Weekend Mania

Friday night started with this:


And ended with this:


I was SLEEPING by 9pm. I was trying to read Mockingjay, but could barely keep my eyes open. So I crashed.

Saturday morning started with this:


I scarfed down my breakfast before I snapped a picture. But it generally looks like this:


Coconut milk, almonds, frozen blueberries and sun butter.

For some reason, drinking coffee out of my yellow mug is so much more fun than my traveler. I think because Nadine and I have matching mugs (her’s is green and has an “N”). But also because it reminds me of my weekends with Dianna. We used to go to CrossFit together, or run, and then make an amazing breakfast. Then we’d sit on the couch and watch TV while drinking coffee. I thoroughly miss those days. I loved having Dianna as my roommate.

Or, coffee mugs remind me of mornings at my parents. Almost every morning I’d grab a cup. Sometimes my mom or dad would be there and we would chat. Other times it was just me. Either way it was peaceful and relaxing.

Long story short, coffee in a standard coffee mug reminds me of happy memories.

By 9am I had this ready to go:


Weather checked… it’s kind of cold here. But I went with Lulu shorts and a long sleeve. Even in January, the long sleeve was too much clothing. I ended up stripping that 2 miles into the run. It’s so ridiculously hot here sometimes – it still surprises me.

After running around, I came across these:


Trails!! Yay! There are some construction areas all behind residential housing. It was awesome. So I ran, and ran, and ran. Finally stopped at 8 miles. Not sure what I was running from, but it felt good to just keep going. So that’s what I did. I found a new Pandora station that I’m totally in love with. It’s in the “workout” genre and it’s the first one on the list: pop and hip hop something or other. But it was a great selection of old and new upbeat songs – all of which I love running to!

After running I scarfed a salad I had prepared the night before. My salads consist of:

– spring mix lettuce

– turkey deli meat

– 1/2 avocado

– nut/rasin mix

– bell peppers

– olives

– lemon juice/olive oil


Around 2pm Carl, Dave and I left for Bisbee. We first stopped for a coffee and then walked around the town. Bisbee is mostly filled with antique stores and art studios. It’s a sweet little miner town filled with really nice people.

I thought of my mom when I saw this cute little rocking chair. She has one very similar at home for Kenzlee.


And then I thought of my Aunt Marsha when I saw all this cute kitchen stuff!


We finally got a picture of us 3. One worth writing home about.

Left: Carl. Middle: Dave. And ME!


And I totally want someone to weld some of these for me. They’re horse shoe book ends. I’m in love!


Oh and we found this basement filled with a TON of old Army stuff. After putting this thing on, I now appreciate my much lighter, and more stylish kevlar helmet. 🙂


Long story short, the night ended in Tuscon. We just can’t seem to stay away from that city. We love it too much.

Today is the super bowl. Duh.

Us LT’s will be spending the afternoon at a super bowl pot luck.

Eat lots of snacks and bust out those jersey’s!


Paisley – aka: The Tucson Addict.



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