning service: Fresh sheets all the time, clean towels, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, trash taken out, bathroom cleaning, TP supplying… you get my drift — I’m going to miss this aspect.

Additionally, I’m really going to miss Carl and Dave. We’re already planning trips to New York/Colorado/San Francisco and birthday gatherings. And occasionally we talk about how unfortunate it’s going to be when we don’t live mere steps from each other. Sadness.

Today at the gym, on top of the PT test, I did some craziness. Fitnessista has posted some really awesome elliptical workouts. They’ve been great for me given the hurt achilles and all (which is totally healed now, by the way). It gives me structure and a goal – instead of just hopping on for 40 minutes and wanting to poke my eye balls out.

Today I did this, compliments of her:

It was FAAAAAAA-bulous!!

Then I did something that I thought was going to be easy. But ended up killing me:

5 Rounds for Time:

100 Jumping Jacks

100 Mountain Climbers

Holy Tollito. Talk about a fire-breather. I was like a blob on the floor when I finally finished. I seriously thought I picked an easy, light workout – but was so wrong. That’s the thing with CrossFit. Sometimes workouts look really easy and then you find that they are the absolute, complete oposite. Never judge a workout by its’ cover.

Since class didn’t start until 3, it was very short. We did an AAR (after action review) on MOD B. We talked about the things that the instructors/people in charge can do to improve the course.

Good talk.

Since I already worked out twice today, I came home to make dinner. Carl let me use his George Foreman to grill a salmon patty. Add that to already prepped salad in a box…. waa-LA! Deeeee-lish!

Tonight will include girl talk with one of my favorites — G.I. Jane — of whom I dedicate this adorable picture/saying to:

And then I’m off to bed. Pop a benadryl and we’ll be smoooooooth sailin’ !!

Thoughts… 2012 did not include a winter for me. I pretty much went straight from Fall to Summer. I mean, I’m not complaining or anything, it’s just weird. I sport tank tops every day that I’m not in uniform. And when I’m in Tucson I’m either wearing shorts or I wish I were wearing shorts.

That explains my already (border-line-SUPER) dark tan lines. I’m tellin’ you… Me living to Tucson is becoming more and more of a goal than an idea. MamaG doesn’t support this. hehe.

Happy Monday!

If you need a good laugh, watch this:

Every. Single. Word. Is. 100%. Accurate. Oh… and hilarious.



Wild One and Her Eats

This is my JAM right now…!

Friday started with a release run.

The Army sometimes lets us run on our own in the mornings. Friday was one of those mornings. They say, “Go run up that hill and then come back.” Wait… really? You’re going to let me be a big kid and run somewhere… all. by. myself? NO way! This this, when I wasn’t having to sing cadence, or worry about bumping into the people in front of me — I thought of a few things. Made some decisions.

1. I’m going to culinary school. I’ve been wanting to for years. I think about it often. I never want to be that woman who thinks, “Man, I wish I would have done ____.” So I’m going. Culinary school research starts now.

2. I’m going to attempt photography. This is also something I think about often. I don’t want to do it professionally — obviously. But, I want to learn about it. I want to know what makes a good picture. I want a better camera. I want my blog to be awesome, filled with professional (somewhat) quality — aka: beautiful pictures.

So… It’s settled.

And my bag for Tucson was packed.


When I got to Tucson I found this lovely email from CrossFit Works. They’re SO nice!!


I didn’t do a workout with them this weekend because of the PT test on Monday — but I’m really excited to start joining them on the weekends!!

I didn’t really get any pictures from Friday night — but we did make it over to the country bar: Cactus Moon. That place was HUGE! There was a live cover band. Lots of country dancing. And a whole lotta’ cowboy.

Yes. Please.

Saturday morning was breakfast at Good Egg. Definitely a new favorite/love of mine. This post contains a lot of food posts… but sometimes, I just like talking about what I ate.


Their menu has all the calorie counts. And they have a TON of paleo-friendly options for me!!



I spent the afternoon at Lululemon and Whole Foods. Mamma wanted the same striped jacket as me. And I wanted one of these beauties:


At first I thought these were disgusting. But now I love them. They’re definitely an acquired taste.

I also picked up lunch at Whole Foods:


Greens, broccoli, egg, chicken, blue cheese, artichoke hearts and a redish dressing.

