Sacramento Bound

Thursday was Friday. The day I’ve been waiting for, for weeks and weeks. I finally get to fly home to see my friends and family — pretty much the only opportunity I have until I come home for good in May.

I made it to the doctor so he could tell me what’s wrong with my achilles. Turns out it’s a ‘shoe rub’ — so basically, me running 10 miles aggravated it. Oh, crazy, I could have told you that! I was put on a 2 week no-running/run at your own pace/run less than you have been, you crazy girl — profile. I’m supposed to take an anti-inflamatory and rest it, aka: do less than what I normally do. I can’t say that I have or am going to be very good about this ‘rest’ idea… but we’ll definitely give it a try.

The rest of the day was spent working on our group mission analysis briefs (presentations). I stuck to being a power point ninja and then inserted my ideas/help when I felt needed. It was a pretty good day considering it flew by and I was en-route to Tucson before I knew it.

Remember how much I hate my rental car. Like, really, really, really, HATE my rental car? Well I do. It’s awful. All the guys know, every time I get into my car, I say out loud: “I HATE this car!” and then I proceed to drive it.

So… Turns out the registration tags expired in January. YES! That means… an excuse to turn it in and get a new one. On the way to Tucson, Dave and I stopped at the airport and swapped cars. I got rid of the silly versa and got a white Ford Focus instead. “It aint’ no BMW” — but it’s SOOO much better than the Versa! I’m very grateful that the tags expired and that the rental company had a different car available. So now I’m not allowed to complain about my rental car.

When we got to the hotel, Amanda had these little cuties waiting for us:


Jack for the boys and Disaronno for the girls.

And yes… We work hard, and play harder. That’s the correct way to do things, right?


As we were about to leave, I look at Dave and say, “Oh NO! That shirt is all kinds of bad!” It was so wrinkled. After a loooong time of thinking on Dave’s part — he decided to iron his ball of wrinkles.

Amanda and I BUST up laughing when we look over and see this:


No wonder boys’ clothes are always so wrinkled! This is what they consider “packing”!!

Note: I told Dave that I was going to write this. He gave consent. 🙂

Ironed shirts and all, we had all kinds of fun. Like I said, when at MIBOLC — you just gotta dance to stay sane. It’s a survival mechanism. Honestly.


Amanda and I had a fabulous time talking about normalcy. The fact that we’re the normal ones is absurdly comical to me. I mean, what is normal anyways? But the fact that we’re calling ourselves normal and laughing about it — well maybe that’s not so normal. It’s like-mindedness. It’s finding people who have similar values, interests and likes. I’m grateful that I found a group that has this ‘normal’ quality. I know that other people have found their niche as well.

For the time being, my niche is having fun, laughing and just enjoying my time here in Arizona. I stay away from the cattiness and stress of class and try to get through the months, one day at a time.

Only a few hours later (literally), I landed in Las Vegas. The flight was a blur. I’m pretty sure I slept because my neck hurt like no other when the pilot announced that it was time for our decent into, and I quote, “Beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada” — hardly, Sir. I still find it hilarious that they have slot machines in the airport.


I had a two hour layover. Kind of a bummer, but I used the time to blog, text and read. I’m such a techy kid. Oh, and I also spent over $5 on a frickin’ latte… are you kidding me? It’s bad enough that I’m spending all this money on travel — and then I have to pay DOUBLE for my coffee. Ridiculousness I tell you.

I had a fabulous time people watching as well. There was a group of old ladies talking all about fashion. It was adorable. I was just staring and smiling — thinking how much I want to BE them when I’m old and gray. I hope I’m always young minded and I never turn into a grumpy old woman.

When I landed in Sacramento, Dianna was there to pick me up. We went straight to lunch… At our favorite, Selland’s! The rest of the day was spent talking, laughing, manicures, movie watching and then the moment I’d been waiting for…


CrossFit!! All the girls were there – plus, Jared, Matt and a few others. It was so much fun. I’d missed it oh so very much. I ended up rockin’ the workout. I credited it to my living in a higher elevation. My cardio was ridiculous! So… one good thing about working out in Sierra Vista: increased cardio capacity when you get back home.

After CrossFit, us girls went to Paesano’s for dinner. Another one of my favorites. There’s a theme to this weekend: Favorites.


I had the steak salad. So. Freaking. Good. Avocado, mango, blue cheese, tomato’s, and steak. Pretty much a party.


Oh. And a few glasses of this too.

By the time I finally got home, I had been awake for over 20 hours. I pretty much hit the pillow and instantly fell asleep.

I was so glad to be home in my own bed. There’s no greater feeling than coming home to familiarity: those who love and miss you when you’re away.




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