Allergies? Wine Cures That.

Either I’m sick… or allergies are kickin’ at full force today. I’m really hoping for the later. But I can’t be sure. It feels like someone is grinding a rock in between my eyes. Such an awesome feeling…

This morning my class took a field trip to learn about air recon assets. We got to watch them take off — we were told that no other class has had that opportunity. I kept thinking about my brother because they were basically GIANT remote-controlled air planes. I mean, not really — but, he would have been stoked.

We had a lot of down time today. For once, the Army knew I needed it. I finally had a chance to buy some benadryl — to hopefully help me sleep. My body just refuses to sleep here on base. It’s getting really frustrating. My mom says that our family has a history of this problem. It’s really starting to mess with me. I’m REALLY hoping some allergy medicine will do the trick. Hayley without sleep is never a fun thing to deal with.

Lunch time meant some Cosmo reading, chocolate coffee beans and a nap. While flipping through the magazine, I found a list of blogs that Cosmo recommends. One of them is definitely a hit for me.

Some things to read:

Jen shares my pain of early morning work outs.

Jen also talks about CrossFit and pretty much all the reasons I love it, verbatim. Especially the camaraderie aspect.

My mom WILL be making THIS green smoothie for me when I am home this weekend.

After class Dave and I rocked it at the gym. I finally made it to ‘the other gym’ which is newer and just all around better than the other one I’ve been going to. We rowed 4 miles which took me about 30 minutes. Then we did a little met-con CrossFit:

50-40-30-20-10 Squats

5 Hand stand push ups

30 sit ups

It was one of the best work outs since I’ve been in Arizona.

Afterwards called for a shower and protein drink.

Later Carl and Dave came over. Dave and I split a bottle of wine while Carl stunk up my room with his salmon burgers. I still love him. We listened to Adele Pandora station, relaxed, talked and just hung out.

It was a great monday. Dave and I said that tomorrow is basically Wednesday since this week is only four days. I’m getting so excited about coming home. My mom is already talking about going to CrossFit on Saturday and buying wine. I seriously can’t wait to get on that plane headed for Sacramento. I have the absolute best friends and family. I’m really happy that I get to spend a few days with them amidst my training here at Ft. Huachuca.

Hope your Monday was lovely. Cheer up, tomorrow isn’t Monday.




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