After lunch it was time to meet up with Carl and put on these bad boys…


Cause we were off to the RODEO!!!! YEEEEEEEE-HAWWWW!

I was in absolute-horse-loving-poo-smelling-cowboy-watching Heaven.

Afterwards was the barn dance. And did I dance? Oh definitely. Did a cowboy spin me around? Was he wearing a cowboy hat? Yes. Yes. Yes.

The night ended with all the college kids at Gentle Bens. Hm. That place is GREAT for people watching. We’ll just leave it at that.

The next morning — I’m almost embarrassed to say… Was breakfast at Good Egg, again. WHAT!! It was close to our hotel! And it’s good! And I don’t have to worry about being weird for not eating gluten! Okay!

I got the Blu and Brie Omelet this time (Dave and Carl devoured my toast).


And got an Acai tea to-go for my drive to the Sabino Canyon.


When I first got to AZ I did some trail/running research. I already checked out Rillito River – which was awesome. But have been meaning to go see Sabino Canyon.


Let me tell you, it was worth the drive. It was worth going by myself (because no one wanted to ‘walk’ around) and it was beautiful… in a desert kind of way.

I loved that they had mile markers along the way. That’s going to make running there a lot easier/more convenient for me.




There were  a bunch of little streams running throughout the trail. People were walking/running/hiking etc. Some were even picnicking.


I walked 4 miles and decided it was time to go back to Sierra Vista. I took it easy because I do have a PT test tomorrow and I’d like to do well on it.

I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s and then I was off.

I ate this delicious salad for dinner:


And this cutie for desert: DARK Chocolate!


I hope your weekend was sunny and lovely.



Shocker – I Know Myself

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking… I really wish I could work on these projects by myself. I’ve been in ‘education’ for what… 16 years now: elementary, high school, college — I think I know a thing or two about my learning style. I’ll tell you right now, my learning style DOES NOT include working in a group. I’m fine with working with  a group. But when the intent is to learn something — something vital to your success — I’m a tragic fail.

I consciously check out when I don’t feel like I’m getting something out of it. I’d rather not have any control than just a little bit. I’d rather learn the content later, on my own, then struggle through the process with a bunch of people. I’m not attacking anyone personally, it’s just my own learning style. Everyone has their own way of doing things. I graduated college — I know how I function, and I know how I operate best in a learning environment.

So… Working individually, being able to ask for help, that’s definitely my preferred learning style.

Not to mention, being stuck in a classroom all day long really doesn’t help the overall mood.

Today we did a practice test. I felt so much better after today. I feel like I completely grasped the content. Finally. I know what’s going on. I understand all the symbols and acronyms. Golly Gee!! I think she’s got it.

I say this now… but when shit hits the fan tomorrow — well, we’ll see if she really has it. Or if she’s just tooting her own horn.

Last night I had a complete emotional breakdown. I do this about once a month. It’s inevitable. I also did it at least once in every phase of OCS. It happens. And since I’ve been here, I’ve done it once a month. Sometimes you just need a good cry. And then I get really mad at myself for crying. I tell myself that I’m not being a soldier and to pull it together. So I do. And then I’m fine. So that’s what I did. I got really stressed out about the mission analysis test. About being away from home. About my friends. About the class that I’m in. Just life… and then it was over. Normal, right?

Today I was really sore from my psycho workout yesterday and then more craziness this morning. So — I opted to run errands with Dave instead. And… totally cheat by eating tacos at La Casita. I’m sorry, but I had to. It’s a big test tomorrow — I needed the motivation. No, actually… I just really wanted some freaking tacos — WITH the tortillas. So I did. Whatever.

We’re all excited for this weekend. To be done with MOD B. It’s been a strenuous few weeks and I’m excited to have it behind me. If I fail tomorrow, I’ll re-take it on Monday. If I fail on Monday then I’ll join a different class. Either way, I’m good with the outcome. Whatever happens is meant to be.

But for now — I’m ready for some laughs. I’m ready to be Hayley and not ‘Lieutenant.’ I’m ready to wear jeans and get out of Army land.




Lent has begun. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t participate in lent. Probably because I never want to give anything up. But also because my religion doesn’t participate.

