Lent has begun. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t participate in lent. Probably because I never want to give anything up. But also because my religion doesn’t participate.

I thought about giving something up… just for fun. But the only thing I can think of is, “Giving up caring about drama.” Or… “Giving up the people who upset/offend me.” Or… Hm. But then again, shouldn’t I be giving that up already? A lot of people give up alcohol, or bread, or coffee… mostly food items. Frankly, I don’t believe in ‘giving things up’ when it comes to food. If you want to eat it, then freaking eat it!

I gave up bread/gluten earlier this month because of how it affects my body. I’ll never give up coffee. And I don’t feel that I drink enough alcohol for it to be an issue. If you were to tell me, “You can never drink alcohol again.” I’d probably ask you if wine is alcohol (kidding) and then I’d be fine. Alcohol is social for me. Not a necessity.

But… in regards to the whole ‘people who upset me’… I have a harder time giving them up. I give people the benefit of the doubt — possibly more than I should. I usually consider their past. What they’ve been through. Where they come from. Basically, WHY they act/say the things they do. But, have you ever remembered specific comments for days, weeks or months after they’ve been said? Sometimes it will be really small at first. And then it will start to irritate me, slowly, until I can’t take it anymore. I’ll become so worked up over it that I just completely write that person off.

Like this weekend, for example. Someone made a comment about a Lululemon shirt I was wearing. At first I didn’t really care. I mean seriously? It’s Lululemon. But then later I noticed that I remembered what was said. My mind kept going back to the comment which really ate away at me. (Not to mention, the shirt is adorable — of which I received 3 compliments on that morning.) The same goes for when people say unjust comments about my friends. I always stick up for them, but the comment will bug me personally later on. These people are toxic in my life.

I’ve spoken about a ‘toxic’ individual (who is no longer in my life) before — he used to do the same thing: Make comments that would later stick to me. It’s like a splinter, just keeps irritating until you finally have to PULL it out.

So for lent… I’m still not changing a damn thing. But, it is a great time to evaluate your habits. Take a step back and see what you do and don’t like in your life. Whether it’s the presence of people, food, or both. Or… it might make you look at your habits and find that you’re happy with what you see.

As for today…

My achilles is feeling much better. I was able to participate in the ruck march this morning. I was limping a little at first, but soon that wore off and I was marching right along. My toe is also getting better (still leaving the details out of this one for your sake). But, I really miss running. Last night I “ran” on the elliptical for 50 minutes. I got a lot of reading done, but I was pretty bored. For the record, if you ever have an achilles injury — the elliptical doesn’t hurt it at all. It only hurts your inner soul (my soul is traumatically injured because I make fun of the said elliptical-users).

This morning for PT we did tabata flutter kicks (20 sec flutter, 10 sec rest — repeat 8 times). Holy cow… after the 100 sit ups/thrusters I did last night – This pretty much killed me.

For lunch I did an experiment with canned chicken. When you live in a hotel room you have to get creative with your meals. Otherwise you’ll end up eating lettuce and apples for every meal. So being that I’m sick of salads for the time being, I didn’t want to cook a salmon patty, I already eat too many eggs… I busted open the chicken. Here’s how it went:

1 can chicken (Costo brands — it’s actually really good)

Slop of ‘wannabe’ mayonaise (My sister is probably cringing at this)

Trail mix

1/2 apple chopped

Squeeze of honey

Mix it all together… Lunch is served!

The afternoon in class was brutally boring. We did wargaming. It’s basically like playing battleship, in a weird way. I guess it could be fun… but I was not entertained. All I could think about was getting out of that damn classroom and into the gym.

Lately, I live for the gym. I sit in class drafting fitness plans. I pack my gym bag the night before. I pretty much speed to the gym when I’m finally released. What have I come to!?! I mean I’ve always been a fitness nut, but this is a whole new level. I even turned down a trip to Chipotle tonight. My response, “No, I have to go to the gym.” Who am I?

Well here’s what I did:

30 minutes elliptical interval training. I got the plan from Fitnessista. It was magical. I felt like I finally got some good work out of that dumb machine.

Then I did:



Push Ups

Sit ups


1 mile run

100 sit ups

200 air squats

1 mile run


It was a hefty workout(s) to say the least.

Tonight I’m going to catch a bit of American Idol (for my parents) and go to bed early. Tomorrow is the practice Desert Lightning test. Then Friday is the real test. If I fail the test on Friday I’ll get pushed back a month and I’ll have to join in with a whole new class. As much as I just loooove Ft. Huachuca (not) we really don’t want me to have to rewind one month.



Something to ponder…

Right looks like: Guy is working out at the gym. Guy keeps his wedding ring on his LEFT hand. Guy doesn’t check out girl. Guy doesn’t follow around girl — especially when girl knows that guy’s wife is pregnant. It’s just tacky.

Wrong looks like: Guy puts ring on right hand. Guy checks out girl. Guy has pregnant wife. Guy follows girl around.

Why? Because girl notices these things…


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