Why Did I Choose Intelligence??

Today is going to be quick because it’s already 9:45pm. The fact that I’m not tired and haven’t been able to fall asleep is irrelevant to this post. Well, maybe.

So… Why the F did I choose military intelligence? Today made me feel absolutely, 100% stupid. I don’t really understand 1/2 of what’s going on and I just feel flat out dumb most of the time. Stephanie and I were having mild heart attacks today. I could barely eat and it was horrible. We’re totally stressing over a test that we have to do in a few weeks. This shit just got real.

If we fail the text 2 times, we have to join a different class and basically start over again. Pretty sure I DO NOT want to start over. That means more time at Ft. We-Got-Ya. EEEK!

I wonder what BOLC would be like if I would have stuck to my original branch: AG… aka: paperwork. But no, I had to choose the cool one. Ugh. So kicking myself right now. My classes are really hard now and I’ve heard that it’s only going to get worse. I’m frustrated and mentally freaking out. I can only take so many “snack” breaks out into the hall to lower my blood pressure. At some point I have to buckle down and get this stuff straight.

So here’s my reality check. I seem to have these quite often. I chose a hard branch: MI. And I’m going to do it. I don’t care if I get recycled 3 times, I’m going to do it and that’s that.

Case closed.

I didn’t get home until after 8pm today. I promptly scarfed down dinner, like usual, and watched New Girl. You should have seen me sprinting from my car, up the stairs, and into my room to turn on the TV. New Girl has entirely too short of episodes — but I throughly enjoyed it. 3-some, anyone?

Carl, Dave and I did our homework together. More like… I did the homework while they sat in my room. I failed the test today, yah I know, so I definitely did MY OWN homework tonight.

Then, I made a muffin in the microwave. I have pictures — I’ll post them tomorrow. The muffin, well, not so much on the flavor. But… it definitely worked!! The guys were shocked and totally underestimated my microwave abilities. I was laughing so hard that I could barely swallow it though. It was so dry, no amount of milk could help me out. So, next time I’m going to actually use the measuring cups and then maybe it will taste right. Baking makes no sense to me. Use measuring cups? Nonsense.

When and IF the muffin ends up working out the second time around, I’ll give you the recipe. But oh my, it was NOT a good 1st try — that’s for SURE.

Oh and apparently I have “inappropriate drinking pictures on my facebook” — I don’t know what they’re talking about. Pretty sure a glass of wine and a beer isn’t inappropriate. But maybe I’m just too modern….? Or I need some help fully understanding the word “inappropriate”…?




3 thoughts on “Why Did I Choose Intelligence??

  1. and this, “it’s so hard, why did I choose this” is because you thrive on this and it only makes YOU better. You will overcome as you always do. Tomorrow morning will be a new day and a new start. Buck up Barbie. You are a SOLDIER!

  2. Hang in there, Hayley. Time to start applying your Davis study skillz to the Army. I’ve heard MI is a tough gig, but you’ve definitely got the ability to knock the course work out of the park. You’ll find a study process that works for you.

    I use a tri-fecta approach: listen, write, talk.

    Listen to the lesson intently, no matter how boring it is. Think actively about what is being taught.

    Write about it BOTH while you’re listening (taking notes) and after class. Consolidate your notes and research areas that don’t immediately make sense.

    Talk about it with your classmates and discuss the topics that are difficult for you, not just the issues you can impress people with. You will find that what is difficult for you may be very easy for others and vice versa. The discussion process can be very helpful for getting over a tough topic.

    Anyway, I hope that helps. Most importantly, relax and focus. Your brain works much better in that state.

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