I thought about giving something up… just for fun. But the only thing I can think of is, “Giving up caring about drama.” Or… “Giving up the people who upset/offend me.” Or… Hm. But then again, shouldn’t I be giving that up already? A lot of people give up alcohol, or bread, or coffee… mostly food items. Frankly, I don’t believe in ‘giving things up’ when it comes to food. If you want to eat it, then freaking eat it!

I gave up bread/gluten earlier this month because of how it affects my body. I’ll never give up coffee. And I don’t feel that I drink enough alcohol for it to be an issue. If you were to tell me, “You can never drink alcohol again.” I’d probably ask you if wine is alcohol (kidding) and then I’d be fine. Alcohol is social for me. Not a necessity.

But… in regards to the whole ‘people who upset me’… I have a harder time giving them up. I give people the benefit of the doubt — possibly more than I should. I usually consider their past. What they’ve been through. Where they come from. Basically, WHY they act/say the things they do. But, have you ever remembered specific comments for days, weeks or months after they’ve been said? Sometimes it will be really small at first. And then it will start to irritate me, slowly, until I can’t take it anymore. I’ll become so worked up over it that I just completely write that person off.

Like this weekend, for example. Someone made a comment about a Lululemon shirt I was wearing. At first I didn’t really care. I mean seriously? It’s Lululemon. But then later I noticed that I remembered what was said. My mind kept going back to the comment which really ate away at me. (Not to mention, the shirt is adorable — of which I received 3 compliments on that morning.) The same goes for when people say unjust comments about my friends. I always stick up for them, but the comment will bug me personally later on. These people are toxic in my life.

I’ve spoken about a ‘toxic’ individual (who is no longer in my life) before — he used to do the same thing: Make comments that would later stick to me. It’s like a splinter, just keeps irritating until you finally have to PULL it out.

So for lent… I’m still not changing a damn thing. But, it is a great time to evaluate your habits. Take a step back and see what you do and don’t like in your life. Whether it’s the presence of people, food, or both. Or… it might make you look at your habits and find that you’re happy with what you see.

As for today…

My achilles is feeling much better. I was able to participate in the ruck march this morning. I was limping a little at first, but soon that wore off and I was marching right along. My toe is also getting better (still leaving the details out of this one for your sake). But, I really miss running. Last night I “ran” on the elliptical for 50 minutes. I got a lot of reading done, but I was pretty bored. For the record, if you ever have an achilles injury — the elliptical doesn’t hurt it at all. It only hurts your inner soul (my soul is traumatically injured because I make fun of the said elliptical-users).

This morning for PT we did tabata flutter kicks (20 sec flutter, 10 sec rest — repeat 8 times). Holy cow… after the 100 sit ups/thrusters I did last night – This pretty much killed me.

For lunch I did an experiment with canned chicken. When you live in a hotel room you have to get creative with your meals. Otherwise you’ll end up eating lettuce and apples for every meal. So being that I’m sick of salads for the time being, I didn’t want to cook a salmon patty, I already eat too many eggs… I busted open the chicken. Here’s how it went:

1 can chicken (Costo brands — it’s actually really good)

Slop of ‘wannabe’ mayonaise (My sister is probably cringing at this)

Trail mix

1/2 apple chopped

Squeeze of honey

Mix it all together… Lunch is served!

The afternoon in class was brutally boring. We did wargaming. It’s basically like playing battleship, in a weird way. I guess it could be fun… but I was not entertained. All I could think about was getting out of that damn classroom and into the gym.

Lately, I live for the gym. I sit in class drafting fitness plans. I pack my gym bag the night before. I pretty much speed to the gym when I’m finally released. What have I come to!?! I mean I’ve always been a fitness nut, but this is a whole new level. I even turned down a trip to Chipotle tonight. My response, “No, I have to go to the gym.” Who am I?

Well here’s what I did:

30 minutes elliptical interval training. I got the plan from Fitnessista. It was magical. I felt like I finally got some good work out of that dumb machine.

Then I did:



Push Ups

Sit ups


1 mile run

100 sit ups

200 air squats

1 mile run


It was a hefty workout(s) to say the least.

Tonight I’m going to catch a bit of American Idol (for my parents) and go to bed early. Tomorrow is the practice Desert Lightning test. Then Friday is the real test. If I fail the test on Friday I’ll get pushed back a month and I’ll have to join in with a whole new class. As much as I just loooove Ft. Huachuca (not) we really don’t want me to have to rewind one month.



