Modifying Exercises Doesn’t Make You Weak

I know of a girl who didn’t think she could do CrossFit because of her back. After several weeks of convincing, I got her into a box. At first it was difficult for her to adapt. Building strength took time, dedication and motivation. She had a few set-backs with her training, but soon found herself getting stronger and stronger – bad back and all.

One thing she had to get used to was modifying exercises. Certain movements were too painful or difficult for her back. So she would find other ways to still get a good work out in.

Today that was me.

My achilles is injured. I iced and elevated it last nigh, but it’s worse today. I hate being injured because I don’t allow myself to heal.

In the Army we all learn how to deal and work with every kind of person. Sometimes it’s easy to get along with each other. Like Carl and Dave, for example. We all three have a great time and enjoy hanging out. It’s just easy. We give each other a hard time, joke around, support each other and just have this mutual level of understanding. That’s been most of my experience with the Army.

Before BOLC I had Wesley and Brandon. Us three got along really well. They were my battles. 

Today I’m thankful for those battles that are kind, supportive, understanding and mature. It isn’t easy being in the Army. But when we have awesome people to work with, get through the day with, it makes being a soldier that much easier and just plain fun.

I became a soldier for certain reasons. But I’m staying a soldier for different reasons.

After a full day of hobbling around, I have accepted the fact that I need to go see a doctor. Running, rucking, walking, working out and everything else is only going to make my situation worse. So, tomorrow morning I will be a ‘sick call ranger.’ Damnit.

Since yesterday was vent day and I didn’t have anything to vent about, today shall be the oh-so-sacred day of venting celebration.

I am sick and tired of working in a group setting. There. I said it. I want to do it by myself. I feel like a little kid telling my mom, “NO! I DO IT!” Seriously though, that’s what it feels like lately. I just want someone to say, “This is what you need to learn, and this is what you need to do — now do it.” And I want to do it, by myself. And then, only THEN, when I have questions — I want to ask them. Bottom line, I’m not learning by working in a group. There’s too many chiefs in my pack and I’m finding that I’m checking out because of it. If I can’t have control of the situation, I’m out. That’s how I’ve always been. This past week I’ve tried to get a jump in on things here and there, but lately it’s just too darn frustrating that I just stopped trying all together.

Tomorrow is a field trip.

Then we switch groups and start this whole thing over again.

And then… then… then… I’ll be on a plane which is headed for Sacramento, CALIFORNIA! WEEEEEEEE!

Alright, so I’ve been avoiding it. It’s Valentine’s day.

I can deal with a Honey Badger Valentine card. Because honey badger don’t give a shit. Why? Because he’s a bad ass. He just takes what he wants.

My Valentines includes two individuals… want to guess who they are? … Carl and Dave! YAAA! Surprise, right?

Best part of V-day this year: New Girl and Glee. With a side of Raspberry Wheat Shock Top.

I hope you all have an amazing night filled with love, mushy-gushy-ness, chocolates, romance and hard core happiness. And I’m totally jealous of those that have posted pictures of flowers sent to them. My turn will come. Someday.




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