Information Overload!

Isn’t it funny how our brains decide on a certain amount of information that it’s willing to take in? And then right before we reach that point we go into ‘overload’ mode? My brain expects 5 days of constant information. By day 5 I’m just about spilling over. Today was a little information overload. We got to class and had a quiz first thing. I was flipping through the quiz and flipping through my book (quizes are oben book) and could not find the answers. I had to guess on TWO questions. This is day 5, quiz 5 and I’ve never had to do that. I was so freaked out when I turned my quiz in.

Turns out… I missed two. That’s still passing so I’m good. But, I had the wrong book. So, basically, I’m a baller… I got 8 out of 10 questions correct with the wrong book!!

We watched a documentary on the very first combat that happened at the beginning of the Iraq war (2000’s). It featured a Marines Battalion. It was very surreal for me. For the first time it really struck home, there aren’t any time outs in war. There isn’t a pause button. It’s the real deal. As I was watching this video I caught myself asking, “Why can’t they just tell the ‘bad guys’ to STOP so they could get the good guys out of the mud!?” Hayley, this is war, you idiot. I’m constantly told war stories from soldiers who have been overseas, but I always imagine it as a video game. I never actually invision body parts flying, blood and real-life-war images.

War sucks.

One of the companies got their tanks stuck in the mud in a kill zone in Iraq. They lost radio communication and basically just had to get on the ground and return fire. The other three companies rolled through the town and were getting blown up left and right. It was really difficult for me to watch. Especially the part when they showed all the soldiers crying over their fellow battle buddies who had just died. And the body parts that were strewn all over the back of vehicles. I cried and I still haven’t shaken it off. Watching that video made me fall deeper in love with the military and what they do. Not necessarily for what they do for ‘us’ — but just what they’ve done. What they’ve seen. And everything in between. How it has affected their families. Their wives, children, everyone. It’s depressing. I’m thankful for the reminder. Today was definitely a reality check.

Onto a less gory thought… Miss G.I. Jane graduates MP (military police) in a few days! I’m so proud of her! She’s been kicking BUTT the last five months and I can’t wait to congratulate her!! She’s made it through basic training and AIT (advanced individual training) with a broken foot! But, more than anything I can’t wait to have my best friend back — for good this time! (Unless she decides to go to OCS or something.) She is so brave and positive and I very much admire her for joining the Army. I know she’s going to do amazing things throughout her career and I can’t wait to serve right along side her. She’s one of the few Army Barbies and I’m happy to call her “one of me.” I’ve missed her terribly and I know that my time here will be eons better once I can talk to her on a daily basis.

It’s really people and friends like her that get us through life. It’s people like that who understand you when others don’t. That time when you kinda feel crappy, don’t really know why, but just need to talk to someone. Someone who will take time out of their day to listen to you, make you laugh, and get on with the day. Yeah… I miss her a lot. Can’t wait for her to graduate!!

One of my good friends, Caity, has a fantastic blog. Her latest post was a re-cap of her January goals. I’m stealing her idea. This month I’m going to create my own set of February goals. I think it’s a great way to keep myself in check and feel accomplished at the end of the month. It’s motivation and encouragement while I’m here at BOLC. That’s definitely something I’m needing. But always something I can use — whether I’m in California, Arizona or Brazil. Doesn’t matter. We all need things that we are working towards.

My February Goals:

1. Complete Saturday long runs (at a minimum) in preparation for running a maraton.

2. Strict Paleo during the week days (with the exception of the few Luna bars I have left) and one cheat meal on the weekend.

3. Eat out only one time during the week day. In an attempt to save money…

4. Take “me” time every day, even if that means saying “no” to social events.

5. Be IN BED by 8:30pm every night (except weekends).

March 1st I’ll asses my goals and see how I did. I’m writing these down and sticking them to my mirror and planner as a reminder. Starting small is important right now. Getting into a routine of checking myself will be something new for me. But I’m motivated. And HEY… February is a short month, right!?!?

Make a few goals for February and tell me how you did at the end of the month!




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