Something to ponder…

Right looks like: Guy is working out at the gym. Guy keeps his wedding ring on his LEFT hand. Guy doesn’t check out girl. Guy doesn’t follow around girl — especially when girl knows that guy’s wife is pregnant. It’s just tacky.

Wrong looks like: Guy puts ring on right hand. Guy checks out girl. Guy has pregnant wife. Guy follows girl around.

Why? Because girl notices these things…

MIBOLC — You’ll Pass the MA Brief

Obstacle # 1: Accomplished.

Last night I got a facebook add from a stranger. After looking through his pictures I learned that he was Army. So I approved him. I figured I knew him from somewhere — after all, I have been in training for the better part of 3 years, all spanned across NINE states. Figured I had forgotten a few face. I’m only human.

Turns out, he found my blog through a google search. He told me that it has really helped him and that he’s scheduled for MI BOLC in July.

That’s awesome.

The main reason I started this blog was to help soldiers just like him. Soldiers who were scheduled for BOLC but couldn’t find any answers to their questions: What to expect? What to pack? Where do I sleep? Is it hard? How many people in my class?

I asked many of these questions, along with about 492 more of them. I had a lot of unknowns coming to BOLC and it was stressful at times. Of course I was fine — but it would have been nice to have something to help me out. Like a blog!

With that… You BOLC students, the MA brief is cake. You’re going to stress about it. Instructors are going to make you feel dumb. But you’ll do great. I promise. Just know what you’re talking about and you’ll pass. It’s frustrating to work in a group, but you’ll get through it and you’ll pass.

I can tell you this with full confidence because I passed the MA brief today. This is the first big milestone in my training at BOLC. So I’m pretty proud. And honestly, I felt fully prepared and ready for it. The instructors were really annoying at times, but they taught us what we needed to know. Well, so far anyways.

Everyone was really tired, some sick, from the 4-day weekend. Those Mardi Gras party kids… well, they looked like they had a greaaaaaaaat time…

Tonight is Tuesday — my favorite! Glee and New Girl!



It’s Not Always Smiles

Monday morning meant getting on a plane. A plane that was headed back to Arizona. I was sad, to say the least. The weekend went by way too quickly — just as I had expected.

Saying goodbye to my mom is always the hardest. There’s usually long hugs, tears and choked up, “Bye, bye, I’ll see you soon!” and then forced smiles. If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to someone (who is leaving you for an extended period), you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard.

Once I was on the plane, I was fine. I’m so used to leaving — returning — leaving again. I know that I’ll be the kind of person that is great at traveling for work, leaving at a moment’s notice and just being away from home, often. Once I was in the air I started thinking about everything. Airplanes are always a moment of transition for me. Headphones blaring and just looking out the window. It’s a calming experience. I realized how refreshed I felt. It was great to see everyone back in California. I felt happy and ready to take on the next 9 weeks.

I realized how much I have to look forward to: More weekends in Tucson, 2 weeks until San Diego, Tucson rodeo this weekend, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Dianna’s wedding. 9 weeks? Bring it. 

Visiting home helped me rejuvenate and feel ready to conquer the remainder of my training.

Once Dave landed, we decided it was way too soon to drive back to Sierra Vista. In true Hayley/Dave (minus Carl) fashion, we roamed Tucson for the rest of the evening. Tea at a local cafe (beer/lemonade for Dave), new running shoes for me (I’ll leave out the gross toe story which explains the NEED for new shoes), dinner at Wilko – but of course! A girls’ gotta have her wine. And a trip to Costco where we mostly purchased liquids.

At 7:45 we decided it was finally time to return to the much dreaded Ft. Huachuca. When we got to the main gate, the gate guard asked, “Why are you guys so happy all the time?” I replied with one word, “Tucson.”

Experience while visiting home this weekend helped me solidify my identity in the Army. I’m definitely a soldier. That’s not even a question. But I don’t allow it to take over my life. When I first got home from boot camp, I was really bitter and angry with certain type’s of people. As I’ve matured and further developed my career in the Army, I’ve noticed that being that way doesn’t make me any happier. Instead, I actually have to be the complete oposite. I have to appreciate people for NOT being in the military. I have to understand that not everyone made the choice that I did. And I can’t be mad about that. I can’t judge them just because they don’t understand what soldiers go through. There are PLENTY of things, much harder, that I’ve never experienced — most likely I never will. And that’s OK.

