Sunday Sadness


Leaving Tucson is always a sad thing for me. Waking up on Sunday means I have to get back in the car and make the drive back to Sierra Vista. Each time it’s a little easier. But the overhanging gloom is always there. We always have the best time there and it’s sad to say goodbye. I have to remind myself, I wouldn’t be having this much fun if it weren’t for the Army. I wouldn’t have met Carl and Dave if it weren’t for Fort Huachuca. And I definitely wouldn’t be in Tucson if it weren’t for me being military intelligence.



So… I should be thankful. And I am. But it’s still sad to say goodbye. I’ve said this before, but I hate goodbyes.

This morning I finally slept in. I’ve been having major issues with sleeping – so this was a really big deal. We had brunch at The Good Egg. A Tucson local recommended it. I wasn’t very hungry so I stuck with the greek yogurt/fruit deal.


I did get a coffee from a place next door that was A-MA-ZING. When I walked inside, it looked like a bar — but coffee! I sat down at the ‘bar’ and ordered a coffee. The girl made it right in front of me and off I went. It was such a fun concept. I was thoroughly amused, like usual.


After eating we did a little drive up Mt. Lemmon. It was absolutely beautiful. I was happy just driving — and NOT hiking. Today I decided that I’d rather drive up a mountain than hike up it. But maybe that’s just my laziness coming out. Hiking is really hard and I’m definitely impressed by those that hike for exercise. Me, personally, I’d rather go running/CrossFit. Therefore, driving up the mountain was my kind of scenery!




We also made a trip to COSTCO on our way out of Tucson! Yes!! It was an absolute zoo in there, but I have been dying to go there since we always pass it on our way to and from Tucson. I just got a bunch of stuff for Salads. Some salmon burgers and gluten-free bars. It was a great way to end the Tucson weekend.

Dave and Carl bought GIANT bags of protein, monster drinks and power bars. Boys…


Tonight was spent relaxing and prepping food.

I ate this salad:


Spring mix lettuce, goat cheese, pulled pork, avocado, lemon juice/olive oil.

Being that I shopped at Costco today — I’ll pretty much be living on pulled pork and salad for the next four days. That’s one down side of their buy in bulk system, you have to eat a lot of food before it goes bad.


After looking at all the expiration dates, I realized that some of it is going to go bad by next week. So it’s time to get inventive. I took an apple and made this:


I got the idea from The Fitnessista, but I added a drizzle of almond butter — because I’m crafty like that. Holy smokes this is delicious. Cut up an apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and microwave for 2 minutes. WA-LA! Apple pie deluxe! I think I’ve found my new favorite bedtime snack.

I’m really excited because I started my “home trip” packing list today. EEE!!! I’m so excited it’s almost here. I can’t wait to see all my loves – my family especially. Yes I’m able to talk on the phone, facebook, text, and everything else — but, if any of you have been in a long-distance relationship, you know that it’s just NOT the same thing as seeing/talking to someone in person. It’s also extra difficult for me because I get terrible phone service in my room. And, I’m pretty much the worst phone talker. I hate talking on the phone and I only do it when it’s absolutely necessary.

I’m excited for pretty much everything about going home. Some particulars is spending the day with Dianna, being attached at the hip with Nadine, visiting and riding Benson, of course spending time with my Mom & Dad, eating Fleury-family-style food, CrossFit and “cold” weather. I just need to get through the next 4 days and I’ll be on that plane before I know it!


Hope your weekend was fabulous. And I’m sorry it’s over.




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