Things I Love – February Edition

I like things. Okay. Well, more like LOVE things. So… Here are my favorites right now.

1. Hunger Games series. I’m onto the third book and I’m sad that the series will be over soon. I was very skeptical at first about reading them, but quickly fell in love. As did my mom. They’re amazing and I strongly, strongly advise you to read them. No matter if you’re a guy or girl, young or old — they’re great for everyone.

2. The new “natural bliss” coffee-mate creamer. I have been getting the sweet cream. It’s amazing. Dianna helped me fall in love with sweet cream, she describes it as ‘ice cream.’ But, being that this version is ‘natural’ (or so they say) — I’m even more of a fan than I was before.

3. My Aladdin coffee mug. I have a more beautiful teal one, but this was the best picture I could find. It keeps my coffee warm for at least two hours. Being that I have to leave my coffee on a table in the back of the classroom — this warm feature is priceless. It’s also short so it feel like I’m holding a real mug, but it’s totally a traveler. I bought mine at Target. I use it every single day simply because it’s the only one I have here in Arizona.

4. Philosophy Oxygen Peel solution. Okay so this stuff is amazing. I got talked into it a while ago when I was searching for a way to hydrate my very dry skin while here in this desert of a state. It makes my skin so soft – like a baby. You only have to use it once a week. Sergeant Goggins asked me why I look so bright lately. Not even kidding. It’s a noticeable difference in brightness for your skin.

5. Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough face moisturizer. This goes along with the oxygen peel. Apparently this is like the granny skin of moisturizers. I have the DRYEST skin and this does the trick! It’s thick, smells good and makes my skin look normal, instead of flaky and aligator-esque.

6. Benefit They’re Real! mascara. I had to buy some last weekend when I was in Tucson and this is truly gold. I’ve never used a mascara even remotely close to this. I feel like a million bucks with this stuff on. I can’t think of enough good things to say about it. GOOD stuff!

7. Crystal Light packets. I try to drink a lot of water during the day and these suckers make it a lot easier for me. I have the mojito, peach/mango energy, and mango/peach/green-tea. They’re all good in my book. Plus, they’re no calories/sugar. So basically it’s all fake sugars. But hey, I use a microwave in Arizona to cook sweet potatoes… Pretty sure my system can handle some fake sugars for a few months.

8. Nalgene water bottle. I have a clear one from REI and it’s wonderful. I also have the splash guard that’s a definite must. It’s bpa free, not too big and easy to clean. I used a camelbak water bottle for a long time, but this one is so much better. I don’t have to deal with cleaning a mouth piece or a straw. Alos, the loop from the lid makes it easy to hold and carry around.

9. Bliss lotion. I ran out of it when I got here. But it’s wonderful stuff. I want more of it but can’t justify spending $50 on a bottle of lotion when I can get it at the rack for $12 in Sacramento. So I’ll have to wait. But, I do have a mini one left that I carry around with me in my cargo pocket of my uniform. Every time I wash my hands I have to put lotion on. So having a mini one on me at all times makes this whole ism of mine much easier to cater to.

10. The blue Chapstick. It’s classic. Simple. And has SPF. What more can I say? This also stays in my pocket at all times. Arizona is very dry which affects my lips. Keeping them moisturized has been a chore and this chapstick has been the best option so far.

11. Mini Kleenex. Yes, this is a kleenex pouch. It’s so cute and girly which is why I love them so much. I keep these in my pocket and car. I always need a kleenex in the morning for PT because it’s so cold. For whatever reason as soon as I start running in the morning, so does my nose. Like a waterfall. Kleenex is so much ‘cuter’ than my gloves. That’s for sure.





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