Sometimes We All Need Some Peace

Even me. Believe it or not.

I need a time out.

I need a breather.

I need to sit in my room. By myself. No music. And just be.

I’m notorious for filling my life up with ‘stuff.’ I’m always going somewhere. Doing something. Reading something. Talking to someone. Coming up with the next best plan for the weekend.


I’m feeling myself breaking down. I woke up this morning nauseous and thought I might throw up. I’m not sick, but nausea is a sure sign that I’m going too hard. I need a break. And the only way I’m going to get that break is if I force myself.

So. Here it is. Friday night I’m staying in. There, I said it.


Today was actually fantastic. Key to this greatness? Drinking ALL of my coffee before it got too cold. So the deal is, when we’re in class, we aren’t allowed to have any food or drink. We can only drink/eat outside. It’s so ridiculous, I know. But whatever. So, I marched myself outside and drank my coffee in the door way. How’s that for beating the system?

We watched a video on Desert Storm. First of all, I was reminded of how amazing the U.S. is. Seriously though. I’m so proud. Second of all… Did you know that we lost more soldiers during the months of Jan-Mar 1991 to DUI’s than we did in Desert Storm? That’s insane.

I piled the girls into my car at lunch and we shopped at the Commissary. The Commissary gives me anxiety. There’s so many soldiers and the store is huge. I can never find anything. But whatever, I’m learning and getting the hang of it. I just really don’t like going anywhere even remotely public in my uniform. Especially on base. Like yesterday when I walked into the dentist office, three privates saluted me. It’s just really weird to go from their shoes to now my shoes in such a seemingly short amount of time. I’m still not used to it and I know it’s going to take a while.

The rest of the day went pretty fast. Either I’m getting better at being locked in a classroom — or today was more interesting. Hm. But tomorrow is Friday and we all know how much I love the weekends!

Tonight was dinner at the mexican restaurant. I had fajitas. Holy smokes. New favorite meal. I was stuffed and it was fully paleo. I sat next to a classmate who talked to me all about blogging, the internet/google ads, dating, politics… I literally feel smarter than I did a few hours ago.

Quick stop at Target and I found myself with a box of Mojito Crystal Light. Yes, it exists. Oh and so do microwavable sweet potatoes. My oh my, the things a girl can find when she’s stranded in a bum f*&% town like Sierra Vista.




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