Okay here comes a vent. It’s vent-Monday. So if you don’t like venting, divert your beautiful eyes.

What the FLIP is up with everyone and their mom’s getting engaged? Like holy crap? They should just change the name of Facebook to Face-engage. Maybe it’s just my age right now but seriously?

I understand that being “young” and “crazy” isn’t for everyone. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn awesome. I’m not saying sleep around, at all, I’m saying don’t tie yourself down to one person so soon, geez. You have your whole life to do that. Why is my generation of people rushing into that settled down state of being, aka: marriage?

Maybe I just haven’t found true love. Oh wait, I know I haven’t. True love as in, found the person I plan on marrying. Or maybe I’m just emotionally imbalanced. But there’s a whole lot of putting a ring on it going on and it’s driving me batty.

Okay, you love birds, kiss.

And I’ll be done with being negative about your “we-can’t-wait-to-get-married” kind of love.

And then I just had a really horrible thought. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ____ in a ____ carriage.”


Once the pregnant posts start coming… well, oh boy.

Today went by really fast. Halleluja. I think our whole class is settling into the routine and swing of things. Seems like we’re all working together more smoothly and things are onto the more ‘positive’ side.

I was feeling pretty bogged down at lunch though. Some peoples’ negativity can eat at me. I don’t realize it’s eating at me until I talk about it. That’s what mom’s are for, right? A few minutes of talking to her and I was back to my chipper self. I love that woman. She’s amazing and I’m so blessed to have her.

Anxiety is an issue for me. Certain things really get to me, more than they should. Certain instructor’s, for example. Well, certain people for that matter. Sometimes they just get really deep under my skin and I, well, can’t really explain it.

But what I decided through today’s events is that Tucson, for me, equals sanity. I go to Tucson every weekend to stay sane while I’m here. It’s really that simple. If spending some money gets me sanity, I’m all for it. So from now on, when I contemplate ‘To go to Tucson, or not to go’ — well, that’s a silly, silly question.

I think that getting away from base is really important. It’s vital to get away from ‘Army land’ and not talk about your job. It’s important to enjoy your life, even if you’re stuck 15 minutes from the Mexico border. Having a GREAT time at FT. Huachuca is TOTALLY reasonable, feasible, and possible. Believe me, I’m doing it right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to go home just as badly as everyone else. But the difference is, I’m taking advantage of my situation while I’m here.

Some things to do when you feel anxiety while completing MIBOLC, or any branch for that matter:

1. Go shopping. I didn’t say BUY anything. But walk around the mall. Go by yourself it you want. Look at stuff, take your time and enjoy.

2. Find a place to run/walk. Get outside and explore your surroundings. I found some random construction zone trails behind a residential area in Sierra Vista. I had a fantastic run, got some endorphins in and got AWAY from base.

3. Go to a nearby town and stay there for a weekend — as often as possible. If you’re at FT. Huachuca, go to Tucson. Go to Bisbee, Tombstone, Phoenix, San Diego… SOMETHING for goodness sakes! There are so many options it’s ridiculous. Find something you enjoy and do it often. You’ll be a happier person during the week if you do this. I promise. I’m speaking from experience and observation.

4. Exercise at night, after class (even though we do PT in the morning – it’s not enough). Look, I only get about 3-4 hours of free time at night. Somehow I manage to fit in workouts. It’s possible. Don’t just go back to your room and skype your girlfriend/boyfriend. If they love you, they’ll understand that you need to take care of YOU in order to get through this schooling. Exercise will make you feel better about yourself, feel better and OH HEY… LOOK better!! Weeee!!

5. Say “Yes” when people ask you to go out to dinner. Make an effort to be social with your class. You’ll learn things about them and in turn enjoy your time here. 4 months is a long time. Those 4 months will go by faster if you have some friends.

6. Dance. Dance. Dance. Dance. Oh, and DANCE. If you aren’t the dancer type… I suggest you learn – very fast. I’m pretty sure there’s a study that says that people who dance have more fulfilling lives. If there isn’t such a thing, then there should be. Cause I’m pretty sure it’s the truth.

After class I headed to the post office because I got an email telling me that I had a package waiting for me. YES!!

Miss Raquelle sent me a box of goodies!!


Puma socks — my favorite! TWO Burt’s Bee’s chapsitcks! Headbands, gum, face masque and a fabulous card.

I love all these surprises I keep getting! I mean… keep em’ comin’ folks! I’m all for this whole, “Let’s make Hayley’s day and send her presents!” thing we’ve got going on.

Also got two cards from G.I. Jane. Not to mention… I got to talk to her last night! She sounded so excited to be all done with training. She boards her plane on Thursday and she’ll officially be done with her initial enlisted training. YEAH!

Tonight I did a MEGA workout at the track — where it’s lit and the threat of a pop-out bobcat is virtually no-existent:

– Run 3 miles


Complete For Time:

– 100 jumping jacks

– 75 air squats

– 50 push ups

– 25 burpees


– 150 sit ups

– 30 pull ups

When I was leaving the track, this guy said, “Good job, by the way.” hahaha. Um, thanks! “You too?” I love those awkward comments from strangers.

A little homework tonight and then hopefully an early bed time. I think my whole I-drink-energy-crystal-light-water thing is keeping me up at night. So I’m going to have to watch that whole issue and make a time cut off. I never thought a little packet of fake sugar could affect me. Never underestimate the power of crystal light energy… Imagine what I’d be like if I drank a Red Bull. Oh help us all.




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