The Army is part of my identity. But it doesn’t define me. And for that, I am grateful — for being able to make the distinction. I can’t expect everyone to think, act and BE just like me. I can’t expect them to act a certain way. The only thing I  can do is appreciate them.



Happy Birtday D-Man!

Happy Birthday BrotherD!

Sunday we celebrated Dylan’s 19th birthday. His real birthday is a few days after Christmas, so we usually wait a few months to celebrate. He kind of gets jipped, so we always make an effort to give him his own day.

I like birthdays a lot. I mean… cake, cookies, brownies, sugar, bread, need I continue? It’s out of control.

By 1pm I had already eaten THREE cookies. This was before the party even started. Self control? Non-existent with this girl.

I was really dreading Sunday. I had this looming thought about packing to leave and study my presentation (due Tuesday). I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to go back to Arizona. I just got home! This is the worst, absolute WORST part about the Army — having to get on a plane and leave home. It sucks. Truly sucks more than I can explain.

Oh well. At least I have these wonderful people waiting for me at home:




Make a wish!

Spent some quality time with Miss Kenzlee. She is BOLD. She knows exactly what she wants and she has no fear. Run straight down the hill? No problem! Feed and pet my horse, Comet — no problem! Operate an iPhone game at 1.5 years old? No problem!


I was thoroughly amazed. Amazed at her strong personality and also how unbelievably beautiful she is.



My last night was spent with BrotherD, G.I. Jane and Mr. Medical Sales. We had some snacks and beer at Yard House before I called it an early night. I was very sad to end the weekend, but I knew as soon as it started — the end was near.



Sacramento is My True Love

Thought of the day: I’m constantly worrying about whether or not people are having fun when they’re around me. I always want people to have a good time. I worry about them being bored or just flat out not wanting to be/do whatever we’re doing. I just want everyone to be happy and have a good time with each other. Is that really so much to ask for?

I’m the first person to leave or say when I’m not having a good time. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t want to be doing. I mean, it’s that simple. I don’t really believe in doing things because you’re ‘supposed’ to — to an extent. I also don’t believe in being fake. If I don’t like someone, I’m not going to pretend that I do. People have told me, “You don’t fake the funk.” It’s so true.

Don’t be fake.

Grayson is never fake. In fact, he was so unimpressed that I was home — it kind of hurt my feelings. But whatever, he’s still cute.


And then Raglin, on the other hand, he never fakes the funk. He looks bored 99% of the time. Being a cat is so below him. He’s offended if you call him a cat. He plays fetch, runs around like a dog — he has no idea that he’s a cat …

A cat with a TICK! AHHHH! So gross. I was scratching him (because that’s the only time he’ll show that he loves me) and I saw it — blood against his white fur! I freaked, “MOM!!!! It’s  a TICK!!!!” She’s like a tick ninja and got that thing off in seconds flat.

And then, all was good again.


Saturday morning was breakfast with my mom at Awful Annie’s… and way, way, way too many of these little puppies…


They’re trying to get the best of me. But I will not let them.

After breakfast we went to see this guy…


Benson!! He was having some weird allergies so I wasn’t able to ride. But I at least got to see him and receive some horse hugs. If you stand next to his shoulder, he’ll wrap his neck around you – as if he’s hugging. It’s really cute. And then he was licking my hands and face, clearly he missed me.


After some shopping, lunch at Plutos and grocery shopping, I headed to Carlen’s house. Later, we all met up at 58 Degrees (another favorite) for wine and snacks.


Aw, Julie… say Cheese!


These 5 glasses quickly turned into 11. It was a great night had by all.


Fantastic food AND Cream puffs!


Here’s the secret. I don’t actually like the ‘puff’ part. I really only eat the cream. Is that wrong?

Coming home to Sacramento, I was feeling a little anti-Sacramento. I’ve been having so much fun in Tucson that I was starting to believe that Sacramento was kind of dead to me. Well, after last night I re-kindled my love for my city. Sometimes that’s what it takes — distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Alright Sacramento, I won’t talk crap about you anymore. You’ve earned your keep. Well done.