Tour de la Tucson

Friday’s are a big deal around here. Therefore, Friday morning called for a big breakfast.


Broccoli salad, 2 eggs and salsa. Don’t ask me how I come up with these creations, but they taste good – and that’s all that matters.

I was feeling kind of sick or allergic so I took an airborne, just for good measure.

Friday class was totally tolerable. We did a lot of hanging out/talking and some work. We were out of class and back at lodging by 4:30pm.

I showered, grabbed my pre-packed bags and we were off to Tucson. Shocker, right?

After dinner at Wilko (another standard) we grabbed a quick drink at Playground. Okay, check out this ceiling! Yikes, those are swings! Dave and I were kinda weirded out about it. Looked a little scary movie-esque. But still interesting, yeah?


Oh Carl. I love you.


It was a very large group of us LT’s and we quite the night. It’s fun to get out of Army land and hang out with each other in a more relaxed environment. Helps establish friendships — something we could all use while we’re here.

The next morning I promptly woke up at 8am. Why? Because I’m a freak of nature and I haven’t been sleeping lately.

So I headed over to CrossFit Works. I was so excited to possibly join in on a WOD. I even stopped at a smoothie shop on the way, in preparation for my workout.


But when I got there… I was saddened by this little note… NOOOOOO!!!


So I got back in the car and headed out to find Lululemon. I knew there was one in Tucson, but just haven’t been able to find it yet. Well… I found it! Along with a Whole Foods and a few other cute Tucson boutiques and cafe’s.


After I felt that I had sufficiently explored this shopping strip, I found my way to Rillito River Park. I read about it online and it was supposed to be a 10 mile paved bike train along the river. I was so confused when I started running until I realized what the sand was and why there wasn’t any water… The river is DRY. Bone dry! Because of this, people can walk or ride their horses through the “river” — so cool!

The trail was really nice and everyone was very respectful. There were trash cans, bathrooms and benches along the whole thing — perfect for me!

I also found another goodie on my run… Horse ranches! There was a ton of them that backed up to this trail. I was so excited! I went right up to them and petted all of them and told them how much I miss my Benson and Comet. After seeing them I realized how great of a day I was having.


I’m really surprised how long their hair is for it being so hot in Tucson. This guy was shedding and I kind of felt bad for them cause they looked so hot with all that hair!


See the sand… that’s where a river is supposed to be!


And here’s the wonderful trail which I spent 10 long miles on. 10 miles is a really long time if you’ve never endured it. Like seriously. So I’m pretty sure that since I’ve been after this whole training thing for 4 weeks… that I’m officially training for a marathon. I’ve been hesitant to say that, but it seems that I’m fairly committed so far. Well then, guess I’m running a marathon in a few months.


After running, I needed some food. Like fast. I stopped at a place called “Choice Greens” for a salad. The Fitnessista, a blog that I read, talks about this place sometimes. So I gave it a try. It was fantastic! I stopped mid-shovel to snap a picture.


I told my mom today that she shouldn’t be surprised it I apply for a job here in Tucson after I’m done with BOLC. I really do love it here. Every time I’m here I find more and more things to love about it. She’s not thrilled with the idea… but it’s definitely a possibility.

I needed today. I needed a “me” day to just relax and do/go wherever I wanted to. Thank GOD I get weekends off. They’re literally priceless in BOLC land.

Today was an example of walking the talk. I give a lot of my own opinionated-recommended-advice and I think it’s important to note that I take my own advice. I got out of Sierra Vista, I went shopping, I exercised, I did things that make ME happy… that’s what my whole class needs to be doing. I think that if they did then we might have some more positive attitudes hanging around. But what do I know, I’m just a young LT!




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