Today Sparkled

Today I woke up. The usual… 0515. At the last minute I decided to warm up some tea. TWO tea bags because today is Wednesday and we all know that I like to justify things based on the day of the week. So two it was. I get to formation and was so excited to tell everyone my bobcat story (disclaimer: Last night Dave showed me the difference between a mountain lion and a bobcat. I was incorrect in calling the MASSIVE cat a mountain lion — he was a bobcat. But still, it was scary whether it was a bobcat or a mountain lion. I mean, that’s like a bee vs. a wasp to me. Both of them sting/bite and cause the same reaction: PAIN). Okay, so everyone is laughing and shocked that I made it out alive. I think my sound effects help too.

As soon as PT started I was released because I had a dental appointment (yep, back to dentist land — told you I practically live in the dentist office!). As I was walking back to my room I looked down at my tea cup and saw these two lovely quotes:

“Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give.”


“You must know that you can swim through every tide and change of time.”

I always like the Yogi tea quotes (it’s pretty much the reason I buy their tea — great marketing dudes), but these I feel are especially applicable to me. Mostly the second one. I consider myself to be a very adaptive person. Much more adaptive than I’ve ever been. I had a boyfriend for a very long time who was constantly trying to change me. People in or lives change us, whether it’s good or bad. One thing (a positive) that he (and the Army) did help me realize was the power of adaption. The power of just going with the flow and not letting things get under my skin so much. One day I’ll thank him for that. But, on the other hand… the Army has made a considerable contribution as well.

I’m a type-A person to the max. I can’t go to sleep with dirty feet. I put lotion on my hands at least 15 times a day. I can’t wash my face in a dirty sink. I change my toothbrush too often. I like lists. I fill my car up with gas to full every time. I pick quality over quantity. And I use toilet paper and kleenex as they were intended. It just happens. But the Army has shown me that at times I have to put those type-A tendancies to the side and just roll with it. Take a joke. Be okay with not having warm water to wash my face. Drink tap water when bottled isn’t available. And heaven forbid… use TP to blow my nose. Yes, that happens sometimes.

Today was sparkly. I decided at 6am that it was going to be so. And so it was.

Unfortunately the only thing sparkly about my day was getting my teeth cleaned and dinner with the guys at Greek. Yeah. That’s what my life has come to.

After class we all had to go to a 2 hour leaders forumn. I’m really tired and want to go to bed so I’ll say this… It was great. But I was hungry and didn’t want to be wearing a uniform any longer. So all in all, I wish that the whole event didn’t cut into my own time. Not to mention… I still have homework that I’m not doing. LT’s going on strike. So what. But at the leadership event we talked about various issues.

It got me thinking… we spend a lot of time, as an Army, on problem soldiers. I’d argue that we spend TOO much time. I’m happy that the Army is downsizing considerably. That hopefully means we’ll be able to weed out the one’s that are wasting our time by doing the wrong thing and leave us with the good, SPARKLY soldiers! Yeah…

Had dinner at greek. I was proud. I got a salad. The only problem… adding chicken and shrimp to the meal makes the price not worth it. So, if I’m going to eat Greek again, I will not be sticking to Paleo. Sadly it’s time for bed and I get to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to do it all over again.

Oh! Another funny quote from First Sergeant. So a soldier stands up durring the AAR (after action review) and says that next time he’d like it if snacks were provided at the leadership event. First Sergeant responds, “I’m eating GUM right now – you don’t see me chewing the hell out of it right now!?”

Roger, First Sergeant.




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