Never Underestimate the Care Package

My morning started before the sun. I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve adapted to this schedule. I’m completely asleep by 9pm at the latest and I’m up by 5:15am, no problem. The only problem is that 3pm feels like midnight. Long days to say the least.

Today’s PT was CrossFit. We did “Cindy.” I don’t particularly care for that workout, but I was very appreciative of the PT. I think it’s the whole 20 minute thing that I don’t like. But it was great to get back on the pull up bar!

This morning as I was driving home, I looked to my left and was utterly amazed. The sunrise was gorgeous. To die for. I literally said, out loud, “Wow.” Sometimes I see things in my life and ask, “How can there NOT be a God…!?” Like when I hiked on Sunday. Those mountains are so big, it makes me feel so small. Or when I hiked in Yosemite. It’s just beyond me. Arizona sunrises (and sunsets) really do it for me. They’re spectacular. One of the very few things about being up before the sun is having the opportunity to see the sun rise. I’m telling you right now, I probably would not choose to watch the sun rise every day. Scratch that, I know I wouldn’t. It’s just too damn early.

When I got back to my room I made a spectacular breakfast. The same as yesterday except I added onions. Seriously, onions are like a miracle. Grilled the right way — they can make boring stuff taste gourmet. I’d like to attribute my great tasting breakfast to my fabulous culinary skills — but really, it was the onion. That reminds me, I’ve always wanted to go to culinary school. I don’t really know why simply because it’s not as if I wan’t to be a chef in a restaurant. I just love cooking and think it’d be cool to have some formal training. One day I’ll get some culinary certificate. And then, maybe then will I be able to bake something. Doubt it, but maybe. I’m much better with a stove. Things tend to come out tasting better when I don’t have to measure stuff in measuring cups, etc.

At lunch I finally made it over to the post office to pick up the package I had my mom send me. I needed shampoo and conditioner and haven’t been able to find a store that sells “my kind” around here. Pantene Pro-V was only going to work for so long. And yikes, after a week of using it, my hair is noticeably in bad shape. Get what you pay for, right? So… when I got there, the UPS lady came out with TWO packages! WHAT!?!?!

Well… Sneaky Dianna sent me a big box of happiness-humour-goodness. I didn’t know it was possible to pull off, but she did it. Along with the stuff she included a note that outlined each and every item and why I needed it.

Okay seriously, I was acting like it was Christmas in 1995 (I was 5-years-old). I was all giddy and excited. So here’s the deal… If you know a soldier who is in triaing or serving overseas, freaking send them a box of stuff. I don’t care if it’s toothpaste and deoderent, send it to them! If they respond anything close to how I did, it will be worth it. Don’t undersetimate the power of a box of crap. It will make their day and you’ll turn into their new favorite person (unless you already are, in that case, they’ll deepen their love for you.) And that’s a promise.

So, my Tuesday turned from good to FANTASTIC. All because of a box of stuff. 😀

My lunches and dinners have looked a lot like this lately:


Salad, turkey meat, bell peppers, rasins, mushrooms, avocado, olives, lemon juice/olive oil dressing. Yum. And totally paleo.

Here’s all the stuff that was in the box from Dianna…


Look at all those Luna bars!! My favorite!

These are napkins.


And this was the front of the card. I laughed out loud because it’s so me AND Dianna. haha! Then today I was sitting in class and this guy was rubbing (petting) the back of his head. It was making this really annoying sound and I was so irritated it was just dumb. Then I thought of this card and started laughing. The point is, there’s other people in this world JUST like me… They get annoyed by the simplest things too. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t have made this card — right?


This the the fashion citation tab. So funny. Only because Dianna and I police each other’s fashion (and others). Who doesn’t?


Various “bitch” wipes and “bitch” mints.


In class we talk a lot about “perception is reality.” You know what. I really hate that saying because I don’t think it’s true. There have been times that people have perceived things about me that were false. For example, when I hang out with a guy in the Army, people automatically assume “something” is going on when NOTHING is going on. Or the war for example, the media perceives things that are going on or how things are happening that are totally and completely false. Perception is not reality. Reality is reality. That’s it.

Also today in class I found myself completely, 100% zoned out. The problem is that sometimes Army stuff/conversations sound like total jibberish. I stop trying to distinguish the acronyms and I just go into a “DUUUUUUUUH” state. A lot of what they’re talking about is either over my head or uninteresting to me. Or maybe I’m just not that smart, as in my brain doesn’t work that way. All this “intelligence” mumbo-jumbo is a lot to take in. We have ridiculous amounts of homework every night and I really think I can only take so much before I start resisting it all.

Yesterday and today I found myself making a million “to-do’s” for myself. I find that if I make too many of them I almost refuse the list all together. Yesterday I did a few things on the list and then transfered the rest to today. You know what, I got everything done! Do you ever make to many to-do’s for yourself? I’m finding that spreading them out makes me feel more accomplished and, yet, I’m still getting the same amount of things done.

In order to release my pent up type -A-list-making-ness and feelings of inadequacy in class, I decided to go running after class. I came across a few wild “friends” along the way.

First… the deer.

Okay fine. Deer always run away from me and don’t threaten to chase me.


All was fine. Bright road, pretty scenery.


But then… Kitty cat struts across the road. I freeze. Holy crap. That’s a mountain lion. Fuck me. I froze. Pulled my head phones out of my ear and just stared at it. It got across the road and was moving towards the bushed and then it stopped and looked at me. SHIIIIIIIIT!!!! We stared at each other for at least 45 seconds until it finally walked away. Let’s just say that I SPRINTED back to my car while looking over my shoulder every 10 seconds.

If you’ve ever run into a mountain lion, maybe you share my pain. But yeesh, I didn’t realize how scary it would be. Something so small and seemingly cute… made my heart beat faster than a humming bird!

Once I got home I cleaned my room, finally, and started making dinner and food for tomorrow. Glee and New Girl is on tonight. YAY! They’re the only shows that I watch on a regular basis. And I love them. Well, New Girl anyways. I’m considering buying the Friend’s DVD’s and watching those while I’m here. But other than Sex & the City… I’ve never really been into TV — that is, until New Girl.

Dave and Carl are coming over to watch it with me while we share  a bottle of white and do our homework. I’m pretty sure I’ll get them hooked on New Girl too. It’s THAT good.




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