Living Vicariously

Right now I’m living vicariously through my friends on Facebook. I longingly read their status’ and gaze at their pictures — wishing I too could join them and galavant through the beautiful state of California. A place I can only think and daydream about right now.

Okay that’s meant to be corny.

But seriously. I catch myself staying up past 9:00pm (woah, livin’ on the wild side here) flipping though facebook when I should be sleeping.

But, until February 17th, I’ll have to enjoy my time here in Arizona. And thoroughly I am. Well, on the weekends that is.

Not to mention… it’s FRIIIIIIIIDAY!!! YEEEEEE!

Friday for me means prepping food. Painting my nails. Paying bills. And reading. Oh and can’t forget a glass of wine.

Oh thank the good Lord it’s Friday. I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Today’s PT was a unit (class) run and boy was it painfully slow. Like literally. But we all did it and I’m sure it made the Commander happy.

Today is more class. More of the same. Tonight I’m going to do another Things I love post. Maybe it will help the other Army Barbies out there who need some extra girl in their “green” lives.

Happy Friday Lovelies!



This video is ridiculous — which is why I’m posting it. IT’S FRIDAY! 


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