Happy Birtday D-Man!

Happy Birthday BrotherD!

Sunday we celebrated Dylan’s 19th birthday. His real birthday is a few days after Christmas, so we usually wait a few months to celebrate. He kind of gets jipped, so we always make an effort to give him his own day.

I like birthdays a lot. I mean… cake, cookies, brownies, sugar, bread, need I continue? It’s out of control.

By 1pm I had already eaten THREE cookies. This was before the party even started. Self control? Non-existent with this girl.

I was really dreading Sunday. I had this looming thought about packing to leave and study my presentation (due Tuesday). I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to go back to Arizona. I just got home! This is the worst, absolute WORST part about the Army — having to get on a plane and leave home. It sucks. Truly sucks more than I can explain.

Oh well. At least I have these wonderful people waiting for me at home:




Make a wish!

Spent some quality time with Miss Kenzlee. She is BOLD. She knows exactly what she wants and she has no fear. Run straight down the hill? No problem! Feed and pet my horse, Comet — no problem! Operate an iPhone game at 1.5 years old? No problem!


I was thoroughly amazed. Amazed at her strong personality and also how unbelievably beautiful she is.



My last night was spent with BrotherD, G.I. Jane and Mr. Medical Sales. We had some snacks and beer at Yard House before I called it an early night. I was very sad to end the weekend, but I knew as soon as it started — the end was near.




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