Wild One and Her Eats

This is my JAM right now…!

Friday started with a release run.

The Army sometimes lets us run on our own in the mornings. Friday was one of those mornings. They say, “Go run up that hill and then come back.” Wait… really? You’re going to let me be a big kid and run somewhere… all. by. myself? NO way! This this, when I wasn’t having to sing cadence, or worry about bumping into the people in front of me — I thought of a few things. Made some decisions.

1. I’m going to culinary school. I’ve been wanting to for years. I think about it often. I never want to be that woman who thinks, “Man, I wish I would have done ____.” So I’m going. Culinary school research starts now.

2. I’m going to attempt photography. This is also something I think about often. I don’t want to do it professionally — obviously. But, I want to learn about it. I want to know what makes a good picture. I want a better camera. I want my blog to be awesome, filled with professional (somewhat) quality — aka: beautiful pictures.

So… It’s settled.

And my bag for Tucson was packed.


When I got to Tucson I found this lovely email from CrossFit Works. They’re SO nice!!


I didn’t do a workout with them this weekend because of the PT test on Monday — but I’m really excited to start joining them on the weekends!!

I didn’t really get any pictures from Friday night — but we did make it over to the country bar: Cactus Moon. That place was HUGE! There was a live cover band. Lots of country dancing. And a whole lotta’ cowboy.

Yes. Please.

Saturday morning was breakfast at Good Egg. Definitely a new favorite/love of mine. This post contains a lot of food posts… but sometimes, I just like talking about what I ate.


Their menu has all the calorie counts. And they have a TON of paleo-friendly options for me!!



I spent the afternoon at Lululemon and Whole Foods. Mamma wanted the same striped jacket as me. And I wanted one of these beauties:


At first I thought these were disgusting. But now I love them. They’re definitely an acquired taste.

I also picked up lunch at Whole Foods:


Greens, broccoli, egg, chicken, blue cheese, artichoke hearts and a redish dressing.

After lunch it was time to meet up with Carl and put on these bad boys…


Cause we were off to the RODEO!!!! YEEEEEEEE-HAWWWW!

I was in absolute-horse-loving-poo-smelling-cowboy-watching Heaven.

Afterwards was the barn dance. And did I dance? Oh definitely. Did a cowboy spin me around? Was he wearing a cowboy hat? Yes. Yes. Yes.

The night ended with all the college kids at Gentle Bens. Hm. That place is GREAT for people watching. We’ll just leave it at that.

The next morning — I’m almost embarrassed to say… Was breakfast at Good Egg, again. WHAT!! It was close to our hotel! And it’s good! And I don’t have to worry about being weird for not eating gluten! Okay!

I got the Blu and Brie Omelet this time (Dave and Carl devoured my toast).


And got an Acai tea to-go for my drive to the Sabino Canyon.


When I first got to AZ I did some trail/running research. I already checked out Rillito River – which was awesome. But have been meaning to go see Sabino Canyon.


Let me tell you, it was worth the drive. It was worth going by myself (because no one wanted to ‘walk’ around) and it was beautiful… in a desert kind of way.

I loved that they had mile markers along the way. That’s going to make running there a lot easier/more convenient for me.




There were  a bunch of little streams running throughout the trail. People were walking/running/hiking etc. Some were even picnicking.


I walked 4 miles and decided it was time to go back to Sierra Vista. I took it easy because I do have a PT test tomorrow and I’d like to do well on it.

I made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s and then I was off.

I ate this delicious salad for dinner:


And this cutie for desert: DARK Chocolate!


I hope your weekend was sunny and lovely.




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