My “Give A Damn” Button Broke

I’m happy to report that yesterday was fantastic. Wonderful. Great. Awesome.

My “Give a Damn” button broke the night before so it was smoooooth sailing.

I had my tea which further confirmed my decision to just stop stressting. Otherwise I’m going to completely lose my mind.

“When the mind is buckled by will, miracles happen.” And in my case… a miracle is passing this class.

So I found my mind, started smiling and everything was a-OK.

One of our instructors told us, “It may ‘ulcerate’ you, but it’s really just THIS simple – are there any other ulcerating questions?” These classes are definitely ulcerating. Being that I’m not really a fan of ulcers, I’m choosing not to stress.

Smiling is so much more fun.

Have you seen the new Valentine’s cups from Starbucks!?!? Stephanie made a bux trip at lunch and I was squealing over my heart decorated cup! It was so cute!

Here’s the pictures from my muffin extravagana…


Started with some of these ingredients.


And ended with this magic! TA-da!


That looks a lot like a muffin to me! Notice the yogurt… that’s the only way I could eat it without choking. After this picture I threw this whole thing away. Wasteful.

Last night I jumped on the eliptical and trudged through mud for 30 minutes. (Jenna Marbles reference). Then I did “Annie”: 50-40-30-20-10 sit ups/double unders. I waited for about 10 minutes to use the pull up bar and ended up just going home because this dude was literally STRETCHING in front of it! Ah, and I did’t have the nerve to ask him to move.

I also made scallops last night. I can’t say that I’ll make them again. It was kind of a lot of work for a lot of no-big-deal.

Drumroll please…..



Dave and I were bored last night and I decided that I wanted some ice cream. I haven’t cheated all week and I figured “no sugar added” frozen yogurt with some fruit and almonds was my best cheat option. I don’t know if it’s just been a while, or what, but this yogurt place has the absolute best yogurt. Even better than Sacramento. Not even kidding. I was a happy kiddo.

My whole being in bed by 9pm isn’t going so well for me this week. Some nights it’s just hard to turn my brain off. I’m so paying for it today though. I can’t think of many other feelings that are worse than being tired. Trying to guzzle down the coffee, but it’s not kicking in.

OH OH OH! Nadine graduates today!! YAY! Congratulations Miss G.I. Jane!

Happy Friday Eve!




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