MIBOLC — You’ll Pass the MA Brief

Obstacle # 1: Accomplished.

Last night I got a facebook add from a stranger. After looking through his pictures I learned that he was Army. So I approved him. I figured I knew him from somewhere — after all, I have been in training for the better part of 3 years, all spanned across NINE states. Figured I had forgotten a few face. I’m only human.

Turns out, he found my blog through a google search. He told me that it has really helped him and that he’s scheduled for MI BOLC in July.

That’s awesome.

The main reason I started this blog was to help soldiers just like him. Soldiers who were scheduled for BOLC but couldn’t find any answers to their questions: What to expect? What to pack? Where do I sleep? Is it hard? How many people in my class?

I asked many of these questions, along with about 492 more of them. I had a lot of unknowns coming to BOLC and it was stressful at times. Of course I was fine — but it would have been nice to have something to help me out. Like a blog!

With that… You BOLC students, the MA brief is cake. You’re going to stress about it. Instructors are going to make you feel dumb. But you’ll do great. I promise. Just know what you’re talking about and you’ll pass. It’s frustrating to work in a group, but you’ll get through it and you’ll pass.

I can tell you this with full confidence because I passed the MA brief today. This is the first big milestone in my training at BOLC. So I’m pretty proud. And honestly, I felt fully prepared and ready for it. The instructors were really annoying at times, but they taught us what we needed to know. Well, so far anyways.

Everyone was really tired, some sick, from the 4-day weekend. Those Mardi Gras party kids… well, they looked like they had a greaaaaaaaat time…

Tonight is Tuesday — my favorite! Glee and New Girl!




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